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  1. Taking my obsession too far???

    Id do it in a heartbeat, I dont mind driving and I used to take road trips by myself when I was younger. (just keep a can of pepper spray handy and maybe a nice pocket knife just in case cops cant get you for a pocket knife in the car. ) 12 hours isnt that long Ive done that going down 101 from San Rafael to Palm Springs.  ( I do have to say my butt hurt but it was at night and I was flooring it in a sports car (1996 Mazda RX7) the only thing that happened was a couple of guys wanted to race me (one in a BMW and the other in a Datsun 240Z that sounded like he had swapped out the engine) but I was in a hurry and I didnt need the headache of a ticket.
  2. Ceilings ??

    thats my favorite type of house, I dont have refined tastes as many of you might have noticed,
  3. Hello from Morocco!

    what a pretty house, I love the bathroom, I know this is strange but do you have photos of the toilet? just in case someone wants to do a mini I sound like a crazy person.
  4. Newbie from Florida

    I feel the same as Holly, when I first started I thought I couldnt do anything but now Im ok with what I make, I live on Ohio so during the winter months I need things to keep busy,  you can only clean a house so much before you go nuts and tv is for the birds
  5. New Member from Michigan

    hello and welcome, I was once like you I wanted someone to do my interior too but the longer I waited for someone to help me the more my dreams faded away so I took control and started making things myself. II started here and I havent stopped. good luck on your search
  6. Kitchen sink

    well blurry or not its still cute, I cant wait to see more photos (only cause Im so nosey)
  7. Living room wallpaper

    thats my favorite, the TV and console. its a great looking room.
  8. A Tale of Two Laptops

    you totally fooled me, I kept looking and looking thinking to myself I must have gone mad that looks like a mini room and then I read where is its a mini room with toys so now I dont feel like a crazy woman.  I love the room can you post more of it?
  9. it looks llike the real kitchen you did a wonderful job, it made me cry.
  10. New resteraunt

    Id love to go there and have a muffin with a cup of coffee.
  11. Total newbie

    hello, I usually go to Kris's website she posts a new tutorial once a month she posted  flowers  a while ago, Im not really into them so I didnt try to make any but you should give it a go   welcome to the forum    
  12. It's a Passion... Not an Obsession

    Ive seen that castle before, it's lovely, I dont know what Id do with it if I had it at home. i think another women posted something about it years ago and she was tempted to copy it, I told her to go for it. too bad she didnt live closer I'd have gone over to help her build it.
  13. Hello! I'm new to the group

    Hello and Welcome to the forum
  14. Help Identifying House

    I cant wait to see you finish this house it's one of my favorites
  15. New one.....just can't help myself...

    congrats on the new addition to the family