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  1. Living room overhead

    Thanks, Rhonda!
  2. Sturbridge show in June ?

    Hey Nathaniel (and everyone else)! Look what I found!:
  3. Sturbridge show in June ?

    Thanks for the compliment! I agree, her beds are gorgeous! I prefer the sets with the hand painted details, but I really do like the red toile that you got. I'm definitely planning on going to the Dedham shows! And I will absolutely let you know what I hear from Dorothy. And even if she considers herself 'retired', she might be willing to do special orders. After all, if you're into minis and you're that talented, you can't just stop!
  4. Sturbridge show in June ?

    Hey Nathaniel! The 'bed' lady is Dorothy Ilott. I've been looking for her for a couple of years. I bought a set from her that is the same design as one of yours. I also bought a new one plus its nightstand. She lives on the Cape and she told that her local mini group has a gathering in Sept. She's going to send me the info. I'll let you know about it, too.
  5. Wolfie has a new love! Move over Viggo!

  6. Sturbridge 2009 - Piano.jpg

    From the album Sturbridge Show - thru the years

    This is my favorite item of the day!
  7. Sturbridge show in June ?

    That bureau is very pretty - Twinkle must be thrilled! Was this her first dh show? Talk about miniature heaven!
  8. Sturbridge show in June ?

    Yes, we did meet! Selkie spotted my 'green leaf' tag, as she and Twinkle and HeartnSoul were standing in front of Sherr's booth. I met Gramamarge later at the same spot. Nathaniel had been spotted but I never did find him. My first order of business, after meeting the gang, was to find a hand crafted upright piano. I found a beautiful spinet. When I first saw it, I thought the price was $200! But that was for a different piano. The one I liked was $45! I'll try to post pictures of all my goodies tomorrow or Tuesday. Sherr's dolls are even more realistic in person. It's like you want to talk to them!
  9. Sturbridge show in June ?

    Everyone's probably in bed already - resting up for tomorrow! It's an hour and a half drive for me so I usually arrive around 11:30 or 12. But since it ends at 4, 4 hours isn't enough time to see (and buy!) everything! I'm looking forward to it! I'll try to remember to wear the Greenleaf. I'll probably recognize Nathaniel.
  10. Sturbridge show in June ?

    I'm going! Anyone else? Sherr, I'll look for you.