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  1. Autumn roombox

    Making progress on this again. I hope to be done by end of next month.  Having trouble w/ my log in info, thus the multiple links.
  2. Miniature in magic show - Netflix

    I'll check that out. Thanks Carmen. 
  3. Show: Carbonaro Effect  Episode: 14 Just a Milker  Time: 7 minutes in    You might like Magic for Humans on Netflix as well, under 10 episodes.  
  4. Shapecrete for outdoor mini furniture?

    Glad it's new to you guys, too.  Youtube and Google list a few projects. I think it'd work w/ polymer clay mold but the creations can stay outdoor.  
  5. Have you used this product for mini outdoor projects? $24/ 20 lbs at Home Depot.    ShapeCrete Plays like Clay, Works like Concrete.      
  6. Thank you for the great ideas guys.  Sable, your firepit turns out so cute!  Jodi- Wow, I wish I have skills like yours.  I had fun checking our your blog and especially the Storybook.  Debora, You are always the first to respond to my questions.  I am so grateful.  L. 
  7. Hi guys,   Inspired by the  show Love Your Garden on Youtube,  I am just dreaming away about my 'one day' cottage garden.   If you were to have a miniaturist's theme garden, besides fairy houses/ fairy gardens in the planters,   What would be fun to add to the garden?   There are a few curves so I thought maybe a circle theme might fit.  Tonight's show was an artist's garden and they have a similar outdoor easel added with a planter attached. It was very cute.    
  8. Who did the crazy brick?

    Thanks Jodi.  What skills you have for the same kit!   This was my first bash and the change  was adding the 3rd bay window.  I have no idea how you accomplished the changes you made.   Oh my! 
  9. Who did the crazy brick?

    You guys are awesome! 
  10. Who did the crazy brick?

    Aw!   You are so kind.   
  11. Who did the crazy brick?

    I have a little of it on the Storybook Cottage. I hope you'll find the one you are looking for.
  12. First miniature. Glue advice please

    What a cute first project! Welcome to the mini world, Amanda.   I mainly use wood glue and Aileen tacky glue. Have lots of fun.   
  13. I bought some static grass at a show a while back.  But today I just learned that this tool exists.  Am I the only one?  Time 12:10.
  14. Tree stump in progress- Roofline?

    Thank you guys. I will keep my  mini eyes on when we walk the doggie tomorrow. 
  15. Tree stump in progress- Roofline?

    Oh wow, I didn't realize I had the right roof all along. You guys are awesome. I will give the woodgrain  idea a try since this would be a new test for me.  Thank you for your kind words and suggestions.  To be continued.   L