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  1. IMAG0254

    From the album Newport

    Finally back on task! Old, dirty exterior is done and the shingles are started. I chose to use indivdual pressed paper "shingles" that I will finish to look like aged slate. These are really easy to work with and I have applied them kind of "messily" with tears and cuts that look as through some are broken. So far, REALLY happy with the whole project.
  2. stu.jpg

    From the album Newport

    Stucco is a Flex-All base applied in several layers directly on the MDF siding, then finished to look aged with several different types and colors of paint with several different techniques. I don't think you can tell from the picture, but the windows are also finished to look like they've had many coats of paint -- and none of then recent!
  3. Newport 006.jpg

    From the album Newport

    First coat of FlexAll aka 200-year-old-limestone. Bye bye pretty blue clapboard!
  4. Newport 003.jpg

    From the album Newport

    Two story addition will make a perfect kitchen, bath, and al fresco dining area.
  5. Newport 001.jpg

    From the album Newport

    Ready to wire!
  6. Kim H 011.jpg

    From the album Casbah Minis

  7. Kim H 004.jpg

    From the album Casbah Minis

    These are a commission set that started out with a request for frilly country yellows. After going through her fabrics, the customer had a complete color change and I think it turned out beautifully. At least we kept the "frilly"!!
  8. Oh, yes, Jo! Too many other planned. Right now I'm STILL working on a Newport rehab. I just perused your ETSY shop, gorgeous stuff -- but I think you already know I'm a very big fan of yours!
  9. The Garfield has already found its new home ~ I couldn't be happier!
  10. I am selling my fully built and decorated "Greenleaf Garfield" dollhouse. The house is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico so it would need to be picked up locally. It's a really beautiful -- and big -- fully electrified and landscaped showpiece house that can either go with its furniture or without, your choice!
  11. casbah 016.jpg

    From the album Mini Misc

  12. casbah 015.jpg

    From the album Mini Misc

  13. Marrakech Sleigh Bed

    From the album Casbah Minis

    Finished in Spanish copper with an antique gold overlay, this sleigh bed has been dressed in a fun Moroccan theme fabric and finished with a variety of coordinating trimmed pillows and satin throw.
  14. marrakech7.jpg

    From the album Casbah Minis

  15. Forest Jewel Sleigh Bed

    From the album Casbah Minis

    Finished in marbelized antique gold and forest greens, this sleigh bed has been dressed in an earthy leather fabric and finished with coordinating pillows in tones of jade and gold