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  1. Backyard Bungalow help

    The ceiling beam goes back to front. There is nothing in the kit that fits in that slot.
  2. Backyard Bungalow help

    I am putting together the bungalow and for the life of me I cannot figure out what goes in the slots at the upper right wall. You can see there is the exact same slot on the other wall. I have looked through the pieces of the kit, read the directions 6543567 times, and I am just not getting what goes there. Thank you.
  3. Holy hotflashes batman.......I am melting

    Ok Holly will remember that when the time comes, thank you.
  4. Looking to sell/donate roomboxes and houses

    This is a very good cause and while the houses you describe are more for adults perhaps there are a few items that can be donayed to this cause. https://m.facebook.com/pages/Dollhouses-For-Kids-Battling-Cancer/112973362090634?id=112973362090634&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2Furl&_rdr
  5. smoke from forest fires

    The fire/fires are about 25 miles south of me. There are actually 5 fires burning and they have named them the Douglas Complex fire to add to the haze I guess we are also getting smoke from fires in Northern Ca. These fires have been burning a while but the wind was keeping the smoke away from us. Normally from my living room window I can see over 3 ridge tops today I can only see one. Looking up the valley it is all blue from smoke. It does not help that it is partially overcast which is good for the firefighters but bad for air quality.
  6. Holy hotflashes batman.......I am melting

    Well Dr said what was to be expected......... I am on the very lowest dose of HRT until winter then going to try it without them. Dr said heat sometimes contributes to the frequency of the flashes. She convinced me I am not losing my mind and the Hrt will help with all the other symptoms as well.
  7. smoke from forest fires

    Day 3 of not being able to go outside unless it is for a short amount of time. My craft room gets too warm without having a window open for air. While I love my craft room this is one of the times I wish it was part of the main house. I am seriously bored out of my head and wanting to finish the bar in the beacon hill. I have crocheted, wove baskets, attempted a paper bowl, made lamps and perfume bottles from beads, now I am out of little projects that can be done inside!!
  8. Fancy parlor floor

  9. Holy hotflashes batman.......I am melting

    As a green eyed redhead myself congrats. Both my children and all 5 of my grandboys are blue eyed blondes. The only place the red gene came out is in my sons beard its red and he grumbles about it to no end!
  10. Holy hotflashes batman.......I am melting

    Jumping in the pool helps but unfortunately I cannot live in there as much as I would like to. A spray spritz bottle and fans are helping. Dr appt next week.
  11. Apparently I Need a Dog House -- for me !!

    I am glad Buddy found you this is probally the first kindness he has seen. Give him a good scratch behind the ears for me.
  12. Holy hotflashes batman.......I am melting

    Today seems better as it is overcast I have only had 5 or 6 today a vast improvement over the past few weeks. I think the mood swings are making me crazy I cried today because I dropped a fimo clay piece of bacon and then stepped on it, and I have like 50 more pieces sheesh!!!! Perhaps I will just lock myself in my craft room with a fan for the next 6 months! Thank you again for the replies I think sometimes we forget there are a bunch of women out there who have been through things we are experiencing. It makes you feel not so alone in your misery LOL!!!
  13. Holy hotflashes batman.......I am melting

    Is it normal to feel sick to your stomach for a few minutes? I guess maybe its time to make Dr Apt. Just to make sure all is ok. Thank you for the advice def going to try some of them.
  14. Of course it does not help it was 95 today any hints or tips to deal with this sweating flushing dizzyness would be greatly appreciated!
  15. New Copyright Law Information

    Good to know, Thank you.