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    After another break, I just started working on my minis again and I am having so much fun! I am so glad I came back to Greenleaf Forum! :)
    I also play the piano which I taught for years and recently I moved to New Mexico and can't stop taking photographs of this magical place I now call home!

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  1. New Miniature!

    Yes Kelly we did but she did say in the contract she would refund all but the down payment if the dog was returned to her.  Still waiting...…….
  2. New Miniature!

    At least the breeder says she will refund some of the money.....we've yet to see any.  :(
  3. New Miniature!

    Thanks Deb.   We almost decided not to get a pet at all but I really miss having a fur baby so this one should be coming sometime in October.     
  4. New Miniature!

    So Sad...….   This sweet puppy got sick the first week we had him and he went back to the breeder.  She sold us a sick dog either knowing or not our hearts were broken.   On a brighter note, we have contracted with a different breeder for a Yorkie who was just born about a week ago so we won't have him for a while.  In the mean time, if any of you have Yorkies I could use any and all of the advice you care to share.  I've been doing a lot of reading so as to not have another sick pup. I've been crocheting teeny sweaters and praying that we get a nice healthy little pet.    
  5. New Miniature!

    Yep!   He's a winner.  Thanks!   I found him online from a breeder in New Mexico who breeds the fancy poodles and saw his photo.  I fell in love immediately and nagged Ray until he gave in.  ha!   We both agreed that our home was way too quiet in the last 7 months since our Diesel passed.  It was time.  He is such a calm loving little guy his favorite activity when he's not sleeping, eating, playing or pooping is cuddling on my lap.  He would stay there for hours.   I hope you don't get tired of puppy stories.  There is nothing sweeter than a freshly shampooed poodle pup.  Love Does anyone have a recommendation for safe and gentle puppy shampoo?  We live in the high desert where its extremely dry and our skin and the puppy's skin is dry too.   Ray always washed Diesel with baby shampoo but I have read where even that isn't good for their skin.   Googled a lot of opinions.  
  6. New Miniature!

    I forgot what its like to have a baby to take care    Keeps me very busy but what a sweetheart!    Thanks....I love this little guy!   I think this is the only "mini" I am going to be able to work with for a while.  
  7. New Miniature!

    Hi Everyone!   I have been very busy with a very special new miniature and here he is.   Please meet Patrick, Miniature Poodle (full AKC poodle).  We got him on Saturday.  He's 4 months old, 6 lbs at his Vet visit yesterday.     Its been a lot of fun and a lot of work with this little guy but I am so happy.  I missed having a fur baby since my Diesel passed 7 months ago.  Oh, He was born on St. Patrick's Day hence the name Patrick.    
  8. My Rosy Bungalow by the Sea

    LOL Holly!  You mean I could have just put the door mat in front of the door and wouldn't have had to do 4 months worth of crazy?   ha ha   I like mermaids too.  I couldn't think where I could fit one in but the doormat worked!  
  9. My Rosy Bungalow by the Sea

    Thank you so much!   I am one of those dollhouse makers who creates on a budget, loves to make things from found objects and scraps.  I rely on one of my favorite activities of decoupage also.   My hands are painful so the roof was covered in paper that I printed myself.  Shingles are out of the question at this point. I love shabby!!  I think the house I grew up in was shabby without intending to be.  lol    
  10. My Rosy Bungalow by the Sea

    Thanks!   The theme is kind of a tribute to my Dad and our childhood home out on eastern Long Island (NY).   My dad grew beautiful roses ( 80 bushes or so) and we lived on the beaches of eastern LI.   SO its sort of a personal theme.    
  11. If you would care to check out my Half Scale Bungalow please visit Roxy's Blog  Click here: Roxy's Rosy Bungalow by the Sea   Thanks so much for taking a peek!   I hope your summer has been enjoyable!  
  12. What's everyone working on?

    I hear you Linda!   ha!   That's why my closet is full!   I looked in there yesterday and was surprised how many kits I have stashed in there waiting.  sigh.... So many kits, so little time!     
  13. What's everyone working on?

      LOL  I tried that but the darned door won't stay closed!    I have so many projects planned I will run out of time before I get them all done!    I've also run out of space!
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Thanks KathieB   If it takes me a year so be it!  However,  those other kits in the closet are calling.  lol  
  15. What's everyone working on?

    Still working very slowly on my half scale bungalow.  If I do a little when I can I don't have as much problem with the pain in my hands.  Today I painted and shabbied up a bedroom set.  I feel like I am accomplishing and what's the rush anyway?   Stay Cool!