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  1. Aging Brick

    I aged the bricks on a resin fireplace finished in plain, very brown brick. I dabbed on 2 shades of brownish craft paint with a stipple brush. One was raw sienna, I think the other was iron oxide. Then I used a blend of off white and a creamy light brown color and applied that lightly with a smaller stipple brush, rubbing it in with my finger till I got the look I wanted. I can't seem to upload a picture, so here's a link to it.  You probably don't need to prime the latex sheet. I'm pretty sure I recall seeing posts at times by people who've retouched acrylic sheet bricks and floors, etc. so they'd look more realistic.
  2. Tutorial on resizing pictures for printing

    Don't know about Chromebook, but in my experience, many of the basic photo editing programs don't seem to be capable of resizing.  I ought to refine that - by resizing, I don't mean cropping, I mean changing the size of the picture while keeping the picture intact. Instead of a big photo, you're just making it smaller.
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    My husband bought himself a new desktop computer the other day and he always has me set things up on them because he's too lazy to bother with it himself. With his first computer he was totally into DOS and all that, and I was the one who didn't know anything about computers, now it's the other way around and he has to ask me how to do everything on it. Anyway, once we got everything going, I was surprised to see that the desktop background I had devised myself and put on the old pc, was now on the new pc - all by itself. Microsoft knew my background wallpaper and put it on the new computer. Although this was handy, it still bothers me.
  4. Tutorial on resizing pictures for printing

    If you're on a pc, you should have a built in Windows program called Paint. Newer computers have Paint 3D, which is a different program. If you don't see Paint on your Windows pc, use the search box to find it. Microsoft writes that it's still on there as an app. The icon looks like an artist's pallette. Once you've opened it, and selected the picture you want to resize, you'll notice resize in the program toolbar - up on top. Click on it and a small window will open allowing you to elect to resize the picture either by % or pixels. I always use pixels, myself. I hope this is the info you were looking for.
  5. Package Delivery -- in What Universe?

    Two or three times I've received emails from Amazon reporting that the post office said the carrier couldn't gain access to my building to deliver the package. ?????? I live in a house in a quiet  suburban type little neighborhood, with an average length driveway, no dogs, 2 houses down from the comunal mailboxes. I know for a fact that one of those times the mail carrier just failed to stop at my house, because I had seen him zipping by in his little mail truck.  I did contact Amazon on one of those occassions and spoke to a representative about it. I figured they should know, as poor delivery service gives them a black eye, even if it wasn't their fault. Another point about shipping of products purchased on Amazon, some of that stuff isn't shipped by them, but by individual companies or persons. I've bought things on Ebay and when they arrived, they were in Amazon's packaging. Some sellers list on both sites.
  6. Dollhouses on TV and Movies

    Just came back from seeing Knives Out with my son. We both enjoyed it, and several times I noticed a large dollhouse in the living room. There's a picture of it in the background in the House Beautiful website,
  7. Thanksgiving Dinner

    The York Harbor Inn Cellar Pub
  8. Thanksgiving Dinner

    We went out to eat in a restaurant built to look like the inside of an old wooden boat. I chose to go with the traditional turkey accompanied by delicious cranberry and pumpkin breads and 2 big glasses of a very tasty sangria. I tried to attach a picture, but I can't seem to be able to at this time. It's a really cute cellar pub.
  9. what's missing from this little bedroom?

    A teenager? A little girl? A grown woman with a thing for llamas? In the town down the road someone kept llamas in their back yard during the summertime, then sent them somewhere to overwinter. Maybe they kept big stuffed llamas in the house because they missed having them around in January? You never know. It's a funny ole world. Clothes, dolls, stuffed animals (other than llamas) a llama coloring book & crayons, shoes, hats on a hatrack, an open board game, a  handbag, a tote bag, a poncho, a snack , an unfinished lunch (one of my kids once stashed a half eaten taco in his toy box), a pile of clean laundry on the bed - that's all I got.
  10. what's missing from this little bedroom?

    An important question is, who lives here? That way it's easier to figure out what else should go into the room. 
  11. I inch minis by Kris

    I just checked her blog, looks like she's going to leave everything up. She did fine work and it's much appreciated.
  12. AC Moore closing all its stores

    Me too! AC Moore had what I wanted more often than Michaels did.
  13. I was going to check for the new ACMoore coupon and discovered to my horror that they are closing all their stores and have discontinued their online store, their parent company is getting out of retail.
  14. IMG_3174.JPG

    From the album 1:24 scale house

  15. Main room and second floor bedroom

    From the album 1:24 scale house

    There are 3 rooms. The main roof hasn't been attached yet, so I can't roof the addition yet either.