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  1. Hello from Québec

    Hi Nicole It's nice to see someone else from Quebec on here...where are you in Quebec, I am in Trois Rivieres. There are not too many of us around doing it here except a few in Montreal. Welcome to the'll spend lots of time looking at everything on here.
  2. Congrats Michelle ... I'm with Izzy...go pink!!!
  3. Update on my treatment

    My best wishes for you and as you can see just from the previous posts, their is a positive side that you must put your energy into. It sounds like you are in good hands with the doctor you have.
  4. Congrats Minijunkie and have fun building!!!! I'm in and can't wait until Tuesday!
  6. Well, just turning off the puter for the night, I searched one last time and found it. However, as I'm not interested in winning them, I didn't register my name there just so the ones who are interested have one last name in the hat. Good Luck Everyone
  7. Let it be whining, giving up or any other adjective but 2 hours later still searching, that's enough for me. Good Luck Everyone who is able to find the goodies. I'm gonna go back and play with my mini's for the night.
  8. Greg....been there and done that already!!
  9. Biopsy Results

    Be happy they caught it early and it is treatable. It may be extremely hard for you to take it all in right now, but try to take the positive approach. Positives always knocks out the negatives.
  10. New colors etc

    Colours are great...a nice warm comfy place!!!
  11. Fall Tree

    Brought a smile to my face...great job!!!
  12. 7/27/07 Water

    With all the boil water warnings around here it's bottled only. Let alone the fact that you always have to clean out your screens on the taps because they get clogged with unknown little objects trying to get out!
  13. 4/19/07 What's Your Favorite Flower?

    bouganvillia, clematis and gladiola