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  1. tree exterior

    Lloking good Rebecca!
  2. New here

    Welcome to the forum Dani. Shannon here from Red Cottage Miniatures. Hope you get help with your wood question.
  3. Beautiful Crissy

    As Carrie said! That is so sweet.
  4. I am guessing I know who you purchased from. Did the name of the store have a bird on its title?
  5. Exterior tree trunk/burrow

    Welllll...... nooooo.... that’s a problem. But you could build out the centre section of each side, which will add a roundness to it. I am sure once it is painted, it will not be much of an issue. The interior will be the focus. Or just grow vines over it!!
  6. Exterior tree trunk/burrow

    It’s looking good Rebecca.
  7. Lights!

    Looks so awesome! And love the roof details!
  8. Woven bottle 14.jpeg

    Very impressive Sam! Looks great. And difficult! I commend you for tackling the workshop and look forward to seeing what you do with your new skills!
  9. New in Oregon

    Welcome! The Beacon Hill is the one I first fell in love with and is still one of my favourites. This blog might help:
  10. Too much stuff???

    Yes, lucky! I have been thinking today I wish I had one.  
  11. Our work is on someone else's instagram

    I came across another IG account posting other people’s photos today. Didn’t save the account name. My guess is there are plenty of them.
  12. Needle felting

    Needle felted stuff is so cute and definitely an art. I have made a few things but not recently. I use the wool roving to flock mini things I make or for doll hair too.
  13. Yep. You’re gonna love it. I don’t have one but have the laser cutter as you know, and it is a game changer. And I am terrible with a knife and ruler! Haha! I am not sure it would cut the birch ply though. It’s pretty hard.
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Thanks Holly. I spend a lot of time getting things just so. Probably too much time. The devil is in the detail as they say.
  15. Front porch

    And it is weird for me to see it in reverse - I have to look really hard to figure out which room I am looking at! Haha