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  2. 2009 Spring Fling Contest Results

    Congratulations Everyone!!! :music_band:
  3. Happy Birthday!!

  4. Happy Anniversary Anna and the 24 others!

    Happy Anniversary!
  5. I had a blast looking through the Gallery just now at all the nice Spring Fling pictures! So many creative and fabulous ideas!
  6. In the hospital

    Best wishes on a speedy recovery! ;)
  7. Happy Birthday Debra!

    Happy Birthday!! ;)
  8. Happy Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday Tracy!
  9. Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary Linda!! <_<
  10. Happy Anniversary Tracy!

    Happy Anniversary Tracy!
  11. Rosedale Shingle Pattern (step 1)

    My Rosedale Shingle Pattern Tutorial I tried to mimic the pattern shown on the dollhouse kit box, but mine was modified a little. I should start with the supplies I used. I purchased from DollhousesandMore.com the Diamond Shaped Cedar Shingles. Currently they are priced $19.99 for 1000 pk bag. They were not that much when I bought mine. I did use hot glue. Hot glue is not recommended for building, but I do use it for applying shingles. I glued the shingles right on the roof, I did not use a template of the roof sections in heavy card stock. I painted my shingles black and medium gray. I tried to do the wash, but it wouldn't take on the cedar shingles. There are approximately 370 gray and 330 black shingles on my Rosedale. I believe this pattern works best on the mansard roof.
  12. Rosedale Shingle Pattern (step 2)

    The first step is to determine the center of your roof section. Place your first shingle (in gray) in the center. Then work your way out from each side. For the first row of shingles, I always use the flat ends.
  13. Rosedale Shingle Pattern (step 3)

    The next row (2nd) is done in gray followed by a black row (3rd). The fourth row is also done in black, but bring the tip of your diamond shaped shingle to the center of the second row creating a small diamond shape. (Row 3 will have small diamond shapes)