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  1. Hello everyone!  My miniatures contest, the Undersized Urbanite, is launching 7 days from today.  I'm still looking for sponsors to finish up the prize packages for the winners.  Because you are all always so helpful and generous, Greenleaf members who have shops can have any ad space/sponsorship for half price ($2.50 a month or $20 for a year of ad space).  If you or anyone you know might be interested, please visit the Sponsors page for more details.  Thank you so much! And of course, if you're interested in joining, the link-up will be live next week, I'd love to have you. (Winners in the past have mostly been Greenleaf members.)
  2. getting to know you

    Reviving an old thread because it's the first time I've seen it and I love the idea.  I'm Christina and I'm a habitual lurker.     My favorite color is blue, but I like it in moderation, because I'm really a lots-of-white-and-neutrals girl.   Besides personal things (God, husband, dog), my biggest passion really is learning in general.  I'd probably be very happy (and poor) as a professional student.   My second favorite thing is interior design (and of course, studying about it).  I also love to read, but I like the things that most people think are boring: business stuff and productivity stuff (currently reading Creativity, Inc. by the president of Pixar). I love coding, and I'm quite fortunate to be able to make money developing websites for bloggers and small businesses.  I really enjoy sewing home decor items, but NOT clothing.  My first job was a seamstress, sewing custom home decor at one of those furniture stores that are made for professional designers.   Traveling is really important to my husband and I and we do it as often and as far away as possible.   An odd thing about me: I love roller coasters and giggle uncontrollably on them when all the normal people are screaming. I'm also like Cheverly and MJ, when I get a new hobby, I'm slightly obsessive.  That was definitely the case with my first miniature several years ago, but I've kept this hobby alive.     It's nice to get to know you all a little better here!