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  1. Apple Blossom window replacements

    measure twice and cut once..youll never get anywhere if you don't try and if you screw up just cover it wood putty  
  2. Thanksgiving Dinner

    we went to my sister in laws, my hubbys mom isn't doing too well and she gets confused by large groups so the siblings will eat upstairs with her and the rest of us will be in the basement and have food later when they take her back to the home. we weren't supposed to talk about politics/religion or the military because her daughter and son in law have ptsd and it would unravel all the work they did with their therapist (neither one of them has seen combat they were both stationed in the states but we have to abide by the rules.) as it turned out they didn't show up ...lets see what happens for christmas
  3. I inch minis by Kris

    has it realty been 10 years? I remember the first day I saw her blog and how much it helped me. Im going to miss her
  4. The Death of Seneca

    i cant wait to see it
  5. Extruding Fimo - anyone do it?

    .. those do work and they work great with air dry clay, you can buy it at walmart, I soften my polymer clay with a pasta maker just put it on a thin setting and roll it out like pasta!  I had some old sculpt that had dried out so I used baby oil to bring it back and the pasta machine (hand crank type you can get that at walmart too for about 20 bucks) remember anything you use for clay you can never use to cook with.
  6. Victorian Dollhous ID

    what a great dollhouse, I want it too :)
  7. Hello from Des Moines IA!

    hello and welcome to the forum, I cant wait to see photos of your project.
  8. Working Shutter Hinges

    now thats something I can use, I didnt know that jewelry hinges existed.  thanks for the tip :)
  9. IMG_3591.JPG

    it's very cute, you did a great renovation on it.
  10. Reviving childhood foursquare

    Hello and Welcome I gave my dollhouse to my neice because I thought I would be spending more time with her but my brother got divorced and my dollhouse went off to his Mother in laws housse and Ive never seen it again. at least you have yours to love again.  Ive been thinking about my old one a lot lately and I think I can probably make a replica (Ive been told I can do anything I want and I believe that now) but Ive got a lot of things on the back burner that I need to finish first and Rich has been complaining about thse house so ive got to clean up a little bit more I have a whole room upstairs thats a family room so Ive got the space it's just filled with dolls that I need to clean and dress. so enough about me.  I hope you get to start working on your house soon I cant wait to see your progress   Hugs Marisa
  11. Spindles

    its beautiful, Ive never seen anything like it
  12. Hello from CA

    Hello and Welcome to the Forum :)
  13. cottage-interior.JPG

    its so cute and tiny, Ive never worked on anything that little
  14. Does anyone know this house

    I agree with everyone else, for 20.00 you cant go too far wrong I'd snap it up too but I dont have anywhere to put it :(
  15. Glenwood

    I was just thinking to myself oh that's sweet of him to let you get the house you want for xmas and then I went to look it up..Holy Crap that costs more than my Car (I had a 2001 Cavalier that I used to tool around in back and forth to Canton 5 days a week. it's one of those cars that wont die but I had problems with the chinese wheel hubs that were installed on it,  in 2014 Rich sold it to a guy in new philly  for 250.00 thats what the guy at moomaw said it was worth in the blue book,it had over 300k miles on it, so now I drive the truck *Rich has 3 a 81, 2001, and a 2007*)  sorry I just got carried away. hopefully you can get a deal on the house.