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  1. Does anyone go onto live chat?

    Hi: :lol: Does anybody ever use the chat room, I go there all the time when I am on and nobody is ever there. So I chat with myself and boy what great answers I come up with. We should all try to make a time so we all can chat in the room.
  2. Just joined - a question!

    Hi: :lol: Your daughter is 9 yrs. old, and you are going to build it with her, I would suggest that you do a small house to start with so there are not so may parts and it doesn't take to long. You want to keep and hold her attention. A 4-room is a great starter, either Greenleaf, Duracraft or Real Good Toys I think are excellent manufactures. All these Co. have web sites to view there Dollhouses. Enjoy and happy hunting
  3. 11/12/05 Can't Live Without It

    Hi: When I finish a dollhouse, I want it to look like the real thing. I go for detail, check the real house then fill the dollhouse and the outside grounds, check out my Jefferson.
  4. New

    :o Hi Terri: Welcome to the group, if you have a problem I'm sure one of us can help you out with it. Just give a shout and happy building, don't forget the pics,
  5. Haunted House Give Away!

    :o Hi: I can't believe I won some thing, can't wait for it to get here and get started on it. THANK YOU AGAIN
  6. Hi from Kintuckie

    :o Hi Jenn: Don't live in Kentucky but will give you a shout any way, welcome to the group. Have you started a house yet ?, and if so, if you need help or run into a problem give us a shout I'm sure some one will be glad to help you with your problem.
  7. New to Forum

    :o Hi Clayseed: Welcome to the group, you have done a nice job on your Dollhouse, if you run into any problems give us a shout, I'm sure someone here can help you.
  8. 10/26/05 Family & Dollhouses

    :o Hi: Well most of our friends are not into dollhouse or miniature, some are into HO scale trains,(which I am into also) and the others just have different tastes which are different than ours, but they all agree that my dollhouses are great looking. I had a neighbor tell me I could do that, bought a house for his wife, started it and I finished for her, finally told me thank you cause he didn't have the patients or the know-how to finish it and it was much harder than he had thought. My wife helps me with picking the colors (I'm coclor blind) carpet and wall paper. My son on ocassion helps me with making the larger pieces that we sell such as the garage and the wooden deck. Most of our friends want to be shrunk and live in the houses.
  9. 10/25/05 Dollhouses

    :o Hi: I enjoy the old A. Hitchcock movies and watching the old westerns from the 50's, none of which has influenced me to do anything to a Dollhouse.
  10. Mostly Micro

    Hi: Welcome to the group, a fine looking job you have done on the Dollhouses. I my self like the 1" scale even though they take up so much room. Most I build and sell, I put them on consignment at a local Dollhouse store in the area.
  11. Haunted House Give Away!

    Hi: I can't believe I won, never win a thing ( except $40.00 on Lotto ). Can't wait for it to get here to get started. Thankyou so much, you just changed a rainy day into a bright one.
  12. 10/21/05 Time Period

    Hi: I like the Victorian and so does my wife, my jefferson is kind of decorated in the 1950 -60's, except for the motorclcle. This was the first dollhouse that I built and decorated, took me 2 yrs. to finish and I am still looking for the people occupy it.
  13. New Here

    Hi Lyn Welcome to our group at Greenleaf, look forward to seeing your finished product. ( don't forget to take your pics. as you go, I did, Just have finished product ones) Any questions you have or help you need just drop a line and will be glad to help if I can. If you would like to view my Jefferson, just click onto my Website or Album. Again welcome
  14. 10/22/05 What scale

    Hi: I like to work with the 1" scale, it is easier for me I have large hands, and you have a larger variety of up-grades, furniture and all sorts of accessories.
  15. Chat Night!

    Hi: Finally a chance to chat and meet the people, every time I go to the chat room it's empty, so I chat with myself. Can't wait, 9:00 c so that would be 10:00 e