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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh that pooor sad tower house. If I lived there, I’d grab that baby in a heartbeat and take it home and remove that filth and make it what it should be.
  2. Help me pick the Casa's bed!

    And me too!
  3. 2 Odd sites - anyone know of them?

    I agree with Emily. I couldn’t find any info about address, location or phone number and I think they could be in Asia. I wouldn’t go anywhere near it.
  4. to someone who is good on photocopying reduction

    I am not sure that this is what you are after, but it is a tutorial on sizing up (or down) dress patterns for dolls. You could apply the same process for sizing down your doll patterns. It uses percentages and is explained step by step in detail with photos. You wouldn’t have to do this whole process for every pattern as I am guessing a lot of the patterns are for the same sized dolls.
  5. Bug In My Kit?!

    Wow, I’d find that really worrying myself and would bug bomb the whole house and throw the kit away in a millisecond. I’d definitely ask for my money back.
  6. Things are getting dangerous

    I think they would work and look great. But keep in mind they are plaster and therefore not very strong.
  7. Has anyone ordered from Bespaq Direct?

    I had the same issues multiple times. They are very poor communication. The upside is they refunded excess postage which ni-one does these days.
  8. Are You On Pinterest?

    I pretty much do what Selkie does. It does suck time but it is also quite handy for keeping ideas sorted. And our computer and external drive are a bit full!
  9. Painting

    Excellent! Good to hear.
  10. Santa Rosa Fire

    The problem with contents insurance where collections are concerned, is that you need documentation of everything. I can’t imagine trying to document the millions of miniature bits and pieces I have. Clearly I am not one who has documented everything as I purchased them. I do have my Blythe and ball jointed dolls documented and insured but every year the cover goes down and my dolls aren’t going down in value that’s for sure.
  11. Rant about online sales

    Gah I have had the same problems too! In fact, one order I never even recieved. I have also thought about getting doll moulds and making them to sell. There is a lady here in Australia who makes them and she would do blanks if you asked her, but she can take a while to get to them too. But you would get them. If you want her details, let me know. One thing to consider. You can use Liquache (and there are one or two others) which is an air drying slip. I have used it to make tiny dolls’ dolls and I had to bake them in linseed oil to make them hard, but they turn out really good. And it is easy to use and you don’t need a kiln.  Anyway, if you do get some moulds, I would buy some from you.
  12. Needle felting

    Your needle felting is lovely. I have felted a few items, including three little teddies for my dollhouse but it is really hard to get the sizes right for me, particularly when you need two or more pieces the same size. And the shaping...anyway, agree with two many hobbies!
  13. New to this world

    Welcome! The Orchid is lovely and I am sure you will have fun.
  14. New to this world

    Welcome! The Orchid is lovely and I am sure you will have fun.
  15. 114th Scale Beacon Hill Dollhouse kits?

    There are some here: