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  1. Jill - somehow your e-mail address disappeared from my laptop.  Weird hunh?  But please drop me a line so I can get your e-mail address again.  I hope you've been doing well and enjoying the holidays. 

  2. New from Indiana building The Garfield

    *Waves* I think we might have met at the miniature museum. Either way, welcome!   My advice would be to make patterns of every wall and floor and label them, so wallpapering is easy. And re-wallpapering is easy, because trust me, you'll probably change your mind along the way. I've changed my mind on my flooring for my Victorianna like four times and I haven't even glued it down yet.
  3. Stairway

    Those stairs are to die for!
  4. Arm chair & foot stool

    That is awesome - can you make a regular sized one and send it my way for my living room? Looks so comfy and real.
  5. Brass rods to hold the rug in place.

    That is exquisite.
  6. Almost done

    That is jawdropping. Really amazing work. It's very hard to tell the difference between the real and the tiny!!!!
  7. Regency dollhouse fireplace-vintage 1964

    I love Petite Princess. I just started a collection - bought a "lot" on Ebay. It's really pretty and very dainty.
  8. Loft of the Chalet

    I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
  9. 1978 first DH

    Absolutely stunning. I wish I could do stone work that well.
  10. Stairway 1/6 scale mansion

    OMIGOSH. This is absolutely, bar none, the best staircase I've ever seen in a dollhouse. I am in love. I am a fool for foyers and staircases in general.
  11. IMG 8245

  12. Loft of the Chalet

    From the album My Museum Attic Sale Finds

    The floors are absolutely to die for.I need to get a better picture of the railing - it's very intricate. I'm in love.
  13. From the album My Museum Attic Sale Finds

    The camera doesn't capture the lovely treatment they did on the fireplace.
  14. Half Scale Chalet

    From the album My Museum Attic Sale Finds

    I had to scoop this guy up. The craftsmanship is amazing. Only $48. How could I resist? I love half scale, because it can sit on my kitchen table as the centerpiece. I could (and have been) staring at this guy all day.
  15. Hunter Of The Hinterland