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  1. Finished 18th c Pennsylvania stone house

    Love it! Gorgeous.
  2. Front entrance.jpeg

    It’s cute Sam. Would make a great ski cabin. I’d like to see it in stone.
  3. Dollarama has mini furniture

    Sounds interesting! I am sure you can make them into something reasonable, and if not, perfect for broken attic furniture!
  4. Sound effects for dollhouses?

    More links here for various options:
  5. Sound effects for dollhouses?

    Fun idea. Here is a product for model railroad with such sounds: If you scroll down, there are a few for lighthouses, ocean, etc, under ‘Animals/nature sounds’ and ‘special nature series’ and lots of other fun sounds.
  6. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

  7. Foundation Vent

    As these are set into the wall, you could push the finding into paperclay or whatever you have on hand, to create a stamp of it (like you are using a wax seal thingo and wax) neaten up the edge and put that into your wall.
  8. Can I get an amen!

    Hahaha!  Funny t-shirt. I have seen similar ones about dogs.
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

  10. Hiya :)

    Welcome Ronda. Your life sounds busy! I admire anyone who can return to study after the age of 23 - I certainly haven’t been able to. And you have ball jointed dolls! I have too many.... but I got into them through Blythe dolls, which I got into through minis. The Glencroft is great; have fun with it!
  11. Furniture kits

    They are beautiful! Well done.
  12. Painting

    Hi Stuart. Fairy Meadow Miniatures in Port Kembla has a good selection of wallpapers on their website. Most capital cities (except Darwin) have a miniature show once a year and there’s usually one or two traders that will have wallpaper. The shows are listed on the Fairy Meadow website or here: I concur with others - some bits get decorated as I go along but most of it is left til the end. It can be tricky but usually a neater finish.
  13. Dollhouse Search

    Welcome to the forum. Love the Duracraft Heritage! These guys do make replacement wood mouldings to match Duracraft kits, if you need any. They also have an Ebay store.
  14. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    Yep, that’s me! And thanks! Great to hear you like my kits!
  15. Staircase - calling mathematicians

    I am not entirely sure what you are planning, but any staircase is just a series of steps. Figure out the height between the surface of the ground floor and the surface of the first floor (as opposed to the ceiling) - in other words, the ceiling height plus the floor thickness. Hope that makes sense. Then divide by the number of steps you want. Using a standard thickness of material would be easier, eg 6mm thick wood but this might not divide evenly between your number of steps. For drawing up the plan, an overhead view (looking directly down) helps me.