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  1. stokesay ware ginger jar

    Huh, I didn’t realise they don’t have their blue and pink willow designs  as standard issue. Hope you find one! Did you try Ebay UK? Listings may not come up on both US and UK sites.
  2. Looking for Vic Newey houses or Streetscene

    Good luck! It’s always worth asking!
  3. Amazon Alexa

    Or a ten year old!
  4. Cinderella Room Box

    Fun idea! Love it.

    Tara, most jewellers will have a watch repairer either in house or that they always use. When I have had watches repaired/serviced, it has never been very costly. But I am in Australia, so not sure what America is like. 
  6. I'm about ready to give up

    These guys make and sell replacement Duracraft mouldings:
  7. Hi Chelsea. What a great project! Welcome to the forum.
  8. I'm about ready to give up

    If someone finds the instructions then there might be schematics showing the walls too, which would help. I agree with everyone else don’t give up.
  9. mirror finish

    There is paint that contains actual silver and gold but it is pricey - gold leaf paint apparently it’s called. But it still might not be reflective.
  10. Kit bash construction

    Great idea!
  11. Welcome Melissa! I love the idea of William Morris wallpapers. I think that will really suit the house.
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Perhaps she is a child, not an adult?
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Bit of a nightmare when you dropped tiny things into it though, or accidentally spilt a tin of pins (like I always do).
  14. More exterior trim

    Very pretty!
  15. Hi Joel. I have a Trotec Speedy 300 which I am getting used to, but used to have (well, still have but need to sell) Epilogs. I still love the Epilogs and would ditch the Trotec if it hadn’t cost me so much freakin money. My first design I had cut by a cutting service and yes, it was expensive and very hard to prototype due to the cost, but then a decent machine isn’t cheap and the ongoing costs can be high. Maybe you could ask around local schools, universities or those community makers spaces to see if they have a machine you could use. Many have laser cutters these days. My first cutter was a little Epilog (I am actually keeping this and will set it up again sometime) and I love it. I got it secondhand so the price was more reasonable. As I am in Australia, finding suitable materials is the hardest part.