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  1. Did Everyone But Me Know About Michael's?

    I didn't know about the discount at Michaels... My brother in law's best friend was a buyer for Michaels for 2 decades. She traveled all over to decide/buy for their inventories. She had lots of fun.  Kroger has the senior discountt and also Free freebie Friday. 
  2. where to buy very fine detail painting brush?

    Thanks everyone. I put the brush on my Christmas wish list for my husband's family to consider.  Karin-  Wow! I'll test that out. Thanks for the great idea. 
  3. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    Barb-  I want a real stump house for my garden, too but  I don't have your wood working stills .  Your stump house is looking fabulous; the knitting is so romantic and cozy. 
  4. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    Sam- Hey we both have the Westville as our first house. Yours rocks! Wow.  I didn't scroll down far enough earlier to study your a big undertaking for the stump houses. All of the nooks and crannies are going to be so cute.    Tracy- Thank you for your kind words.  I am enjoying the pictures from your current Buttercup project,too.  
  5. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    It made me smile. 
  6. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    I showed this house to my 8 yr old niece who also has an interest in polymer clay.  This is our conversion    niece:  ( after seeing the pictures)  Great job on the stump house. What are you going to put inside the house?  me: That's for the fairy to decorate   niece: Are you going to put little clay or wooden furniture?  What's the fairy going to look like?  ..Is she going to have short hair or long hair?  How many fairies are yo going to put inside the house?  How small are the fairies? I can help make table and chairs.    Niece: I am sorry I am asking so many question as a kid needs to know  
  7. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    Thanks Sam. I like smaller projects now since they don't take as long. So you are the owner of that Westville! Wow I saw that on Google image search.  Lucky you! Westville was my first house.  I didn't see any pictures of the stump houses you are working on. 
  8. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    Thanks guys.  I think empty houses spark imagination of the folks who look at them.  Also, I haven't had success in making furniture this size yet. Maybe one day.  
  9. where to buy very fine detail painting brush?

    Yay- Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.  That handle does look 'out there.'  Will find out. Thanks again. 
  10. I am looking for paiting brush that can do very fine detail, maybe just 1 strand of bristle.   Do you know where I can look?  The smallest one I have is labelled 0/18, but it's quite big in painting stroke.  It has 20 bristles.  I am not sure if this the right way of describing it but I hope it helps. Thanks for any idea.
  11. Pictures- in progress- Tree stump house

    Polymer clay.  Thank you for your kind words.   I couldn't find my batting material for the snow, so this'd do for now.
  12. Started this morning- Hope to finish tonight
  13. Link for printable leaf ?

    1/4 inch in height- mini punch from Punch and Bunch. I plan to paint the paper in various shades and punch them out for them to look natural.  Thank you guys. I made some before but I lost the link.        
  14. Link for printable leaf ?

    Thank you- I forgot to include that I am looking for the leaves with veins and lots of them on one page. I plan to use my tiny leaf punch on them.    Thank you   
  15. Please help me locate the link for printable leaves for plant making.  I searched in Google and here, too, without success. Thank you.  L