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  1. tree with clear lights and red berries 2.jpg

    I like the white lights better too, and the red berries look really nice with them. The tree looks very elegant in the window! (Although I do like the other picture with the tree in the corner as well).
  2. What's everyone working on?

    You are so lucky, I love the OBX. We went twice, in 2011 and 2012, and were thinking of moving to NC, but when we decided that, my mother decided to move permanently to Maine. Things are so remote here, that we had to stay to care for her. I remember how sad it was to come back to all the snow and cold after being down there in the spring time. I love what you are doing with the Putz, it's so unique!
  3. So far, I haven't had any problems with either the larger wire on the regular LEDS, or the wires on the nano chip lights, which are about the diameter of a human hair!
  4. The place I send to for my lights says to melt them off with a soldering iron. Some of mine have that same type of thin coating, and the soldering iron works for stripping mine.
  5. Very cool dollhouse in the Smithsonian

    Those of you who have seen it are so lucky! I'm glad the Smithsonian put so much information on their site so those of us who can't go can read about it and see each room.
  6. I have had a busy few weeks, and haven't been able to visit the forums as much as I would like, but I came across this house at the Smithsonian http://americanhistory.si.edu/dollhouse/introduction Some of you have probably seen it before, but I never had. It sure would be fun to furnish all those rooms!
  7. New, Working On Orchid..Clueless

    Sorry, I've had a busy week and didn't see this until just now. I actually put my gussets in after the roof was assembled. I did the same with my gables.
  8. extension2.jpg

    Thank you so much Aggiemae. I'm really happy that I've technically got it done so you can see how much happiness you brought me by selling it to me. I've got more things I am going to make for the inside, but since the ryokan is technically done right now, I'm concentrating on the landscaping. The landscaping is making it look so much nicer! Lately, between working on greeting cards for a craft show I'm doing on Saturday, I've been making tons of flowers for the landscaping, and also designing a teahouse to go in the garden. I want this house to be a real work of art!
  9. Have you used puff paint?

    Hi Luanne, I think the liquid pearls are only in pearlescent colors. They are really made so you can have any size or color of pearls on greeting cards. I found them to be much less apt to flatten out than the puff paint. They seem to be firmer when dry, but if you are looking for flat or matte colors, they may not be what you want. (Of course if they become popular for other crafts besides paper crafts, (such as using for fake frosting), maybe the company would listen to our requests!
  10. What's everyone working on?

    I need to look back at the low doors in the tea houses I didn't like as well, They might have been shoji doors as well, but they are so low and dark, and the tea houses look so closed in that I don't really like them. I'm thinking about the kind that slide open in both directions and open up the whole wall, and let more air and light in. The low doors are really low, and raised off the ground so you have to bend down and step up into them. They are supposed to make you feel humble, but I think they would make me feel claustrophobic!
  11. Have you used puff paint?

    Something I like much better than puff paint is Liquid Pearls. I use them a lot on my greeting cards, and they are much nicer than the puff paint I've tried. They come in a lot of colors, but to get the colors you want, you might have to order them on line, The big box stores only sell them in sets of three, and they only carry a few colors.
  12. Gonna have to watch the minor...

    That's so funny!
  13. Irish Wolfhound.jpg

    That looks so real! I love the way he is looking so adoringly at James!
  14. Irish Wolfhound 2.jpg

    I love how expressive his face is, and he looks so happy in front of the warm fire!
  15. Great Room fabric for rug

    The carpet looks beautiful, and I love the idea of lemons and oranges to go with it!