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  1. Hello dear friend! Had to pop in and answer a few questions so thought I'd stop by and say 'hi'! Miss you and hope to see you sometime soon! I've been busy with a new job and as you know . . . it's gardening season! Woo Hoo! Hugs, Teresa

  2. Winners 2009 Dollhouse Appreciation Month

    OMG!! What a wonderful surprise! I was up against some tough competition so I really appreciate receiving an 'honorable mention'! Thank you, thank you!! I have the perfect place for that chair . . . in Reginauld's room! He's gonna love it! Wow, the other entries are fabulous! What imaginations and creative talent we have here on the forum. I love everything, but that little lady rolling around in the leaves is a hoot! Well done Anna!! CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and to everyone who entered . . . we had fun didn't we?!! LOL!! Thanks again Tracy and Deb for making the forum a fun place to be!! Hugs!!
  3. Contest Dollhouse Appreciation Month

    OH! You know where there's brownies, chocolate chip cookies and green apple pucker . . . I'm there! I'll put up the decorations. . . you can't have a party without decorations! Woo Hoo!
  4. Time to let go

    Deb, I'm feeling your sorrow, but know you'll be in a much better place! So . . . HOW DID IT GO? WE WANT TO SEE!! BIG HUGS!!
  5. Bathroom door debate . . .

    From the album The Willowcrest

    After months of listening to Madame Riaboushka complain about the lack of privacy to the water closet, I gave in and installed a door for her . . .
  6. Bathroom door . . .

    From the album The Willowcrest

    Here is the door installed and the inevitable mess that comes with it. Installing this door way, way, way after the fact was no easy feat . . . I needed to put some serious muscle into it.
  7. Bathroom door . . .

    From the album The Willowcrest

    The door is finished! I'm very happy with the results . . . it looks so pretty! And as an added bonus, Madame Riaboushka is happy and off my case . . . well for the most part . . . I still have to etch the glass! LOL!
  8. Front of the shop . . .

    From the album Olde Tyme Clock Shoppe

    At Deb's suggestion I added the sundial at the front of the shop. I also added the shrub roses and the two topiaries on either side of the door.
  9. Left side of shop . . .

    From the album Olde Tyme Clock Shoppe

    I added the topiaries on either side of the door and the fountain on the side next to the climbing roses.
  10. Right side of shop . . .

    From the album Olde Tyme Clock Shoppe

    A better view of the sundial and shrub roses. I also added the flowering bulbs along the right side.
  11. Miniature replica of clock shop . . .

    From the album Olde Tyme Clock Shoppe

    This tiny little clock shop was built by Deb as a special gift to Reginauld. Isn't it just the cutest little thing?
  12. What you'll find inside . . .

    From the album Olde Tyme Clock Shoppe

    A one-of-a-kind brass fan clock . . . a gift from Deb.
  13. What you'll find inside . . .

    From the album Olde Tyme Clock Shoppe

    A cuckoo clock from Reutter Porcelain and my favorite! When the house arrived Deb had packaged some special gifts for Reginauld with it. In a little note to Reginauld she described how it was customary to give the new owner of a shop a gift . . . this was her special gift to him. Sorry . . . it's not for sale!
  14. Checking the time . . .

    From the album Olde Tyme Clock Shoppe

    Reginauld is checking the time before opening the shop for the day . . . 9:00 a.m. sharp! Time to open up!
  15. Good Morning!

    From the album Olde Tyme Clock Shoppe