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  1. First miniature. Glue advice please

    What a cute first project! Welcome to the mini world, Amanda.   I mainly use wood glue and Aileen tacky glue. Have lots of fun.   
  2. I bought some static grass at a show a while back.  But today I just learned that this tool exists.  Am I the only one?  Time 12:10.
  3. Tree stump in progress- Roofline?

    Thank you guys. I will keep my  mini eyes on when we walk the doggie tomorrow. 
  4. Tree stump in progress- Roofline?

    Oh wow, I didn't realize I had the right roof all along. You guys are awesome. I will give the woodgrain  idea a try since this would be a new test for me.  Thank you for your kind words and suggestions.  To be continued.   L
  5. So Sad My Beloved Dog

    My heart goes out to you Roxy. 
  6. I thought my tree stump needed to be more gnarly.  A bit concerned about the end result might not look like what I have in mind.... In the mean time, what do you see as the right roof line for this? Thank you for your suggestions.
  7. Pictures- in progress-

    Thank you guys. The bench is coming back.  Since the tree in the front would need lots of leaves to make it look realistic, I am opting to go with vines instead.     
  8. The Garfield project

    Gina's blog is a great help.
  9. Pictures- in progress-

    Work in progress... Going back and giving this shadow box proper attention... Is it looking better?  Shadow box for my mother in law... What would you name it?
  10. Stumpwork embroidery

    Now I am watching Youtube of how this is done. I love new discoveries ;) 
  11. Stumpwork embroidery

    I haven't heard of stumpwork  embroidery ( 3d )  until today. Have you?
  12. Did Everyone But Me Know About Michael's?

    I didn't know about the discount at Michaels... My brother in law's best friend was a buyer for Michaels for 2 decades. She traveled all over to decide/buy for their inventories. She had lots of fun.  Kroger has the senior discountt and also Free freebie Friday. 
  13. where to buy very fine detail painting brush?

    Thanks everyone. I put the brush on my Christmas wish list for my husband's family to consider.  Karin-  Wow! I'll test that out. Thanks for the great idea. 
  14. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    Barb-  I want a real stump house for my garden, too but  I don't have your wood working stills .  Your stump house is looking fabulous; the knitting is so romantic and cozy. 
  15. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    Sam- Hey we both have the Westville as our first house. Yours rocks! Wow.  I didn't scroll down far enough earlier to study your a big undertaking for the stump houses. All of the nooks and crannies are going to be so cute.    Tracy- Thank you for your kind words.  I am enjoying the pictures from your current Buttercup project,too.