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  1. Happy Birthday ItzKathyP!

  2. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

    Merry Christmas to All!
  3. New Avatar

    Wolfie, you are cute indeed. :thumb:
  4. New Avatar

    Hi Kabrina & Mary! I like this too!!
  5. New Avatar

    Nice to see you, Jeanne - and April too! :thumb:
  6. Which doll

    I :groucho: Alan Rickman too. Have you seen Bottle Shock? Cool, cool movie. If you want to capture Holly's heart, do a Jeff Goldblum doll...very tall, slim, exotic...
  7. Which doll

    Choices, choices, choices. They're all so magnificent, so expressive. I LOVE Delphine, Molly & Dreads and voted for all 3, but now I realize I forgot Ratcatcher! I doubt there's a doll you could make that I wouldn't want to buy! Now you need to go into 1/2" scale dolls & I'll take a whole handful of them!!
  8. Avatar & Personal Photo Problems

    I logged in & out and see that the picture thing has cleared up, and I'll try Emily's instructions for the full page edit. Thanks, everybody, for all your help!
  9. I've just gotten a new laptop with Windows 7. My old avatar is a dog in a square shape and I'm trying to change it to my Fairfield in a rectangular shape. The new avatar appears in my Control Panel, but my posts still appear with the dog, except that the dog photo has changed shape to rectangular. Similar problem with my Personal Photo. My old photo is of me with my dog and is rectangular. New photo is of me with a short haircut and is square. My profile now shows the pic of me & the dog squared off to the shape of the new picture. Weird. Also, I can make fast replies as always, but when typing on a full edit panel such as this one I have no cursor showing and can only backspace to make corrections. The delete key doesn't work. Are these Windows 7 problems? I also changed from Internet Explorer to Firefox & don't know if that has anything to do with it. Any help you can give me is appreciated.
  10. My Fairfield.jpg

    From the album My Fairfield

    I just love this house. My first attempt at siding & wall shingles. This cost me the use of one hand for a week or so, as the cutting messed up a tendon in my hand, which is really why I'm doing this album tonight instead of continuing with the siding. I think I might take off the partial siding on the first floor windows & do more fishscale shingles there instead. Now I'll have lots of time to look at it & think about it!
  11. Stove

    From the album My Fairfield

    My first ever attempt at making a piece of furniture from scratch. This will be a very modern house inside, and so the stove fits in very well.
  12. Living Room.jpg

    From the album My Fairfield

    The flooring in the dining/living rooms is so beautiful and I should have done it justice by CLEANING IT before I took these pics.
  13. Dining Room Light

    From the album My Fairfield

  14. Dining_Room_Light.JPG

    From the album My Fairfield

    Dining room fixture.
  15. Fireplace

    From the album My Fairfield

    My beautiful fireplace.