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  1. Another death in the family

    Gina, So sorry to hear of your loss.. my thoughts and prayers are with you. Makes us realize to live life to the fullest, cause you just never know what tomorrow will bring, and to treasure the family members and friends that we do have in our lives. God Bless. Michelle
  2. New Word Game 9/15/07

  3. Ok,,, The hint again..... What site does Greenleaf want us to go to???
  4. Hi, I'm Muriel

    Hello Muriel and welcome!! Sorry about your dollhouse dilemma.. I kinda know what you mean though, I live on an island off the coast of Massachusetts and there aren't any stores here to purchase dollhouses or supplies. I have to order everything online and wait for deliveries. Or wait until I can get off the island by ferry to the mainland and search for craft stores. I still need to get an electrical wiring and kit, wallpaper, flooring, etc. I'll just do what I can until I reach the point where I need that stuff.. which will be soon!!! I hope you find a solution and get your dollhouse soon! In the meantime.. stick around w/ us.. A great group of people here with lots of encouragement and tips. Lots of fun!! Michelle
  5. Ok,, finally found it!! But I wouldn't have without the last couple of hints.. ty Monica. and if I win.. I'll wrap it up for a Christmas gift for my mom,, she loves the csi show and just told me of the mini episodes. Today's her birthday by the way, she lives upstairs from me.. Awww.. I love my dear mom!! For those who haven't found the clue,, Monica is right. It's at the site they want us to go to. Michelle
  6. Monica, You're bad!!!!! Awww.. I'm frustrated as heck over here. Obsessed is more like it. How many clicks does it take to get to the center of the "where's the goodies". Aaaaaghhhh!!!!!!!!! Michelle
  7. Hi Matt,

    I'm Michelle, new to the neighborhood. Love your Garfeild project! Any newer photos? The Garfield will be my next house for sure!

    And I love your cat Harriet. I have a cat, Daisy who looks similiar.. black and white. She's on my craft table all the time, I have to shooo her off constantly.

    I'm looking forward to more photos of your Garfield! I am wo

  8. Ok,, I need another clue. Come on guys. help a gal out. lol No but seriously, I've looked everywhere! Maybe it's just not on my computer. yup that's it. Or could it be I can't see it, cause my glasses are still not in yet. Grrr.. can't see a thing unless I squint. Gonna have to buy one of those pharmacy pairs of glasses. And they aren't pretty. ha!! Ok,, just one more clue!!! Michelle
  9. Yeah, I think I've had just about enough of this!! I'm getting testy now!! Aaaghhh!! I give up!!!! (for tonight anyways) Michelle
  10. New Word Game 9/15/07

  11. Hello

    Hello and Welcome L Oh I'm so excited you're doing the Tennyson. I also have the Tennyson I bought many years ago and never started. (this is my first dollhouse). I'm getting all my inspiration from the folks here. Please do post your pics, as I will as soon as I get off this darn computer and start working!!! I need a firecracker up my butt! Michelle
  12. Hello from CT

    Hi Leslie and Welcome!! I'm also new and have found this website very helpful and everyone here is so friendly!!! I'm only a hop, skip and a jump away over here in Massachusetts. I live on Marthas Vineyard Island. We don't have any craft stores here.. very limited on supplies, so the internet is where it's at for me until I can get off the island on the ferry to the mainland. Everyone here has been so helpful in answering any questions, passing on hints and tips, or just chatting and having fun. This is a great time of year isn't it? The Fall. Especially here in New England. Check out the Halloween dollhouses.. spookyyy!!!! Have fun and share your dollhouse and mini pics. Folks here love that!!! Michelle
  13. New Word Game 9/15/07

    oops, sorry, I'll try again.... Leaves
  14. New Word Game 9/15/07

  15. Hello, I'm new too!

    Thankyou for all the welcomes!!! and Thankyou for the tips!! As soon as I'm done "foolin around here, getting ideas on color schemes, etc.., I'll start building and post some pics. I got caught up on the printable miniatures, like cereal boxes, a microwave I folded together, and even a miniature dollhouse kit box of my Tennyson! How fun! My 14 yr old son thinks I'm certifiable at this point! Hey.. it keeps me out of trouble don't it?? Ok.. see you all in the chit chat forum! Thanks again, Michelle
  16. New Word Game 9/15/07

  17. New Word Game 9/15/07

  18. Hello, I'm new too!

    Thanks THmini2, Now, I'm wondering if there is one particular forum room for discussion, or it's just which ever topic you see and reply to? "People come and go so quickly here! " .. Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz. Michelle
  19. Hello, I'm new too!

    Thankyou Hallowell and Songbird. The Tennyson, I thought was discontinued. I didn't see it on the Greenleaf website and thought I had a left over from when I bought it yrs ago. I'm still not familiar enough on this forum to get around.. it will take some time. Gee, wish we had a chatroom to all talk in real time. That would be great!! Michelle
  20. Hello, I'm new too!

    Hi Lynn and thanks! Yes, I will post photos as soon as I can.. when I can show some progress.. I haven't even begun yet.. the cover is off the box and I've read the directions. Now if I can tear myself away from this computer long enough. lol Victoria's Farmhouse, is that a Greenleaf as well? I've seen so many beautiful dollhouses I'd like to get. One at a time. lol Let's see how long this takes me first. Michelle
  21. Hello, I'm new too!

    Thanks Wolfie for the welcome. From Massachusetts too?, what a small world. I took a quick look at your website. Amazing! You are so talented and give me inspiration for my new hobby. Michelle