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  1. Seeking a book

    Fantastic! Did she sign it?
  2. Retro sink advice

    Hey! You have the sink to my stove and fridge! LOL I pulled the little knobs out and repainted both of these. One of these days I guess I have to sand them. By the way, have you thought about putting a small shelf under the sink just above the floor and then stocking it with things like a tin bowl, a box of soap flakes, and other stuff? You could still put a little curtain there, but have it pulled back to see the items.
  3. Dollhouse You Tube Videos

    Here's a couple I found:  
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Holly, you know I've always wanted to tell you this. I think you have an evil, suspicious, cynical mind.
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    At some point I was going to add the Simplicity (with its addition) onto my Hofco house to get all the rooms I wanted. The more I think about it and the more I think about how long it would take me to decorate all that, and taking into consideration how old I am, I'm starting to think small house now. In fact, I'm seriously thinking of cutting the Simplicity down to make a 4-room Cape Cod cottage out of it. I'm asking myself if I really need a formal dining room (no), more than 1 bedroom or bath (no), a library (no), a sunroom, an attic, or a laundry room (still thinking about it). Of course tomorrow I'll probably be posting about how I want to add another Americana onto the Americana.
  6. What are you up to today? This week?

    My sleep habits are now go to bed at 5am, get up at noon or 1pm. Except for this morning. A couple of months ago, the bottom of my window fell off and left the gigantic pane hanging by a thread. So my window got fixed and now all the windows in the building had to be inspected starting at 10am this morning. So at 8am, I'm up and doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, dusting, moved my bed up (it's right in front of the window), and finally took a shower (yeah, I could've done most of this yesterday). The guys walked in 5 minutes later and told me they didn't need to inspect my window because that had been done when the new window was put in. Like, I told you guys that when you put notices on all our doors last Friday! I wish they'd have figured this out sooner. Every time I have to move my bed, I have to unplug the computer, the modem, the monitor, the keyboard, and the mouse and move them all to the other side of the room. This is the FIFTH time this year I've had to do that, what with bedbug checks and the old window getting fixed and me moving the bed this morning. This is the SEVENTH time since the beginning of the year that something in my room needed to be checked for stuff and I needed to be here for it. I am so over this. So I've been dozing off and on all day, too tired to do anything and with a thumping headache besides. The only good thing about the day is the sun is now down and I can open my window. We have rain moving in tonight and tomorrow, so it will be cool for at least two more days. After that, I think summer in this pizza oven really starts. Yay.* *sarcasm
  7. Happy Independence Day

    I woke up late and just puttered around, then went to the top of the hill of the cemetery and watched the fireworks. I almost didn't go this year and I don't think I'll go next year. It's just gotten kind of boring.
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

      They had pictures of real life sized sofas and chairs. When you click on the link, then click on View Original Item (on the right) and then scroll down. You'll see the original auction.
  9. Fun Eye Candy

    I just seeing this for the first time. I think the bottles hanging from the tree would keep me away. Did anyone notice the blood on the edges of the glass of the broken window? Ewwww!
  10. Seeking a book

    I used to show my models when I lived in the Bay Area and at one time, I could have pointed someone to at least five or more people who made harness for their horses. Unfortunately, the PNW doesn't have too many shows and the price of a good show horse has gone through the roof, so I haven't been in the community for almost 20 years. I always find out how much I don't know when I'm trying to help someone, though. *sigh* I'll add here just in case: I may not know much about the newer horses, but I have a comprehensive book on models up to about the year 2000. Not just the soft cover book that came out, but the large, hard cover volume that I paid $50 for then. So if anyone needs an old model horse ID'd...
  11. Seeking a book

    You might try this group: There used to be a group I belonged to called Haynet and at one time they were the biggest group of collectors online. Haynet moved to Yahoo groups: This is a dumb question, but have you tried eBay? I've looked on eBay for a number of books that I thought were long gone and surprise! there they were. Sometimes at a cost I couldn't afford, however. LOL I'm really only knowledgeable about the horses and even there, I've lost track of all the new horses that have come out in the last ten years, so I really can't be of any help to you. The other thing you could do is contact people who show the model horses with their tack and ask them where they learned to make harnesses. I do know that correct harnesses for Breyers are very expensive (to me, anyway), so there must be a lot of detail work and dedication to making them. If you see an ad on eBay stating the model they're selling is in condition 1, 2, 3, or 4, or if someone says their model is PSQ (photo show quality) or LSQ (live show quality), it means they show their horses and may know someone you can ask about making tack or someone who may know where you can buy the book. Good luck!
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That's the one I was thinking of. I love that house. I wouldn't say what you're doing is drama. I have a lot of photos saved of dollhouses that come from Craig's List ads and Pinterest and even here because I admire the work or because I want to save a detail so I don't forget it. I started saving these photos long before I knew about copyrights and many times I couldn't even find who created the dollhouse or took the photo. Although it's sort of like shutting the barn door after the horse gets out, I don't post any of those photos anywhere unless someone is actively asking for a picture of a house. And then I don't claim either the house or the photo is mine. Every photo somewhere belongs to someone and if we can't share the photos we find of great miniatures or dollhouses because we can't find or don't know the owner or photographer, we're going to lose a lot of inspiration in this community. But again, that doesn't mean a person posts photos that imply the house is theirs if it specifically isn't or that they claim the photograph was taken by them if it wasn't. If I were you, I'd still at least email the man and ask him what's going on. Hopefully, he answers you. I've contacted several webpages myself over the years when they include a photo of a miniature room in all the rest of their photos of real rooms (I recognize the photo, but usually not who made the item). I have yet to hear back from them and some of those pages and photos are still online. It's also good to have discussions about this from time to time as well so some of our newcomers come to understand what is and isn't kosher about copying and posting photos online.  
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Kelly, is your red house a front opening saltbox Colonial with a long sloping roof behind it and and two rooms deep with the back rooms being one long ground floor room across the back? Or is it just a regular Colonial like the Jefferson with a roof covering just the attic? Because if it's a saltbox Colonial, here's what may have happened. Those houses were built from plans and I still see a lot of them around, mostly painted red because the plans showed red houses. This man may have just built the house (or a similar one) from plans, and then sold it or gave it away once it was done. That doesn't excuse the fact that the picture he has on his website is of your house, though. I do know I've seen pictures of this guy around forever and remember, back in the day, like in 2000 and earlier, nobody thought twice about saving a picture on the internet or anything about copyright. He may just be old school and not too technically advanced (I can relate to that LOL). I seriously would just drop him an email and let him know that what he's got on his website is confusing and that you'd also like him to take the picture of your dollhouse down. As he might be advertising his own work and nothing else, I really think the only case you can make is he's using your picture and not one of his own.
  14. Any Little House fans here?

    And in trying to clear things up, I made things muddier. What I typed was not correct: In other words, there were three children: Ezekiel, Thankful, and Luke. Thankful was the mother of Justin Morgan (the teacher) and Luke was the father of Justin Morgan's wife. Ezekiel was the grandfather of Justin Day II, who was Angelina Day's grandfather. That last word should read "father". It should be: In other words, there were three children: Ezekiel, Thankful, and Luke. Thankful was the mother of Justin Morgan (the teacher) and Luke was the father of Justin Morgan's wife. Ezekiel was the grandfather of Justin Day II, who was Angelina Day's father.
  15. Any Little House fans here?

    According to my mom, you would have blinked and missed it. When she was growing up there in the 30s and 40s, it was a pretty large small town with two grocery stores and everything else. Now it's sort of gone by the wayside. One day I'd like to go to Okabena and see the old family farm. I just found out not too long ago that the Okabena graveyard was an acre donated to the town out of my great grandparents' original farm. And that they were founding members of the Lutheran church there way back when. So I could go see that and then make a jog north and check out Walnut Grove. Road trip!