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    After another break, I just started working on my minis again and I am having so much fun! I am so glad I came back to Greenleaf Forum! :)
    I also play the piano which I taught for years and recently I moved to New Mexico and can't stop taking photographs of this magical place I now call home!

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  1. Question of Scale

    I love the half scale but there is a huge market for half scale furniture and accessories!  
  2. LOL Holly!   I would LOVEEE to see this display!  
  3. Question of Scale

    Oh I did see your store Shannon!   I didn't know it was yours but when I get some time and get the glue off my fingers I will go have a look!   Thanks!  
  4. Check this exhibit out!   Wow!
  5. Question of Scale

    Bath and kitchen appliances seem to be the most difficult to find in half scale.  I would paint the plastic also.
  6. Question of Scale

    I checked out your Pinterest pages.  Love love your half scale bungalow!!!!   Nice page!
  7. Question of Scale

    I can vaguely remember having the Marx furniture in one of those 1950's metal dollhouses I had as a kid.   I remember it being very small.
  8. Question of Scale

    Yeah I was just digging around in my junk box and found a plastic form I might be able to use to make an old sink.  I have a stove and an icebox is a rectangle with handles.   
  9. Hi!
    This is Roxy, you made 2 half scale fireplaces for me for my Fairfield Dollhouse.   Still working on the house but the fireplaces are perfect!  
    I was wondering if you would be willing to make some half scale kitchen appliances for me?   I will be making another house in half scale some time in the future ( if I ever get the Fairfield done!) .  I can't find any decent half scale vintage type kitchen appliances.   I will want an old sink top and a icebox.   I could look for photos if you are willing to give it a try.  Thanks   Let me know

  10. Question of Scale

    So are Marx plastic furniture also half scale?    I haven't used any of these scale pieces before but its almost impossible to find half scale kitchen pieces. 
  11. Question of Scale

    Ok thanks!   I thought they might be too chunky also.  
  12. Question of Scale

    What scale are the Calico Critters  animals and furniture accessories?  I've been offered a bunch and was wondering if they were 1:24 scale.  Thanks
  13. Okkkkkkkkkkkk!   That's what I was thinking but how to get them to hang together as they are ( not bent) I couldn't get it to happen!    Thank you! I bow to you Oh Queen of Spackle!  
  14. The one end of the second floor dips down just enough to make attaching the sides impossible.   I guess I will plow on ahead and see if I can get it all together! I need help with the tower roof also.   I can't make the edges come out without gaps no matter how you put them together.  Do you have to bend them to fit the curves of the base?  I don't get it!    
  15. After months, weeks, days, hours I am ready to toss my Fairfield into the trash!   I hope you do better !!     I can not get the second floor straight and the rest of the house is "off" because of it.   I am going to try and force it to behave tomorrow and that is going to be it.  Sorry for the rant~!    I wanted to say that the stairs is really tiny maybe an inch and very persnickety!   Tee hee