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  1. Canterbury

    I am furnishing mine ias approximately 1:18 scale due to its size.
  2. Question on wholesale , dog source

    Earthntree stock quite a few dogs.
  3. At a guess, this might be from the UK. Dollshouse Direct did have shower set-ups like this sold separately. Contact them and see if they are still selling them (they have a whole bathroom range they purchased from a lady).
  4. Clarification on Foam core ?

    I’d use gator foam for a structure every time. It’s light, sturdy and comes in thicker sheets. I haven’t noticed mine warping and I have had mine in my workroom in large sheets standing up for 18 months. Using pins would still be a good idea.
  5. We could use a few prayers if anyone could help

    This is truly awful Jeannine. Sending love.
  6. Half Scale Ceiling Medallions

    No worries!
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I’d buy that, tear off the clock parts and numbers and construct a dollhouse and hinge the front onto it. It could be awesome.
  8. Half Scale Ceiling Medallions

    Haha! Yes she has lovely stuff. Keep in mind it is just plaster, so quite fragile. I ordered from her though and everything arrived intact.
  9. Half Scale Ceiling Medallions

    Sue Cook in the UK makes them: Also, bead caps could work depending on size and shape.
  10. Hi, my name is Tim)

    Fantastic! What a great little cottage!
  11. Hai from Australia

    Welcome to the forum! Love the Beacon Hill! Once upon a time there was a store that stocked Greenleaf. In fact, Fairy Meadow Miniatures were stocking them too recently. Look forward to seeing your photos of your build.
  12. Frustrated, In Dire Need of Workaround

    Also you could try gluing just one bead at a time, waiting til each one dries. And you could just cover the shade in a nice paper too. Hope the lights work out!
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The irony is the Franklin Mint house would be worth less after she has changed stuff.
  14. I agree with Sable. Those kits are cute but the furniture and accessories are not necessarily to scale. There are other more to scale kits available (such as mine!) or you can make your own obviously. But I agree entirely, kits can be so much fun to put together, regardless of scale or detail. If you are having fun, it doesn’t really matter if it’s in scale. And if it bothers you, make your own pieces or adjust the ones that came with the kit. You only have to please yourself.
  15. Hello from San Diego!

    Welcome Tachel! Looking forward to seeing your Orchid!