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  1. Snail mail

    It came from Delaware, so I doubt Katrina had much to do with it.... but that's an idea I had not considered.
  2. Snail mail

    I thought I knew what slow shipping was.... until today. My postlady just delivered a package that I had ordered from eBay. I had already reported it missing, and the items had beeen replaced. Not unusual, you say? It was postmarked 07/25/2005! :yikes: The items had been replaced over a year ago! It was in PERFECT condition, the address was printed out and very legible. So where do you s'pose my package has been for the last year and a half? :yikes: B)
  3. Need to Vent

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Peggi))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))) I'll put the tea kettle on for you.......
  4. 11/6/06 What other Hobbies Do You Have?

    First of all, it's intersting reading about everyone else's interests! As far as my other hobbies - I am a Nationally Certified Master Knitter, and a retired member of the Midwest Professional Needle Artists. I enjoy and have taught every form of needle art/work that I have ever run across. I especially like figuring out ancient needle arts that no one seems to be doing any more and reproducing ancient clothing from pics. I like to spin my own yarn and experiment with different fibers. I also teach regular sewing and tailoring. My best friend and I own a sewing business for equestrian competitors and their mounts. We make English Riding Suits, Arabian costumes, driving suits, etc. I also like charcoal sketching, water colors, oil painting, sculpting, restoring antiques, vegetarian cooking, baking, and reading Celtic history and mysteries. I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and 3 Siamese cats, which I breed - the Siamese, not the Corgi with the Siamese In addition to the dollhouses I collect Barbies and Irish dolls, and I enjoy making and dressing dolls. I like to design and make earrings and pendants, as well as polishing my own stones. (Ex was a lapidary) I used to make candles and soaps, but haven't done that for several years. And in my spare time..... Carol