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  1. Bug In My Kit?!

    Yikes!! I'd get rid of the whole deal asap. I'd be petrified it would infest my home. Potentially finding bugs in an online purchase is one of my biggest fears. It stops me from ordering a lot of things. Good money saving fear for me.
  2. Greenhouse-The_Mystic_4.jpg

    Such a great collection of crockery. Hard to find authentic looking pieces. Congrats
  3. 5a0bbd9494db7-Christmasvignette4.jpg

    Adorable. Inspiring me to test the crafting waters again with a smaller idea like this. Thanks.
  4. Are You On Pinterest?

    I have an acct. I use it only for organizing references. All my folders are locked so I don't get all the interactive side of things. For example I have folders for Doors, Windows, Tudor, Castles, Landscape, Floor and Houseplans, etc. These are primarily RL ones not minis. When I'm trying to create something mini or a craft I only need to look at my own folder and not spend extra time searching. It can be a deep rabbit hole if not used wisely. I peruse it to add items only when I have problems sleeping.
  5. Columbus Miniature Show

    I found it about half way down on the light colored right hand column with other events listed. Nov 18, 10 AM - 4 PM
  6. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thanks for taking time to update us all. Safe travels.
  7. Emerson Row Stairs

    Absolutely! I've always dreamed of living in a old creaky place with towers and dungeons, with secret passages, opening bookcases and hidden staircases. In this same build I mentioned above, he had it have the ability to "generate" fresh air, electricity, grow food, etc, complete survival underground, undetected. He made a section of the ground above open and slant down to drive tanks, vehicles, small planes, etc. in and out. The opening completely disappeared when closed. He was a pretty inventive kiddo. Fun build.
  8. Emerson Row Stairs

    One of my kiddos built a military compound. The main floor was the "regular" house and the secret areas were in a huge underground shelter. He installed an access trap door and drop down chain ladder inside the kitchen broom closet. He also had a pull up ladder to a secret upstairs room.
  9. 114th Scale Beacon Hill Dollhouse kits?

    Northeastern Scale Lumber is still in business. Only their partner model business closed. Virtual Dollhouse the Store purchased the remaining stock and sells an assortment of smaller scales.
  10. Santa Rosa Fire

    Thanks for the update. Dealing with bureaucracy is always a nightmare. Please send her my regards.
  11. Needle felting

    These are wonderful. You seem to light up whatever you lay your hands to. Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to show them to Twinkle. She's taken it up as well. She won an award for a 3D kitten that she did.
  12. The original poison book version

    So cool. Love the story potential of intrigue, deception and secrecy that comes with a "book" like this.
  13. Santa Rosa Fire

    I've been wondering about Monica as well. Hope she has found housing and getting the help she needs.
  14. What's everyone working on?

    It all looks great and sounds like you are ready for crafting! I have a older version of the Cameo. Just wanted to mention there is a fairly sterp learning curve with the electronic cutting machines. I strongly advise watching lots of tutorials and reading up on some of the blogs that are featured with the design artists. There are quite a few Q+A articles as well. When you start using it, create lots of simple things first and just fool around with different paper weights, textures, cloth, felt, etc. til you get a feel for it. That's rather than beginning with a complicated design, one of a kind $$ paper and a time crunch like I did. I was ready to throw the entire thing under a passing trailer truck. I'm famous for making things 10 times harder than they need to be. You'll love it and continue to find new uses as you experiment more and more. Good luck and congrats!!
  15. What are you up to today? This week?

    When I was having my knees replaced I had my plumber help me with adding grab bars. We looked @ many options like ones on a pole that attach to the floor + ceiling and are adjustable, also ones that need a stud to atach to and then the suction kind. I was very leary of the suction kind but that is what I ended up with and have been very pleased with them. Granted the plumber got them thru his supply house and did the set up so it was not me going to the dollar store or Walmart and doing it myself. I'm sure the quality was much higher. They have never come loose and that's with many kiddos playing around with them as well as me using them.