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  1. Question ??

    You all are so funny,, thanks for the chuckle. (my son thinks I'm nuts sitting here giggling at the computer) Yes. I agree on Wood Glue too. I haven't built the Orchid , but would like to someday, (taking notes).
  2. New Word Game 9/15/07

  3. 50 Years of History

    Yeah that was something! wow! As many times as I've heard the song I really didn't listen and put pictures to mind. thanks for sharing it. Michelle
  4. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwaanza

    Spam.. blechkkk!!!!!! And Yeah.. my halloween stuff just got put away, which is in the same big container as the Christmas decorations. They are sitting here waiting patiently for me to put them up.. I'll try to wait until the day after Thanksgiving. I'm going to have a real tree this yr. I just love the smell of pine. So just over 2 weeks for Thanksgiving and I think it's safe and all legal to start decorating for Christmas. Even if we don't have a million gifts under the tree, it's the spirit of giving and to remember the "reason for the season". I'll be doing lots of baking this year too. Cookies and cakes. Yummy fudge and candies. And my Grandmother's recipe for Christmas Biscotti. I make it every year only at Christmas time. Oh I love the Holidays. But no Spam!!! Michelle
  5. How do you heat your home?

    Also, I think all states have a Fuel assistance program. Massachusettes does. With the price of heating now a days.. sheeshhh!!!
  6. How do you heat your home?

    Heidi, My mom built an apartment for me and to keep heating costs down, she bought a propane gas heater. It looks just like a little wood stove with the firelogs. It heats up my 2 bedroom apt. Very toasty. We have two barrels outside with piping into the house. I'm not good at math, but the last bill I got was for 28.6 gallons.. came to $102.00. About $3.64 a gal. I"m not sure how much the tanks hold. But.. these two tanks will last me all winter. We are out of the house all day long. Keep the heat way down during the day. I'm guestimating that it'll cost about $100 a month, if that, for heat. I'm very good at conserving. I hang out my clothes to dry, even thought I have an electric dryer. (I've been called cheap, I consider myself frugal). The brand of the Stove is Tucson.. Gas-fired B-vent Room Heater. They make all sizes and styles.
  7. Hunter Dan doll

    thanks guys. Hunter Ann?? No kidding? Gotta go check it out!! Haaaa haaaa Yeah, like how could we fit them in our dh? hmm.. cut off his legs. yeah.. lol
  8. Ernie's 20% off sale

    I just updated my Ernie wish list.. got til Tues to check out. hmmmm... He does a 50% off sale????? Serious??????
  9. hunter Dan.jpg

    From the album Miscellaneous Photos

  10. Man, it feels like I got hit by a truck!

    Well I guess it's official cold and flu season. My son also woke up sick.. same symptoms. He was a trooper and went to school. He doesn't want to miss one day. Not that he loves school,, he just wants that award at the end of the yr for perfect attendance. So.. that means I'll be getting sick too. With him sneezing and touching door knobs and such, no matter how I make him wash his hands, germs are flying around everywhere. Uggghhh!!!! Annette, take multi vitamins, extra C, drink lots of fluids.. and of course Chicken soup. Stay in bed if you can. Ok, running to the store for cold medicine, tissues, and Lysol to disinfect my house!!!
  11. Vent

    Kelly, I feel your pain, believe me. Being a single mother myself, having high rent, and bills coming in, most not getting paid right now. I've had to put my pride aside and apply for foodstamps. Heck, we've paid our taxes, and I don't feel bad getting the help I need to feed my children. Working full time in an office got over whelming for me. So I put the word out that I can House clean. Well, for 25 dollars an hour (some pay cash), I can make my own hours. I have a couple jobs I do on a regular basis. I made up some business cards and posted them up around town. I also have an office I clean on the weekends. No I never thought I'd be scrubbing toilets to make ends meet, but I do what I have to for now. This yr I"m also going to apply for the Toys for Tots. They also give out Turkeys, and gift certificates for StopnShop grocery store. I am very grateful for the help that is out there. We all go through hard times. Trust in God that you will be ok. Ask for help and you will get it. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. Michelle
  12. Hey You . . . Get in Here!

    You people really know how to party and have a good time!! Woohoooo!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Oldminisforeverchristmas,, Iak, and Snowy Eve , Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!!!!!!!! :thumb:
  14. New Word Game 9/15/07

    Fyke. (a type of fish net) Had to look in the dictionary for that one!!)
  15. Timmy's Birthday Cake

    Happy Birthday Timmy!!! Nice cake,, yummy!!!
  16. Did anyone else watch......

    Gee, I'd love hear the story!!!!!! I'm surprised "bong" wasn't edited.
  17. October Gazette

    Beautiful dog. I thoroughly enjoyed October's gazette, my first one, and can't wait to see the next issue with all the Christmas goodies!!
  18. Hello to All from Southern NY!

    Welcome!!! Glad you found this site. So many friendly people here to help you and give you ideas. Check out all the galleries of photos of dh's and other projects.. some amazing work. and of course... after you make 5 posts you can upload your pics. Peeps here love the eyecandy of all kinds. Happy building!!!! Michelle
  19. Welcome!!!!

  20. For those who play the Word Game

    Yeah that was fun
  21. Tips

    She's only 2 weeks old. Every 2 hours wake, eat, change diaper, around the clock. Then it will be every 3 hours.. then 4. It took my babies atleast 3 months to get a full night's sleep. And the old wives tale about putting cereal in the formula (if bottle feeding) it doesn't work!! And it's really not good for a baby's digestion. Look on the positive side... atleast she doesn't have colic and cry all day and night! Enjoy your new baby, they grow up so fast... and before you know it, they'll be teenagers and out the door.
  22. Welcome!!!

  23. if I could have had this growing up.

    I hear ya about the bunk bed.. the top one I still haven't gotten around to making after washing the sheets weeks ago. No ladder. Son needs to learn how to make a bed for gosh sakes!! And do his own laundry...etcc.. Now.. that Victorian Loft bed.. Wowww.. My daughter would love that! Would need a really big room and high ceilings I would think. How lucky a kid, (spoiled even) , to have one of those beds. Thanks for sharing that link. Michelle
  24. New Word Game 9/15/07