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  1. Whatcha Watchin'?

    Christmas Carol- Muppet version Sound of music 
  2. Minis at Walmart - Mini Brands

    I was thinking the same thought.  
  3. birdcagelight (1).jpg

    So cute
  4. Display boxes

    fish tank, cabinet drawer ( as shadowbox) will work, too. 
  5. My coworker informed me of these-  These might be for American doll size-
  6. Still on Autumn theme

    Very cute. I haven't built that kit yet. 
  7. Still on Autumn theme

    Thank you Holly. I want the entire pumpkin patch.  
  8. Still on Autumn theme

    Thank you guys. I still love working on the entire house, but I have learned that  vignettes can be a lot of fun and way faster to finish.  
  9. Still on Autumn theme

    Hi guys,   I finally made some crates. ( and need to make some wooden round barrels, too) I put a small acrylic cover on the scene and keep it in my closet. Here in Texas, the leaves are just starting to turn.  
  10. How was the Tooth Fairy revealed to you?

    These are so great. You guys rock.  What I learned from this is being a mom is tough. So many decisions and you have to be so creative not to hurt feelings.  Thank you all. 
  11. I didn't grow up here and don't have experience w/ this.    My sister has 2 daughters; When they lose a tooth, my sister has given them money folded in origami animals ( unicorn, turtle, dog....) The older one, age 10,  recently brought up at their dinner, in front of the younger one,  that her friends said the Tooth Fairy is not real.  Their dad said if they don't believe then the Tooth Fairy will not visit them.    My sister is trying to find a nice way of telling her older one and recruit her in  keeping the magic alive for the young daughter.  The older daughter's birthday is coming up.  1. Should this be a topic to be  revealed on her birthday? 2. How was this revealed to you? What would be your suggestion on how this should be handled?     Thanks  for your help, L.
  12. Autumn roombox

    Aw thanks guys. Yes I will have leaves, a tray, a cup of tea, maybe more planter/ pumpkins.  What you see here are currently glued in already.  This is for my mother in law. Her kids' school colors are purple and white. It fits well with the Fall theme.  For the door, it's normal acrylic paint and I did a gray wash on it... The kids are all teenagers now........... I am slow.... :) 
  13. Autumn roombox

    Making progress on this again. I hope to be done by end of next month.  Having trouble w/ my log in info, thus the multiple links.