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  1. bayberryback.jpg

    I say ditch the stairs and get a new set. Glossy white sounds way too hard to remove! 
  2. I bought a dollhouse...again!

    Sounds like lots of fun. I love the Bayberry. Most pf the Duracraft ones actually, so I look forward to seeing what you do to this. I am sure the right idea will present itself - don't force it, it will come in its own good time!
  3. Erin

    Yay! That's great news, persistence pays off!
  4. Do you see a future miniaturist?

    And just nice to be able to share things with someone who really appreciates them.
  5. Stencils for Miniatures
  6. Binary Parisian Clock

    Hahaha! I am sure he is destined for greatnest! And clearly exhibits great patience. I like this idea, but they apparently have access to a laser cutter, so why not just cut out some kits and put on Etsy? When they've sold some, cut some more and list them, and so on. I don't understand some of the things I see on Kickstarter. People just want the easy way to make money, rather than building up to it.
  7. Etsy, selling stuff?

    Antique is general applied to something that is at least 100 years old and vintage is something that is at least 20 years old. 
  8. Etsy, selling stuff?

    Yep. Love Etsy, but not sure they necessarily enforce their own policies! Possibly it's just too hard for them to control.
  9. Virtual Dollhouse/Itsy Bitsy

    That's disappointing. Especially given she had all the papers on her website and Itsy Bitsy don't. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. I am sad to tell you ...

    Wow, that's amazing and so sweet. The internet does some weird and wonderful things!
  11. Am I the only one....

    Agreed. The miniature industry has been pretty staid for a long while. Although the availability of quality handmade stuff has taken off and that's great. But some new doors, windows, trims and mouldings would be great. And Bespaq doesn't seem to release as much new stuff either.
  12. Victorian Slum House PBS

    Sounds interesting to me. I love the Kate Morton book 'The Forgotten Garden' and sometimes think about recreating some of the things from it, including the room she lived in with her brother for a bit - it was based in the Victorian era (or might've been Edwardian or thereabouts) and they lived in poverty.
  13. The cutest Mother's Day Bouquet

    Oh that's adorable! What a great idea. And happy mother's day.
  14. I guess the universe wants me to work on my dh's more

    Awesome! That's what you want when you turn up to work!
  15. High end miniature furniture

    There can be a huge difference in price. Sonetimes it depends on whether the seller purchases them direct from the manufacturer, or if they buy in bulk, or just have lower overheads I guess. For $100+, I want spectacular.