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  1. Stump fairy house, lighting and stairs

    Very interesting ladder arrangement in the first picture. I've not seen one quite like that before. I really like that. As to your wiring, if you are having a chimney and fireplace, much of the wiring and battery packs could be hidden within that structure especially if you are having a second floor with an additional fireplace. A stove or fireplace could accommodate lamps on the mantle/shelf or beside them quite easily. Running a wire from there around the floor towards the front of the house could be hidden in some mopboards made from a flexible card or mount board and then up behind doorcasings for exterior front carriage lamps.
  2. Stump Fairy house, base

    How nice that you are keeping to the history of the farm. Planting trees is always a great thing, imo. Repurposing the branches is a wonderful idea. Keeping the country in the country is a great thing to be part of. That is not to say that I don't enjoy a trip to the city for some of their amenities now and then. But I'm a country gal to the core! I love old farmhouses and barns. So many are neglected and falling into disrepair as the urban landscape creeps ever onward. There is a lovely little children's book called "The Little House" by Virginia Lee Burton. (author of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and Katy and the Big Snow and others). The poor little country house is overtaken by the city and forgotten. Then her ancestors come back and rescue her. Worth the read, imo.
  3. Just in case anyone is interested in the original RL design of shiplap, I've tried to make an illustration. Some folks call any wide horizontal or vertical boards shiplap but it's likely not true shiplap. I have lots of regular boards on the walls that are up to 20" wide (horizontal placements). None of those are shiplap, just wonderful wide old wood. Some of that is painted and some not. As to floor boards, I have them anywhere from 4" to 20" all in the same room. Some upstairs floors were painted which we have sanded down and sealed. I even have salvaged some very wide boards that were exterior underlayment that look like trees. They are curvy and still have the bark on them. But back to the shiplap. As an exterior application it was cut to lap over the next board in order to shed water. In the illustration they would be horizontally placed. The Red would be a piece that overlapped the top edge of the blue piece. Each piece was cut that way - not tongue and groove. I had a huge go round with a builder over that one time when we were doing a repair. He had brought modern tongue and groove wood as replacement wood and tried to pass it off as shiplap. Boy was he surprised that his customer wasn't stupid!!  
  4. What are you up to today? This week?

    Congratulations on making there with all your belongings. Can't wait to see some pictures of your new place. I'll bet it's wonderful! You should have no need for a strict timetable now that you are all in one place. Take it a a reasonable pace so you don't end up doing things twice. I find if I hurry scurry through those kinds of situations, I end up re-doing things that I didn't take time to really think through the first time around. All that said, I'll bet, because you are very organized, that you have floorplans already drawn up for each room in your new place.    
  5. Interesting question I've never thought about. I have shiplap going both ways in the same RL house. I have no modern day paneling at all. My house is an old (c.1850) house and parts of the shiplap are vertical and parts of it are horizontal. Proportionately there is more of it that is horizontal. I guess I've never really "looked" at before with an eye for the correctness. I've lived here for many, many, many years and never paid any mind to that. Weird. Mine is not painted. It has varnish type finish on it.
  6. Need your prayers if you are that way inclined

    Adding my thoughts and prayers for you and yours. Good advice - to keep your family close while you have the opportunity. We just never know what's in store around the next bend.
  7. What are you up to today? This week?

    Your whole family is under so much stress right now. We've had that walk before and I know how scary and stressful it is. Find comfort in the things that you love and pop on here to keep us in the loop if you have the time. Glad to lift you up in prayer. We all need each other.
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    Prayers said and hugs sent. I cannot imagine how difficult this all is for you. You are a very strong person deep inside and you will make it through. Let others share the load with you to ease the pain. Shared pain is always lightened by the link with others .  
  9. Flower punches

    Great system of how orderly you have it all sorted and stored. Your tutorials are great. Thanks for sharing. And please give your sweet assistant (and twin) some pats from us. What killer eyes! How could you ever say "no" to those.
  10. Oh sometimes you get that :dam it feeling

    Truth be told the GF is waiting, not so patiently, for it all her individual house parts to be dressed up. They are living on separate shelves in my studio waiting ...  Somewhere I have a picture of them from around 2008 all in place in their UNfinished glory. I'll have to see if I can find it. I tend to take things back apart and store them flat until I'm ready to actually finish them. My DH doesn't like any of my hobbies to "clutter" up the house so they have to live in my woodshop, studio or sewing room.
  11. Oh sometimes you get that :dam it feeling

    Well, if display space was available to me this is what you'd find for my Garfield. My GF is part of my Family Mansion project. In addition to the GF as the base, it has 2 Primroses, a Conservatory, and an Orchid all designed to slide together as one unit. It also has 2 outbuildings, both were GL contest kits. In my world one is a motorcycle repair shop and the other is a large barn complex (my tornado entry) What I've dreamed of figuring out was a way to complete the GF layout to go from L shaped to square-ish one. It seems as though an additional rectangular section (and possibly another tower section) could be built to fit into the empty L area, perhaps hinged. It could provide 2 bedrooms on the 2nd floor. (I already pushed my bathroom wall back and created a hallway to the far right bedroom). A lovely music room, larger dining room or library could live on the 1st fl. Roof lines would be the very complicated thing to work out.
  12. Garfield Mansion

    Dutch, those steps seem to look too small for the opening if I'm looking at it correctly. Seems like mine go all the way over to the left edge which is where the square end goes. Maybe check the sheet and see if there are two other similar pieces but just a little longer. I had put a picture from the bottom of mine in your other Garfield mansion thread.
  13. Garfield Mansion

    Sorry not to get back to you sooner. I had to work late and then take the kiddos to get their entries in at our little county fair. Just got back home. I tried to take a picture of the under of that area by lifting up the house. Not sure they show much that is very helpful. I remember that the step pieces were on another sheet quite a ways from the foundation pieces. I hunted for my schematics and instructions and miraculously found them. It looks like those pieces are on sheet 11. I think the word laminate, as it's used here, just means to glue one over the other.  The arrow with 12 on it is that sideways foundation piece from the sheet of foundation pieces. The other two arrows (and my finger and the dowel) are where the stair edges are. It was so hard to get a decent picture since the house is so heavy. I slid my phone in underneath and tried my best. Probably haven't truly answered your question yet but maybe we will get there. You might try private messaging some of the other members who have built a Garfield before to see if they might have a better explanation. I know Creamcheese and madtex1967 both did very lovely Garfields.  
  14. Garfield Mansion

    It's been a long time since I did that part. If I remember correctly, I turned it all upside down to assemble them. I'm a great one to do things backwards or inside out. Sometimes it helps me, no joking, it really does. I'm not at home right now so I can't look further today but I'll check it tomorrow and see if I can post another picture for you.
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    You are not alone. So many of the long time artisans are closing up shops and passing on. It's hard to watch and even harder to wonder where our treasures will go when the time comes. I have no one to pass things on to at this point. Maybe someone will come along eventually but I kind of doubt it. I hope there are many new artists waiting in the wings to keep the fires burning.