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  1. New member

  2. My little Carly went to doggie heaven

    I'm really sorry about your lost. Hugs.
  3. Welcome!!!!

  4. New Member from AK

  5. Name something You Can Not Live Without 7/10/08

    my family, my pets, my friends, my minis, my memories, and books.
  6. Welcome!!!

  7. Hi every one

    I'm so sorry to hear about you hamster. Welcome back!!
  8. broke my dang toe today

    I hope you get well soon!!! I have never had a fracture; howver, I have spent a lot of time on the floor because I'm always falling
  9. I am BRAND NEW at this...

    :thumb: WELCOME :bookread:
  10. new here, from NC

    :thumb: Welcome :bookread:
  11. Millennium has crossed the Rainbow Bridge

    I'm so sorry. He was beautiful.
  12. Might have to put our cat down tomorrow

    I’m really sorry. Did the veterinarian tell you if there are other options? In Argentina, one of my cats was diagnosed with a 100% deadly type of cancer, his veterinarian tried an experimental treatment on him and my cat has become the first one that survive it. Good luck, I will be thinking in you and your lovely cat.
  13. 'nother new baby