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  1. Cobweb Cottage

    We have archives?
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Ooh-la-la! Check out this Brookwood:
  3. cottage-interior.JPG

    I think that's absolutely gorgeous.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

     Why always in cities I can't get to???????????
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Earth and Tree still has a dryer listed for $30.
  6. Cape House RGT 1287 and 1288

    I'm still confused about what the kit looks like. I'm going to wait until later tonight before I start bringing books back into my room. It was hot out today and I want to give it time to cool off a little, or I'll be a dripping mess again.
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    And that's what I get for not reading the auction. You're right. I just looked at mine and they don't have the blue on them. Sorry - I didn't mean to get everyone so excited. Next time I'll stick to what I know: dollhouses.
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That's a Montpelier dollhouse, not a Simplicity. I think the Simplicity is only 26" wide while the Montpelier dollhouse is 32" wide.
  9. RGT Front Opening Country Victorian

    Oh, Joanne, what a letdown! And I had that site marked, too. They have a conservatory there I want that is pretty cheap. I wonder if they'll have that in stock. I just happened to think, House That Jack Built made a very similar house to the front-opening Victorian called the Katherine. In fact, I like it better because it's a couple inches longer and the kitchen is bigger. Now that house is a little pricy - I'd say it goes for maybe $700+, and it's also expensive to have shipped, since the house comes to you already built. But you might think about adding it to your search parameters and see what happens. I've seen them for a lot less on Craig's List (never in my area, of course), so you never know. Here's one on Amazon and it's saying free shipping:
  10. Cape House RGT 1287 and 1288

    You're welcome and congrats on getting the house! So far, I've never experienced creepy. Usually it's the other way around. I've had people invite me, a perfect stranger, into their houses to see their other collections. When I went to pick up my copper pots and pans, the little old woman selling them, alone in the house at the time, invited me straight in. And she lived in what was easily a VERY high scale area. I was more worried about her than I was about myself.
  11. Cape House RGT 1287 and 1288

    It will be tonight before I can start getting my catalogs and stuff back in my room. As soon as I have everything together again, I''ll go through them and see if this house is in any of them.  
  12. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    YIKES! I could be wrong, but I think that is the metal set everyone is looking for. They're scarce as hen's teeth and usually run $30 to $50 for each piece when you do find them. I have a set, so I don't need them but somebody else here needs to jump on that auction FAST!
  13. Real Good Toys?

    I'm sure it is. I know, the price difference between some houses is amazing to me also. That's why I'd look around if I wanted a house. And if you're willing to wait, a lot of kits come up on eBay that are much cheaper than on the RGT site, which might be one of the reason they're cutting back. For instance, Victoria's Farmhouse. I think that's hundreds of dollars on RGT, yet I've seen them for only $50 on eBay and on Craig's List. The front opening Greenacres kit is/was something like $400 to $500 on the RGT site, yet someone is selling one on eBay for only $200. And the Newport, which is over $400 on RGT, has been offered for sale on eBay for only $200 and recently there was one in my area for $100.  
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That's a good price for that kit.
  15. Real Good Toys?

    Has anyone noticed that RGT has discontinued a ton of their houses lately? The only houses left are either the really small ones or the really large ones. The only houses with a tower offered for sale is the Altamont and the Aliison, Jr. I'm beginning to wonder if they are just waiting to sell their last houses before closing down. It would make sense. They probably don't sell as many large houses as fast as they sell small houses and they probably ordered more small houses than large houses, which is why they have so many left.