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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Hi Lizard.... have not been here for quite some time. I am doing a nursing degree and as a "mature student" I have to study hard. Have you made a dolls house yet :)

  3. Five generations

    great to see you all getting to spend some time together, especially your mum and her great,great grandaugther! My MIL died un April after speding 10 odd years living with dementia, it's a cruel way to end your days, my thoughts are with you all....
  4. Love the thread.....I work as an Office, only women with 18 men, I joke to people that I have 19 husbands, but only one I live with.....I've been there 5 years and love it! Have helped my husband self build our house (minis are so much easier) worked in offices in different industries for the past 22 years, worked in factories as well, shops, waitressed, was an Avon lady, laid carpet with my Hubby (his job). I'm 40 years old, here in NZ if you want to wait til you get your pension you can retire when you are 65 (25 years away) OMG that long! I'm laughing and hubby just asked what's so funny, I've just told him that I have another 25 years til I can stay at home, he said not likely! My mums 68 and she still works 40+ hours a week, he thinks I should be good for it to! I have news for him and it's all bad.....WANTED CONTRACT KILLER FOR A LITTLE JOB
  5. really , really angry with DH

    In New Zealand you can murder someone and life here is between 7 & 14 years not life like the US! there is a saying here that marriage is for life, you only do 7 for murder LOL! I'm glad to hear your son has helped by gluing your doll back together (not that she's the same as she was). Maybe she can be a "disabled" aunt with her arm in a sling or something.....I'm sure she will be happy with lots of new friends coming to live with her! As for the hubby, work our what you can make with the lathe and drillpress and start mini-ing with them! If you can't bet them use them!
  6. Home Improvement saga

    A word of advice, no matter who you go with, make sure you are on site when they are there, we have self built and remodeled several houses (tha's where we employed the subcontractors and we ovesaw their work, we have one more to build and I'm not looking forward to it). Work was always done better, faster, without cost over runs when we where on site, go away and all hell breaks loose (more stories than time to type). Find out what the job involves and what they intend to do in a day, (ask for a timeline for the job) that way you can see what is being done, and be sure that they are making headway. (Not going off to finish or start something else, the minute you leave the house) As well as being aware of any problems as they happen, not a "by the way" at the end of the job, with a bill for extras that you can not argue as you are not sure what has or has not gone on. Also make the contractor moring tea, coffee at lunch time etc, not only does it goes a long way, it means that they do not spend 1/2 an hour making coffee! (and your paying them for it). Also offer to tidy up at the end of the day, as here they finish 1/2 an hour before home time to clean up, and I can sweep up sawdust as good as a builder only cheaper! Good luck, and let us know how you get on.
  7. Why is it you put 15 women in a classroom

    I'd do this even if it is to formalize the fact that the bullying is going on...worst comes to worst and you fail a paper, they may give you a resit based on what has happened. :lol: Over there is there some sort of final check on nurses before they are allowed to join the nurses association (and get a job)? Over here there are rules, and I believe that there are police checks that need to be passed, maybe she knows that being married to her hubby means she can not practice? And she has not admitted it to the course (just guessing at this stage). As someone else said, Nurses eat their own, so do office workers, shop assistances, and everone else. Unless you are lucky enough to work soley with men (I work with 18 of them), the bitchness goes on, I have alway been a "nerd" so the crap is a bit like water off a ducks back, but it's hard to get to that stage without going slighty mad first! B) Let us know how you get on....
  8. I need a cover letter ....................

    Hi, Do you have a copy of the last one you wrote, when I apply for jobs, I have a standard one that I just adapt for the job applied for, same with my CV, some times what's important in one job is not important in another... Also a tip I was given was instead of listing skills by job (you know where you say you worked at x place and did this and that) to have a page headed up Skills aquired, and then list all the things you can do, one after another down the page, I went one step further and grouped the skills with headings, like Computer programmes used, Office Skills, People Skills, Office procedures that I can do.... We an employer has a CV's coming out their ears, anything you can do to make yours easiler to read, and understand (and get the info they want) Can make the drifference between getting an interview and not. My current employer, got me to send rejection letters to the people who did not get the job I am currently in....They fell into several catorgories: Those that did not send a CV/cover letter together. Those that did not follow instructions in the paper advert. (He saw this as very important as if they could not follow direction to start with, why employ them). Those that did not convey a willingness to want to work at our business (in the cover letter). Those that where too hard to understand/too much info. (He said that he did not have time to read all the history of all the people so if the heading of jobs/business did not match what our business does, he did not go any further, with their application). Those that matched got fully read. Then split into thoses that had all the skills, most the skills, some of the skills etc From these he rung 15 people to ask if they would be interested in an interview (from 80 applications) the graded them on the phonecall, the way they answered, the abilty to make a decision on the phone etc... At the interview there was the usual questions, answers etc, In the end one of the reasons I got the job, was because he knew I was the only one who had looked up the company website. This he knew because I complained that it was not under the company name as the domain had been brougth by someone else, and only someone who looked it up would know that....Tricks of the trade? I have been in my current position 5.5 years and do still write the letters to staff who do not get the jobs. One question that is asked in interviews now is DID you complete your own CV. Reason is a CV can look areally good, but the person appling for the typing/recepition did not do it! Maybe give us a sample of a letter and we could give you some suggestions? Goog luck!
  9. 4/26/08 Going Broke?

    I'm not sure but I think there are 3.78 litres in a gallon? our petrol is NZ $1.89 a litre...a NZ dollar buys US.77 cents at the moment, so 1.89 = 1.47 US..3.78x1.47 = 5.56 US per gallon... There is a saying there is always someone worst off than yourself... Our food has gone up 28% in the last year, our intrest rates on houses is about 9-10% We are waiting for the downturn to start, if you ask me it's already here....... We are luckier than most, only because we did not party up when we where younger......sometimes being a bit boaring has it's just takes a while to be a reward LOL. Lots of people are putting in vegie gardens, and the mags here are showing how to bake! I always have but it's suprising to see how to make scones for beginners, and blind stich lace on to a plain tea towel to give as a present,and that is in the HOUSE AND GARDEN a real snob mag.....(I buy it for the pictures of the nice houses). I think that things will start to be more home based, and hobbies will start to be in fashion again, watch out mini's.... The reason I say that is that if people are staying home, not out spending money at pubs, bars and cafes, they will need to do something with their hands...and people will start to get back to basis. Well that's how I see it.
  10. Mean Dog Catcher

    I feel reall sorry for you, mainly for the fact that your neighbour was happy to put the dog back and take responsibility........ I have a miniture horse, who can get out of a paddock, walk around a corner thru another paddock and then 100 yards to the main road! with out letting out his 5 paddock mates... Last time it cost me $200.00. Funny thing is where I live there is only one person home during the day, and the council has to receive a complaint to travel that far from the city, Yet the reasoning that someone must of let him out, does not wash with the pound guy, and the fine stands....I now have locks on my internal gates, a real pain when you go one paddock to another, but it's the only way....I always smile at the person who rang, and hope that the zap from the electic fence will be enough to keep them off my prpoerty!
  11. Very nice, have glanced it 'cover to cover' have to go to work now, so will have to really read it when I get home. 8 hours can be so long!
  12. hi, another kiwi, there are nit many of us here, welcome!

  13. Alls well, To everyone having problems, Dean and his wonderful team have fixed all prpblems at their end. (my invoice was for 108.03, only got charged 22.) My country had to go in as Europe, and I'm in the south pacific, not a problem to them! Can't wait....wonder how long at this end customs will hold up the order? so much for Boarder control, they should reaslise that this is a life and death suitation and just let it thru!
  14. Hi, in the end I just put my order thru (with a total of 108.03 on it). With the hope (knowledge) that Dean and his team will fix it up before charging me! But in saying that I could not get the fling thing to work even when I cut and pasted it, but them the breaks, hopefully Dean (broad shoulders that man) will see me right.
  15. I've just sort of ordered my kit, New Zealand does not appear on the list so I had to say I lived in Australia, but these things are sent to try us. Can't wait it will be my first Greenleaf kit!!!!!! 1 kit so many ideas....