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  1. Hi Jeff,


  2. Hi from a first timer

    I like the golden mean theory but I am very interested in your grandmother's friends house. My wife put forth a theory that older houses could have been built like that for real. I have done a lot of architecture and have never come across any mention of this. I will have to do more research before I draw up my plans. It is funny most build packs for historic houses don't include ceiling height. Thank you so much for this at least now I know I'm not hutting for ghost. I will post when I find something definitive. ps. my wife loves that she was right about this. lol
  3. Hi from a first timer

    Yes, was teaching in technology at Appstate I now do faculty development there. I wouldn't be impressed until I actually build the house even then the jury is still out :lol: .
  4. Hi from a first timer

    Hi Sherr Glad to meet someone from NC here. I can already see that I am going to obsess on realism. Would love to see pictures of your house. What experience did you have before starting? I think mine will be 3 stories but maybe wider than an original BH. I do have to keep the size reasonable since I will have to take it to Louisiana for my niece. My wife is laughing at this post because she can see me going down the same path with this. I do tend to get carried away with projects. LOL Along this same line does anyone know if there is a reason that rooms tend to get shorter in upper stories. Form what I can see in picture here the BH is 12 feet first floor, 10 feet second floor, and 8 feet on top. Is this done to give an illusion of scale hight. Bonsai trees are done with something similar to give the feeling of great hight.
  5. Hi from a first timer

    Hi Shy Spirit Yes I am starting from scratch. I am trying to decide between MDF and baltic birch plywood for the body. I know I want to use 3/8, since it works out to 4.5 inches in scale, for the walls. The kits seam to use 1/4 inch which looks wrong to me. I plan on 1/2 inch for the floors to be 6inch. Thats a little thiner that real floor joist but I have found a few examples of Victorian houses using 2*6 inch floor joist. That still makes 1/2 inch a little thin but it should be ok. Of course after looking at some of the incredible houses here I could be like the weekend hiker that says he is going to climb Mt Everest. Even if my first house doesn't work out it will be fun. I can always try a kit latter. I would like to add everyone here is so nice and the gallery's are incredible. Thanks to everyone, Jeff Church
  6. Hi from a first timer

    Hoping to do one from scratch.
  7. Hi from a first timer

    Hi everyone I found this site when searching for information on the Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse. I have never built a dollhouse before so am very excited to try it. I have taught Jewelery, woodworking, and tool and die work at a university in North Carolina. So have some experience working with my hands. I plan to build my first house from scratch so have lots of questions. I have already learned a lot reading the forums here. The house is for my 4 and a half year old niece. It will be her first dollhouse. She picked the Greenleaf Beacon Hill Dollhouse out from pictures. My target date is Christmas 08. I will do my best to post pictures as I start building.
  8. Thanks I will try to do the new member post very soon.