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    After another break, I just started working on my minis again and I am having so much fun! I am so glad I came back to Greenleaf Forum! :)
    I also play the piano which I taught for years and recently I moved to New Mexico and can't stop taking photographs of this magical place I now call home!

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  1. Pearly bead teapots

    Beautiful!   I love the teapots!!!!   So cute!!!    

    Looks familiar!!   I think this little house was the most challenging thing I've ever done!   Yours is looking great!   I agree,  I like the tile over the white.  Pretty! 
  3. Half Scale Country Farmhouse

    Beautiful!    Love the stone work!  
  4. Half Scale Raggedy Ann and Andy House

    I'm not sure of the theme but I have a half scale RGT Country Farm House kit in the closet that has been calling my name.   I keep thinking I will do another Christmas house but I've already done one in 1:12 scale.   I love Christmas houses!    I've some other ideas bumping around inside my head but haven't decided.  My real house needs attention so I have been trying to focus on that for a while.  Once that box comes out of the closet nothing else gets done around here!  
  5. Half Scale Raggedy Ann and Andy House

    I think when I go back to 1:12 scale its going to seem huge!!!    I have one more 1:24 scale I want to do.   I think I am addicted. 
  6. Half Scale Raggedy Ann and Andy House

    Many was fun to do!  
  7. Half Scale Raggedy Ann and Andy House

    I think I might do roofs like this from now on!   It would save me cramped sore fingers let alone hot glue gun burns!    There wasn't nearly the cursing that usually goes along with my roofing!  
  8. Half Scale Raggedy Ann and Andy House

    Awww thanks so much Sam!    I am just a kid  who likes colorful things!   The more going on the better!  lol   Stay tuned I am hatching ideas for my 3rd half scale!  
  9. Half Scale Raggedy Ann and Andy House

    Thanks!    It was a nice way to use all those old Avon pieces and they did fit nicely into the house.
  10. Half Scale Raggedy Ann and Andy House

    I just couldn't do all those teeny shingles again so I came up with a teeny "cheat" and then I really loved how it looked!  :)
  11. Half Scale Raggedy Ann and Andy House

    I had to make more of my own pieces and pirate others from left over pieces this time its a good thing I had the magnets for some of it.   They are perfect for half scale.   I made those tiny dolls from a bead painted flesh color for the head, a pipe cleaner for the body and even smaller beads for the hands and feet.  The hair is just embroidery floss and the clothes sewn and glued onto the doll from scraps.  Agreed photographing half scale is hard I can't get my hands and the camera into the spaces to get good pictures.   It was fun to do after struggling with my Fairfield it was a nice break.   The Fairfield is my pride and joy I love that little house!   
  12. I finished my half scale Raggedy Ann and Andy house.   If you have a minute, please visit my blog to see the details.  Thank you so much for looking!   I can't seen to operate the albums in the gallery.   Sorry for the inconvenience!    
  13. Hurricane Irma

    Sending out prayers for everyone's safety in this difficult situation.    I hope everyone made it out of the state in time!    God Speed all of you in harms way.   
  14. Help needed for 24 scale stuff

    I make do with hard ware store balsa wood strips for all kinds of trims.  I make or adapt 1:12 scale things sometimes.  I have to invent or make my own materials.   I print a lot of wallpaper and other kinds of décor on my printer.    I don't live anywhere near hobby stores and there isn't a lot online.  I have had some luck on ebay.    
  15. Ceramics

    This set could be southwestern!   Beautiful!