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  1. The wonder of our GL forum

    Just want to point out something wonderful. Recently I asked a GL member if they had some schematics and building instructions. They were willing to share but did not have them anymore. It was a very nice conversation between members.  Now here's the next wonderful part ... Within hours, I had an offer from someone else and just now, I rec'vd a second offer to share the plans. This community has a value far above the technical advice and ideas we share. There is an underlying sense of camaraderie and caring for one another that is not found anywhere else that I've been part of thus far.  Thanks to one and all for creating such a great place.  Please share your great experiences as well. 
  2. Dura Craft Heritage/Victorian

    No problem. I seem to have lost mine. Just questioning myself on something I hadn't finished. Thanks. 
  3. Dura Craft Heritage/Victorian

    Do you have the schematics and the building instructions with this kit? 
  4. happy Independnce Day

    Happy Fourth of July! Here is a news clip of a man who created a working miniature fireworks display Amazing details. Definitely NOT for children to play with !!
  5. scroll saw

    I have a Proxxon scroll saw. They make quality products, imo. There is a large learning curve with scrolling. I've not yet mastered the things I had truly hoped to do. I also have a very, very old full size band saw which I frequently use. It doesn't do all the fancier scrolly things, of course, but I love it.
  6. Brick foundation

    Looks great! Do you use regular wood glue to adhere the egg carton to the builder's foam?
  7. Gothic Victorian

    Missed this when you first posted it. It's gorgeous. You have such great taste in architecture and design. 
  8. It's looking great Kathie. Running experiments can be a lot of fun. Often you end up with additional ideas for other projects. 
  9. Hi!

    So true! They are little Sirens.  
  10. Time Out

    Hope you are doing better and each day brings new healing. Hope you'll be back soon. We all miss you Mike!!
  11. Happy

    I've been here as a member 9 1/2 yrs (January 4, 2008) but was a lurker for a long while before that. I agree. This is the best place for learning new things, bouncing ideas off others, enabling each other, just chilling out, giving and receiving moral support, enjoying each others successes and holding each others hands during tough times and so much more. Thanks Dean (aka MiniMan and owner), Greenleaf staff, admins and all those that make this work for our benefit and enjoyment.
  12. Taking the mystery out of punchneedle rugs

    Thanks for a great tutorial Karin. It's so nice when there are lots of pictures. I'm sure that took a lot of time and patience. I've dabbled with this in the past but never had great success. Maybe I'll give it another whirl now that I have pictures to follow.
  13. Time Out

    Adding my thoughts and prayers to the others. Hope this side trip passes quickly and you are back to building asap. It's not fair that such a gifted and great person as you should have to keep fighting with this. Thanks for leaving your legacy here for everyone.
  14. San Franciscan 550 - removing a wall?

    If you mean the wall with the arrow above, I'd say yes you can remove it. You may have to add a support beam to finish the end where you cut your angle. You could also close the top off completely with a piece to act as a ceiling board after you cut off the angled piece out. I'd want it open if it was me but that's a personal choice.
  15. Circle library, back liners and mirror

    Looks fabulous. I've been following your blog and am quite enthralled with this build. I used that base kit once and created an outdoor upper deck area. Perhaps Gustav might need a quiet private spot to sip his drink on a warm summer evening. Possibly his miniature windmill build could be part of a lovely outdoor garden.