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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That is a beautiful set.
  2. Marie Antoinette theme/Versailles

    Oh thanks Carrie! Yes I have 1:24 French furniture kits (some are out of stock at the moment) and the French shop in my store if you wanted to size down!
  3. Marie Antoinette theme/Versailles

    I am building a French house. You can see it in my blog (link in my signature), look for ‘chateau’ tag. It’s a very slow process. I do hope to vaguely reproduce the Dauphine’s study from Versailles within this build. One day.
  4. Congratulations Shannon!

    Thanks everyone. It is a good magazine - lots of projects!
  5. Congratulations Shannon!

    Thanks Sam! It’s a new experience for me, and I am really looking forward to seeing what she does with it.
  6. An awwww... moment

    Dogs are the best people!
  7. Hi from Australia

    I have some battery lights. I think they can be useful in some situations, especially if you have a completed house that you can’t add additional wired lighting to. Dollhouse wiring is a bit of a pain for me though! If you were interested, I wrote a little turorial for using the cheap battery operated LED string lights to light a house:
  8. Congratulations Shannon!

    Wow, thanks everyone! I have to admit I was a little overwhelmed and excited when Auralea suggested this! Such a fun idea. And yes, nice to have my work showcased in this way!
  9. Hi from Australia

    Hi Jillian. Welcome. We have a few mini stores here. Fairy Meadow Miniatures in Port Kembla can help you out with connecting your lights to a transformer. Lorraine is brilliant. I have the things to do it and she showed me once but I can’t remember so best ask her! It looked easy though... You could give her a call.
  10. Shadow Boxes

    I intend to.... I cut out a bunch of little shadow boxes with little compartments inside for oneday displaying odd bits and pieces I’ve purchased or made that don’t really fit with other scenes or houses.
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I always leave feedback, even a month or too later. As an Etsy seller, I think it’s really important. It amazes me how few people leave feedback.  On a side note, it amazes me how often I see people posting photos online of kits they’ve purchased without any credit to the kit maker. Not an issue in most cases, but when they are stating these things are handmade and are profiting from them, I think it is wrong. As someone whose business is making and selling kits, it’s extremely disheartening. 
  12. Workshops you've attended, skills you learned

    Well, I am in rural Australia, so not a lot of options for me! But I always think about how fortunate I was to do a Rik Pierce workshop in 2014, about a month before his big accident. It was a turning point for me (personally) as well as learning a heap of mini techniques.  I have also taken painting lessons for the last few years and although they are not mini techniques per se, I have learnt a lot of valuable skills. Well, I am in the process of learning. Like for example not being disheartened by something looking terrible before it is finished. And seeing something as a series of shapes, colour, light and shade, etc rather than as the actual object it is (be it a face, a still life, whatever). And also having the courage to show people my work - something I REALLY struggled with. And still do. It makes me feel very awkward. There is always something to learn.
  13. Blogging, Pinterest, websites

    It might depend on how professional you want it. I still use blogger even though there are annoying changes now and again or things don’t work well at times. I also have a business website through squarespace and it was a bit hard to figure out the set up, but once I got on a roll, I only needed to call the husband a few times for help. It was a good price for e-commerce with no additional hosting fees but there are free non-commerce options too I think. I have a blog on that too. I also tried Wix and it was easier to set up, but for business, it was less functional. They have free versions too I believe. And I also have my own .com name but I pay extra (not much) for that. Hope this helps a little!
  14. Happy New Year

    Happy new year everyone!
  15. Instagram

    Yes, red_cottage_miniatures.