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  1. Fall Forum Skins

    I didn't know you could either lol. But I'm glad to know you can -- I love the Autumn Harvest skin! Debbie
  2. What's Your Favorite.....8/03/08

    My favorite flower is the Hyacinth, my favorite color is purple and my favorite food (well, at the moment anyway -- it changes daily) fajitas. Debbie
  3. Losing Sleep Over This!!!

    heeeheee you all just made my morning! B) Debbie
  4. 9/26/09 What would You Do If

    Everything!!!! Debbie
  5. Hello from Sammamish, WA

    Hi Catherine: welcome and glad to have you! Debbie
  6. Feeling down got a good joke for me?

    Cheesy Chickentush????????? rofl My granddaughter told me this joke -- so here goes: How do you make Lady GaGa cry? Poker Face Cheer up -- as long as you wake up -- each day is still a blessing! Debbie
  7. What book are you reading right now?

    Isn't that book just "awesome"? Debbie
  8. What book are you reading right now?

    The new Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine and an older Stephen King novel, "Rose Madder". Debbie
  9. Hello from Middletown, New York

    Hi Patricia -- WELCOME! Debbie
  10. Please Lord don't let us go back to PetSmart tomorrow...

    Isn't it funny how pets we think we don't need become part of our lives so quickly??? Gratz on your new baby! All three of my babies were animals no one else wanted. Pet peeve for the day -- why do people bring their animals to the country/rural areas and dump them??? It amazes me how many animals I pick up on the side of the road that someone has just left there. And, there they sit, looking just so sad and lost and well, that's how I got 3! lol Debbie
  11. New Member

    Hi Dan, and welcome. Can't wait to see what you're doing with your BH.....I'm hoping all of these BH's will give me some needed inspiration! Debbie