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  1. Reviving childhood foursquare

    Hello and welcome! Your little house is beautiful and it will be refreshing to be working on it again.
  2. Curiosity about 1/2" scale

    Gorgeous! Loving it! Pleased to see you got some of the Bits n Kits furniture kits. I missed out on those and really regret not getting some. And love the Phoenix fireplace!
  3. funny question about Willowcrest

    Or do something very different with one of them, for example: (look for the Villa Leone label in the menu on the right side)
  4. funny question about Willowcrest

    I could see an addition on each side, which would keep the house symmetrical. If you made the side additions less deep than the main house, I think it would work. And if you couldn't work out how to do the curved roof, just make it two stories high. Here is a REALLY terrible picture (I don't have photoshop).  
  5. 1:48 scale dollhouse - which do you recommend

    Oooh, pretty! Great to see how she has painted the exterior as I was thinking I'd do a lighter colour scheme too rather than the dark original. Such a cute house. Also, they have an installment payment plan....
  6. Some slightly off-beat minis!

    Yes I thought that too Deborah!
  7. 1:48 scale dollhouse - which do you recommend

    I am not sure it helps, but I desperately want the Nob Hill kit from Suzanne and Andrew's Miniatures.
  8. Some slightly off-beat minis!

    There was a whole series of kintted Barbie rooms, I just didn't post links for them all. Pretty cool! And I think the taxidermy is well out of my knitting league!
  9. So I was wandering about on Etsy and came across some interesting miniature knitting and crochet books: Not something I'd previously thought of, but interesting!
  10. front opening

  11. front opening

    I think you could do it, but it would take some work. Instead of hinging the front, just make it removable. If it was me doing it, I'd make the round porch removable, then the front panel removable (right side only, not the bay). The right roof I'd cut vertically where the valley (?) meets the front roof so that the roof front lifted up (hinge that). Then I'd make the left side open as a separate panel again, same as the front, and the left side roof the same as the front roof. Hope that makes sense!  You could use magnets to keep the panels on. Where there's a will there's a way!
  12. In Search Of Furniture

    Me three. Really good stores.
  13. Window Color Advice & Ideas!

    Well I'm baulking the trend. I like the first photo better.
  14. Lots and lots of Minis is for sale

    I'd be insterested in any Chrysolite lights, if scored any of those.
  15. Crown Molding

    Like Sam, I draw on my moulding. I draw the cutting line and direction of the cut. A mitre box and saw are invaluable.