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  1. Putting a smile on your face today

  2. An interesting turn of events

    Great to hear Miranda, and great for your husband who was dumped by the previous company. Success is the best revenge.
  3. wheels done

    Well done! They look great!
  4. My original SamUSAs!

    It looks fantastic, both the painting and frame!
  5. Painting tips for Miniatures?

    Undercoat first. I use either gesso or a water based interior household undercoat. Light sand to get a smooth surface. Then top coats. Plan ahead - it is easier to paint some components before constructing. Have fun.
  6. Gina Kendrick aka Wolfie

    More sad news. She was great and will be missed. Love to her family and friends. 
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh no!!! What a shame. I can’t help but think that one day there will be a miniatures renaissance and all the shops that closed would be able to reopen, but in the meantime you lose great artists and miniaturists. I keep thinking about the doll moulds no-one can get from House of Caron....
  8. Small things - door jamb trims

    It’s looking amazing!  
  9. Bespaq stain colors

    The colours *should* be the same. I have never had problems matching the Bespaq colours but I guess there is a slight chance that there could be a difference. And I also think walnut and new walnut are the same. I think years ago it was just ‘walnut’ and now they call it ‘new walnut’. But I could be wrong. There are occasionally other stain colours but I think they are generally in the older pieces.
  10. Nob Hill dollhouse

    Wow! I’ve seen it too and if it comes with the furnishings, it’s worth every cent of that.
  11. New from New Zealand

    Hello Anna, welcome! Look forward to seeing your chateau!!
  12. Wow, what a week... this is awful. Her houses look great and the mini world will be a little sadder for abother loss.
  13. Selkie

    So sad to hear this. Please pass on condolences to her family. I hope they are all Ok.
  14. I Mean, Is it Really Too Much?

    Agreed. Infinity pool coming up...  
  15. BeaconHillRehab03.JPG

    I love the Beacon Hill and really love seeing what people do with them. And I get your sentiments with the furniture - far better to have something that brings fond memories than something you look at and think why did I bother?