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    After another break, I just started working on my minis again and I am having so much fun! I am so glad I came back to Greenleaf Forum! :)
    I also play the piano which I taught for years and recently I moved to New Mexico and can't stop taking photographs of this magical place I now call home!

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  1. DHGardenWall1.jpg

    This is magical!   The colors, the idea, the whole project is incredible I love every bit of it!  
  2. Mini Towels

    So,  I was digging around in my fabric stash and found a pile of felt.   I have a rainbow of colors.   I cut strips of felt, folded them and they make perfect towels for my half scale bathroom shelf!    I used 3 colors found in the wallpaper..      
  3. Mini Towels

    Thanks ladies!   I have to stop at our Dollar Store this week for microfiber clothes anyway I shall look for something thin there.   I appreciate all your great suggestions!  :)
  4. Mini Towels

    I was wondering what anyone has used for their mini bathroom towels.   I am working in half scale (1:24) and thought that I could cut up old towels that I have and fold them for the linen shelf.  They are way too thick for this scale.   Ideas??   
  5. What's everyone working on?

    No  but I can't remember where I picked them up.   I don't live anywhere near a Michaels.....I wish!    
  6. What's everyone working on?

    Today I fiddled around with a half scale kitchen hutch.  The dishes are teeny tiny porcelain charms.      
  7. What's everyone working on?

    I 've done the GL Villages at this scale but only the exteriors.   I might have to work my way down to the scale though.  I love this building you are working on. 
  8. What's everyone working on?

    That's probably how I will feel too.   Its hard to get things just so at this know me.....picky picky   lol
  9. What's everyone working on?

    Thanks.  Sorry for the dinky photo I was trying to reduce it enough so this editor would let me upload the photo. I was pleased because I have never reupholstered anything before let alone half scale but I am glad I gave it a try.  My fingers aren't great either lately.  When I go back to 1:12 scale it is going to seem gigantic.
  10. What's everyone working on?

    I reupholstered a couple of half scale pieces today..........gave myself a nice headache but they came out ok I think. I need to neaten up the chair pillows and add some throw pillows or something.  I was going to paint the wood but I think the reddish stain goes well with the room so I let it be.  The chapstick in the picture is for scale.     
  11. rsz_120170730_134953.jpg

    Spooky!    Love it!
  12. Frustrating Gallery

    This is why I put my projects on my own blog site.   I couldn't figure out how to work the gallery at all!  I love seeing the photos in our gallery so maybe a more experienced person than me can give a few instructions on how to do it correctly.  I would love to keep my  photos in the forum also.   
  13. What's everyone working on?

    I've lost count how many houses I have done.  Too many moves!   I have some in boxes that I haven't seen in 5 years plus several more that I gave away or sold.  I am guessing about 50 or more if you count the smaller projects!   Wish I had photos of some of the ones I no longer have.   We might have to add an addition to the house if I build any more!!!   Sorry for all the posts the editor kept stopping when I tried to continue.  
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Been there before many times.   Good luck getting it all in place and the go enjoy!!!   :)