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  1. Hofco House, Inc. Homestead House KW142

    Thank you, Cathy and Heidi! I learned something new and hopefully, I won't forget it in my old age (although I wouldn't bank on that).
  2. An awwww... moment

    Oh, I am the queen of nitpicking when it comes to other parents' kids. I'm one of those who says "If those were MY kids...". LOL But if training dogs helped me in one thing, it did teach me to follow up what I tell (not ask and no "please" in sight!) any kids to do after the FIRST time I tell them, not the second, third, or tenth time. Comes in real handy for babysitting. But I did tell my mom that if she were that unhappy about how I was raising my dog, I would just let him steal the roast off the counter the next time. And there were crickets.
  3. Hofco House, Inc. Homestead House KW142

    About all I know is the name Hofco came from Holweck Furniture Company. So I imagine they started off making furniture and went into dollhouses as a sideline. Back in July, one of our members had a Hofco house and posted a picture of the bottom which showed the name, address, and phone number before their name was officially changed. I hope it's OK to repost that pic. It shows the company was in Maryland at the time. I'd love to see the article, Jackie!
  4. An awwww... moment

    When I went home to visit one year, I brought my Doberman with me. He tried grabbing something off the counter (something he never did at home) and I went to lightly smack him on the muzzle. He yanked his head back and whacked it into the counter a lot harder than I was going to smack him. And then my mother told me I was mean to him. I love it when parents are questioning your parenting skills.
  5. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I should look so good. *sigh*
  6. An awwww... moment

    Yes, those are Irish Wolfhounds. One of my friends had one. At a year old, he towered over my Doberman - and he was a small Wolfhound!
  7. An awwww... moment

    I love puppies. I want a large family of puppies.   But then I think, maybe I want a family of large puppies.   Enjoy your awwww.... moments - they don't come around very often.  
  8. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Can't remember if I posted this one or not:   Want a red marble bathroom set? This one is sort of pricey, though:!98337!US!-1   Anyone want a Newport for a low price - Home Depot is selling them for under $300:   Yeah, it's the year of the bathroom. I found this simple Reutter porcelain bathroom set on eBay for only $50. Most of them go for almost twice that:   There's also a bunch in half scale, too. I didn't even know Reutter made half scale bathrooms.  
  9. Happy New Year

    I think we love you because of your weirdness, not in spite of it.
  10. Happy New Year

    *eyes Holly suspiciously* 
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    I'm so sorry, Rebecca. It's always so hard when it's a pet you've had for so long.
  12. Kitchen Copper ceiling.jpg

    Ooh, that's pretty!
  13. First Floor Stair Now

    This whole house is awesome but those stairs? That's genius, right there.
  14. Kitchen

    Just beautiful...
  15. What are you up to today? This week?

    Have you guys ever read The Bat in my Pocket by Amanda Lollar? Priceless.   I am chilling out trying to think of how I can change the Hofco Americana into a Beacon Hill.