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  1. Newbie from TN

    Hi Pat, You are in the right place. Everyone here is so wonderful and they have been a lifesaver for me on more than one occasion. I am going to start an orchid too so we can build together. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  2. Holly you are so right. My life is filled with learning experiences. Although misadventures sounds like more fun. :groucho:
  3. Hi Morgan, it is very nice to meet you too. I have lots of misadventures so you should be pleasantly entertained.
  4. Hehehe well the stores are long gone but I posted the old gals photos in the new gallery.
  5. Well thanks. I am doing great and cancer free. My female plumbing did not fare quite as well. LOL Childbirth is over rated anyway. ;) I went to storage today and got my orchid. I am looking at the box like a little kid....fingers itching to open it. I told myself I had to finish my other projects first. Like that is gonna happen. I bet dollars to donuts I am in that baby tonight.
  6. The Aero Squadron Lounge - front view

    I am in awe. The perfection in this build is mind boggling.
  7. the front exterior

    I am in love with the concept and the finished project.
  8. IMG 2008

    From the little gallery picture, I thought this was an actual photo.
  9. Spring Fling 2012

    Ok I want to move in and start being creative. Super cute.
  10. Monticello

  11. Here I am again.....

    I had to do a triple take on this one. Nutti you look fan-freakin-tabalous!!!
  12. Thanks everyone. How could I even think about being away from such wonderful people?
  13. Ohh I am so sorry. They are beautiful houses and if I had the room to build them I would snatch them up. Looks like you have some bids already! That is great. If you have any smaller houses you want to sell let me know ;) (living in an RV limits my construction space.)
  14. Hi everyone, Old newbie coming back to the forum with my tail between my legs so to speak. I made an Annabelle about 6 years ago and had great intentions of doing many more. Well, life seemed to have other plans for me. In the eon between then and now I have had cervical cancer, moved twice, become a grandma (second one is on the way) and lost 150 lbs. (LOL that information is for those of you who knew me when) I now find myself in Wyoming with a husband who works in the oil industry. Great pay and benefits but he is gone for two weeks and home for one. I guess you could say I am retired at 41 and I now have lots of time on my hands. You don't have to guess what I am going to start working on. hehehehe Anyway, long story short, I am a stay at home dog mom with way too many interests and ADD. Never a good combination. I am going to try to get some of the kits out of storage in the next few days and let the games begin. If you have any questions about me or simply want to be nosy just ask. I am pretty much an open book. Thanks,
  15. 11/03/05 Where Are You??

    Hehehe This thread made me giggle. I wish I had seen the map, but alas it seems I am too late. <_< So, I am now officially in Buffalo Wyoming.