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  1. foam mattress

    From the album Mini Stuff

    This was a foam mattress topper on my son's bed. (keyword: WAS)
  2. Handmade bed.jpg

    From the album Mini Stuff

    My first handmade item
  3. Introducing Nymbus

    Awww, what a cutie baby kitty, Yeah, makes me wanna go get another one too!
  4. new member

  5. Hello from Arizona

  6. Leaving For Vacation!!!

    Oh Sally, Lucky you to be going on vacation. And just in time, it's getting pretty chilly these days. I love Florida, Have been to Key West, What a good time that was. If you get that far, be sure to check out the Hemingway house. Lots of cats there too! They roam all over the place! And how nice to have your son for Thanksgiving. I hope you have a marvelous time. Take lots of photos!!! Michelle
  7. Christmas tree

    A pink Christmas tree?????? You Californians are kooky!! J/k Haaaaaa If you ever get one though, please post a pic. This I gotta see!!!!!!
  8. Going to gross the family out today....

    Liver and Onions,, yummo! Haven't had that in a long time. Using calves liver or chicken livers. Chopped liver, hmmm.. I'll have to go to foodnetwork.com and look up her recipe! I've got chicken marsala simmering on the stove. I make it about once a month. Everyone loves it. I buy the Holland House marsala wine at the grocery store, the recipe is on the bottle. I'll bet it would be good with liver too!!! I don't think there is anything that would gross out my family. My kids will eat anything. They love brussel sprouts and lima beans. My ex used to eat fried blood pudding.. Yuck! Now that makes me dry heave. I remember the smell of it.. ugghhh.
  9. Hunter Dan doll

    Oh no!! I'd send it back and have them send you the one you ordered. Yeah he's a bit too tall for the dh's but I just wanted the accessories for my cabin. Dan will sit on my bedside table for now. The real Danny here got two deer so far. Stocking the freezer up for the winter. I don't eat venison myself. Too gamey tasting, unless it's marinated for a long time. It is very good for you. Pure protein. Doesn't have the fat that beef has. Poor Bambi. Run! Bambi Run!!!!!
  10. Hunter Dan doll

    Someone here was looking for a compound bow for a mini project, and there was a post about the Hunter Dan doll at Bass Pro shops.. I just had to have it! My boyfriend the hunter , his name is Danny, lol too funny. I ordered it and got it yesterday. Comes with lots of accessories. great for a log cabin scene. The Doll is too big for the cabin, but I can hang the bow up on the mantle. Also, I made a cake for his birthday, painted on a deer. It wasn't easy doing it free hand without hitting my wrist against the cake, But there are pics in my gallery if anyone would like to see it. Just thought I'd share it with you all. Michelle
  11. Christmas tree

    Is this a real Christmas tree or mini ?
  12. WLS

    I just got thru reading this from beginning to end. Wow, Nutti, you're amazing and brave to have gone through a major and risky surgery for your weight loss. I would've done the same thing tho.. (I'm so vain). Haa! I loved reading about your progress and watching you get smaller, and the joy in being able to wear new , smaller clothes. , And being able to go out and do things, enjoy life. I am so happy for you!! And everyone here, routin for you. How awesome is that. I wish you all the best! Keep taking pics and sharing your progress! Michelle
  13. Cameras

    1,000 for a camera? Wholly smokes!!! I'm using a disposable and my blurry webcam. grrr.. A nice digi cam is on my Christmas list. " Ohhh Santa??!!? My Ex just bought me a new flat screen plasma monitor for my computer. I told him I didn't need one, What I have is just fine. But he insisted it's better for my eyes. I'd rather have a digicam or cash! lol. That was really nice of him and I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.
  14. Hunter Dan doll

    I was gonna wrap him up and give it to Danny for his birthday... but he's still sitting in the box on my nitestand. I think I'll keep him all for myself.. Yeah.. he's waiting for me to build that cabin for him. The Shadybrook will make a nice hunting/fishing cabin for him.
  15. Hello and welcome!!

  16. New member needs Help!

    I googled it. All I found was a "Cape May Cottage" by Northeastern. But it's in 1/144 scale. It's a darling house, doesn't look too complicated at all. Maybe it's the same one? But in different scale. The site was Alittlemoreinminis.com Michelle
  17. Welcome to the Forum! You are definitely in the right place. Search around the galleries, there are pics of houses in different stages of build. And pleny of experienced people here to help you too. Keep asking questions, they will get answered eventually.

    That will be tough building w/out the instruction sheet, especially when you've never built one before. But it can be done.

  18. Hello from Wisconsin

    Hello and welcome! Working on my first dollhouse too. Everything I've learned... I've learned from the wonderful members of this forum. Seriously fun, informative, and amazingly talented folk here. Good luck w/ your houses, can't wait to see what you'll do first! Michelle
  19. Hello and welcome!!!!!

    Come to the forum, join us for some chat!

    Tell us what you are building. Got any pics yet?

    Make 5 posts and you can upload them for us to see.

  20. Ernie's 20% off sale

    Okay, good to know. Thanks Shaky for the tip. I'll get the little stuff w/ the 20% now.. and keep my eyes open for the 50% off for a biggy, like a house or Kitchen set. or bedroom set. or....
  21. Cookie recipes

    Omg Heidi,, Thanks so much for posting it. I also got that in an email... but.. it was in a format that I couldn't bookmark it or put it in my Favorites list. This link, I was able to put to my favorites.. Thanks!!!! Awesome!! Michelle
  22. It`s a Greenleaf mini Anniversary!!

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!! And many more!!!!!!