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  1. Cleaning your dollhouses

    Thanks, guys.  I didn't know we were supposed to clean the dollhouses. I thought dust was there to protect the roof.
  2. Newel post question

    You know, that would make sense that it would be from Lawbre. They have the windows for this dollhouse for sale on their website.
  3. Newel post question

    I think I have a bunch of these newel posts that I got from The Dollhouse Factory back in the 80s. This was the old Dollhouse Factory before it was sold to the current owners, and I may be wrong, but I think that store has now gone out of business. I have these posts in various heights, so if you could send me the length of the bottom (from the ground up to the top of the square base), I could look and see if mine matches. OK, then, as I was sitting here, I realized that the posts and balusters were an arm's length from me, so I photographed them the best I could. Does this look like it would fit? Darn it, sorry for the sideways picture. I can't get it to go straight. I guess you'd have to save the image and flip it to compare it to your picture.     Anyway, if you think this would fit, PM me your address and I'll get it sent out to you.
  4. I got an Artply Highland!

    I'm not really sure. I think the company went out of business sometime in the late 80s or early 90s, but I'm not sure what decade they started. I would hazard a guess maybe in the late 70s to early 80s? I don't remember a whole lot of commercial dollhouse companies before then.
  5. 26 Top of the Tower/Turret (aka "the lookout")

      The tower was always my favorite part of that house. I love the closeup of it!
  6. I got an Artply Highland!

    Thank you, everyone! Cynthia and Jackie - that's a definite yes to both of you, but it may be years before I even open the box. Now I'm considering making the entire central section of the house an open air plaza, taking the roof and 2nd floor off over that area. I'll bring a staircase up the right side (facing the house) and then the little people will walk across a balcony above the front door to get into the bedroom. Meantime, I may have to sacrifice part of the upstairs porch for a bathroom. Well, those are my ideas today. They'll probably change tomorrow.  
  7. ID help needed for house

    What is EBTH?
  8. I got an Artply Highland!

    Someone on Offerup had an Artply Highland dollhouse for sale. The ad was a week old and I figured someone already got it, but it was still available. It was only about 30 miles, so I drove down there this afternoon and got it. I've wanted the Highland forever and I'd like to make a Spanish house out of it. But if I have to sell it, for once I think I got a house that can be called an investment. It's still sealed in the box and the box is in PERFECT condition. You'd think I just bought it out of a store. But I'm thrilled to death. Here's a pic of what it will look like put together: Naturally, given my propensity to disfigure and reconfigure any dollhouse I get my hands on, mine probably won't look quite like this when it's finished. The tower won't be put on the house (keeping that front step though) and neither will the outside porch, and the garage on the side will be remodeled into a regular room. That front balcony won't be put on and I'm going to make arches for the porch off to the side. When it comes to wrecking dollhouses, I'm nothing if not consistent. LOL But this one will be in the box for quite a while. I don't want to open it until I have a place where I can actually work on it. So it's living in my car for now.
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Sonia Messer is and isn't pricey, depending on who's selling it. I got a long Sonia Messer table and 6 chairs to it for only $50 a couple years ago. The chairs weren't the ones that went with the table, but I didn't care. I saw someone at the time selling a single chair for $59 and I think that chair is still up for auction. I also got a Sonia Messer black walnut vanity desk and stool from Shellie's Miniature Mania when Shellie had her stuff on eBay and I only paid $15 for that. I think if you do a search for the furniture on eBay and keep on checking it, you'll see some high priced items for Sonia Messer, but they tend to stay there forever because no one buys them.
  10. ID help needed for house

    That's the Joseph Angel house and the signature underneath probably spells Clell Boyce who was the designer. The 52 means it was number 52 made. Each house was numbered and signed. I notice it has all the original windows it's supposed to have. I believe (I'm not sure) that Derek Perkins made those windows and they had to be purchased separately for the house. Your house is a little unusual because of the double front doors and where they're placed. The front door on most JA houses was placed around the corner and it was a single door. I actually like that configuration much better myself. Excuse me now, while I go wipe the drool off my monitor. LOL I love that house anyway and that one is just gorgeous. That's a beautiful house and if the pictures are of your house, you're very lucky to get it with the staircases. And it's finished very nicely, too. That's a house a lot of miniaturists would give their left arm for.
  11. I bought a trailer!

    Well, I spent all day yesterday looking at things like garages, trailer covers, and things of that nature, but came to the conclusion that they were either too expensive or not what I want. So I am going to call some handymen and see what they can do about the leaks. I also got on an RV forum and am getting help there. I did call someone about bringing some gravel out and laying it down as a solid place to put the trailer. He insists he needs to see the site, so I'm meeting him tomorrow at my lot. I've already explained to him that you can't see the slope of the land under the snow, but I guess he's going to have to figure that out for himself. Or maybe he has his own system. On Saturday, there's a general meeting of the road maintenance association and I'm going there to see if there are any handymen nearby that can give me a quote on work. I did find out that I can pull the locks from the doors and bring them into a locksmith and get them rekeyed. And also that the keys to the outside compartments are pretty generic and one gentleman has already offered to send me some extras. Then it remains to see if I can find the crank and what to do if I can't. Thing is, I don't even know if I can afford to have all this work done. I may have to wait on water till September and that means driving into town every couple of days for water. I figure I would be using about 2 gallons a day between washing up, cooking, and drinking. I can use hand wipes to clean the pots and pans, but I drink about 3/4 of a gallon of water a day and I refuse to be stinky!
  12. Newbie questions about my front opening DH

    That looks a lot like the Houseworks front-opening Victorian. Since those houses were also done as plans in the 3-in-1 book, it's not out of the realm to imagine the builder may have decided to alter the plans a little. Those beams - are you sure they're supportive? Have you tried taking a chisel or screwdriver to just see if they come off the walls? The other thing you might want to do is check the size of the fireplace in that room. Miniature fireplaces have various sizes. Some fireplaces are 6" across and some are only 4" across with height accordingly. I just saw a lovely little fireplace that's higher than it's wide and looks like the perfect fireplace for a  French bedroom. I think it's only 3" wide. Anyway, one good thing about having high ceilings is you can put chandeliers in and they won't block the views of the room. Nine inches is a good height to dollhouse rooms. Most of the smaller children's houses like some former Walmer (now RGT houses) only have 8" ceilings. I think the standard is 10" or at least 9 5/8". What wall did you knock out? I do notice that the upper hall isn't as wide as it would normally be, but the bedroom to the left (facing the house), is larger than normal.
  13. Help solve the mystery!

    Thank you for that, Tracy. Now I have one more I can add to memory. DO you know if the doors and windows are original to the house? ANd do you have the measurements?
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That house you weren't sure about is a Walmer Victorian house.
  15. I bought a trailer!

    But Kathie - I LIKE snow! Having my own place is sort of losing its luster. Today I was trying to find out how much it would cost to put a roof over the trailer. I think we're going to look at cheap tarps instead. Then I called about getting some gravel put down for a more permanent base. The guy wants to come out and look at the site on Wednesday, so guess where I'll be? Everything is sounding expensive and I'm starting to reconsider moving into my car again. I thought those orbs were just big snowflakes! If my trailer is haunted, it better be haunted with ghosts that can fix things!