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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I think you might be able to sell it to your husband as an investment. Tell him you plan on reselling it for about $500. Just don't tell him when you plan on selling it.
  2. I will be leaving you guys at the end of September!

    Wow, I didn't expect people to be so worried! Thank you so much for your concern. If it helps any, my mom thinks I'm nuts, too. Yes, I have a trailer on the lot. What happened was that the guy who was supposed to bring in the water actually met me on the lot and agreed to do the work by the end of September. Remember, this is the guy who took a year and a half to mow this lot. That sort of caught me flat footed - I was expecting him to put me off until next year. And of course, now it's raining like h e double hockey sticks, so he may still not be able to put the water in next week which would make this whole thread moot. Anyway, he also said while his equipment was up there, he'd terrace the lot and bring in some crushed stone for a driveway so I wouldn't get stuck up there if (HA!) it rained. He is willing to take payments, but wants the water to be paid off to begin with, so I want to sell the trailer to get some extra money so I won't be caught out if something happens to my car. Plus, I need to still pay a bill and outfit out my car, so there's that. The trailer is a long, long way from being habitable. Besides, it's sitting on an area I especially want leveled for a garden. I'm taking a huge loss on it, but I realize now I never should have gotten it and that was an expensive mistake I have learned. Next time I will save up some more money and buy something I can actually live in. I've lived in my truck before in the early 90s for 6 years while I worked and went to college, and I lived in my car for a couple months in 2012 when I came back from Minnesota. So it's not something I haven't done before and I know what I'll need to do. There is no denying that without electricity, the first year is going to suck big time. Yes, the trailer would be nicer, but I also have to contend with the state here. It's against the law to camp on land for more than 6 months, even if it's your own land. If I am kicked off, I want to be able to just pack and go and not have to leave a comfy trailer. I'm not really too worried about that. I'm in an area of a lot of houses, so I feel safe, but I am also secluded behind trees and I actually owned a house up around the corner from my current lot about 15 years ago. I know the people and they don't tend to mind what people do with their lots. I will put up a mailbox and have garbage collection, and I'm hoping to put a chain across the lot "driveway" so I will be safe from people casually driving by and wanting to explore. And of course I'll be going into the library on a regular basis and getting on a computer to let you all know what's going on. Kells, I will be saving less than $500 now if I stay here. The management has decided I have too much stuff and that I need to put it into storage. So that will cut into what I'm able to save if I stay. Plus, I am so tired of the noise, the cigarette and pot smoking (which people do after management has gone home), and always having someone tell me what I can and can't do with the room.Plus I can't work on a dollhouse. I can work on some stuff in my car and when I get a shed to put my things in, maybe then I can finally get to work on a dollhouse. So it's time to move out and let someone else move in who needs the shelter. I have a couple pics of my lot, so you guys can see the houses around it. I really appreciate everyone's concern, but please don't worry. I'll be fine. If nothing else, if I get water and septic on this lot and then have to sell it, it will have doubled in price and be a fairly valuable piece of land. So it will all work out.    
  3. Where is Casey?

    You know, on a cooking forum I am on, there are two stickied threads, one titled Going MIA and one titled The Sick Room, so people who are going to be gone or are having health problems can post ahead of time. One of the long time posters there recently died and if there hadn't been a place to post that, a lot of people, including me probably, would have missed the notice. I would also like to remind everyone here that we really are a family of sorts and it would be really appreciated if everyone could find someone who would post here and let us know if something happens to them. It doesn't have to be another member, but we do worry when someone disappears, so even a trusted friend or relative could help us out in that regard. I went back over a thread from about 5 years ago and I was amazed at all the people posting there who aren't here any longer for whatever reason and I wish I knew what had happened to them.
  4. So how is the weather where you're at ?

    For those of you who aren't familiar with the Pacific Northwest, thunderstorms are pretty rare up here, even in spring. So last Saturday night, we not only had thunder and lightning, we had a lightning storm. Something like 8 strikes a minute. This went on for a couple hours. They were hitting transformers, trees, houses, you name it. A game got temporarily stopped, the fair closed early, and streets were flooded. So what are we doing tonight? Watching thunder and lightning again. In September! This is one for the books.
  5. I will be leaving you guys at the end of September!

    Lisa, I'm actually pretty thrilled to be out of here. I wanted to move June before last. So I'm already a year behind and I'm not getting any younger. Thank you, Holly. This year when Lisa_F invites me over for Christmas, she may have to get the cops to shove me out the door again. LOL
  6. Hofco Americana kit and RGT Simplicity kit for sale

    I have an RGT Simplicity dollhouse with an addition for sale as well if anyone is interested. I bought this one on eBay and while it's not in the original box, it is still boxed up and I haven't opened it. Likewise for the addition. This might be the small addition or the larger addition, I haven't checked yet. But you can buy either the house or the addition or both together.
  7. After a lot of fits and starts, I FINALLY met the contractor who is going to put the water in on my lot on Tuesday. He also wants to bulldoze, level, and terrace my lot and he will bring in 2 tons of crushed rock for a driveway as long as he has his machines up there. He thinks the water will be in by the 23rd and the rest done by the end of the month. Naturally, this is all costing more than I had planned for (and have), but he will let me pay it off per month. I will say, I've had other people up there to see about getting gravel in for the trailer and his costs are more than reasonable. It may be because the sole on one shoe finally came half off and I taped it back with duct tape, so I look like a beggar. I need new shoes. I just hate shopping for them, though. I think I'd have to be barefoot before I actually overcome my hatred of shopping for shoes and go buy some. I was gonna say I'm make a great wife because I hate shopping for clothes, too, but I can more than make up for that by shopping for miniatures and dollhouses. Anyway, I had just renewed my contract for internet for another year, but if I cancel within 30 days, there won't be any penalty. So I'll be doing that by the end of the September. After that, I will give notice where I'm at and maybe move my stuff into a storage locker until I have a shed up on my lot. I'll be taking the  month of October to do that, clean my room, and outfit my car out. Yes, I'll be living out of my car for the first year or so and I will admit, it will be a long, cold, boring winter this year. I expect to get to the library and I'll let you know how I'm doing. Be prepared for a lot of complaints and how-could-I-have-been-so-stupids and you guys are totally justified to tell me this was what I wanted. By the end of 2020 I expect to have electricity on the lot. By the end of 2021 I will have the septic put in. Meantime, I may or may not have a small shed or a canvas tent set up to live in. After I get electricity, though, it'll be like living in heaven. I'll put in an outside outlet and run an extension cord into my car if I'm still in it. I expect to save for another 5 years after that and be able to put a used manufactured home on the lot. In less than ten years I expect to be living in my own place mortgage free. If this all comes crashing down, at least I'll have a nice lot I can sell that will have appreciated in value to almost double its original cost. If you all are wondering why I don't stay here, it's because I can save almost $1000 a month if I move out into my car. Here, I can only save half of that and they're already telling me I need to put my stuff in storage and that cost will eat into what I could save then. I didn't want to move out this time of the year, but you take what you can get. Now if on the 23rd, I see that Mr. Contractor hasn't done anything (this is the guy who took 1 1/2 years just to mow the lot), I will just put my stuff in storage, suck it up and stay here through the winter, and move out in the spring, after a different contractor has put in the water. But I'm really hoping I can move by the end of October! (Remind me I said that).  
  8. Hofco Americana kit and RGT Simplicity kit for sale

    Well, it looks like the Highland and the Alexandria have been spoken for.
  9. Both kits are new in the box and the boxes have not been opened. The Hofco Americana should include all windows, doors, staircases, and certificate. The price is "up there" (think one box of the RGT Queen Anne +), but I am offering free shipping on it. The Artply HIghland kit is much more reasonably priced, but I am asking for shipping on that one. If you decide you want it, I can always figure out the shipping and let you know what it is. If neither of them sell here in a week, I will put them on eBay, but I'd rather our members got a shot at them first. I also have a Duracraft Alexandria kit in the box, but the box has been opened and I haven't been able to check if all the pieces are there. The box is sure heavy enough, but until I can check it, I won't know for sure. If you really, really want that one, let me know and I'll see what I can do. If all the pieces are there, it will probably go for a little over what the Highland will be plus shipping. The Highland and the Alexandria have been in my car since I bought them. The Hofco is in an area of my room behind my dresser and in a sealed box, for those of you wondering if there is a problem with anything getting into the kits. If you PM me, please know that it might be a couple hours or more for me to contact you back.
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    I generally don't like tattoos, but yours is definitely making me rethink my opinions on them. I really like it!
  11. What are you up to today? This week?

    That sure is pretty! Is that permanent?
  12. What are you up to today? This week?

    As you all know by now, Photobucket is charging for access to everyone's account. The free account is some ridiculously low number of photos and over the years I accrued somewhere between 2500 and 3000 photos there. Naturally, my account was "restricted". It wouldn't even let me in without making me buy one month's worth of service. So last week I did a runaround and sneaked into my account (without paying - yeah, I know it's only $4.99 for one month, but I'm cheap) and started downloading all my dollhouse photos to my computer. Pretty much everything else I deleted. But tonight I just finished downloading almost 1000 photos of dollhouses alone and that follows downloading maybe another 500 or so pics of rooms and staircases, furniture, etc, from the other night. I feel like I have tendonitis in my index finger. Wow. Sore. Meanwhile, bedbugs are still here. The second spraying was last Tuesday and there will be an inspection this Tuesday. I don't know what they're going to do. At this point, I'm going to ask them to spray the rooms on either side of me. I guess they weren't doing that for whatever reason. Tuesday is also the last day for me to go into the housing department and requalify for subsidized housing and then next week it's down to Social Services to requalify for food stamps, all $15 a month. There are some people who think all you do is show up and all this "free" stuff is just handed to you. I'd love to drag those people along with me and let them see the hoops I get to jump through. Trailer still hasn't sold. This week I call about the water - again, although this time I have the name of someone who can do the water if the guy who's going to put it in flakes again. The last two days have been horrible. The Art Fair set up right underneath our building and they had live music set up right across the street from my window. So I've spent the last two days in 85° heat with the window shut tight so I don't have to listen to the music blaring from 10am to 7pm. But they won't be here for tomorrow - halleluija! Or however you spell it. OK, I'm done complaining. Now I'm trying to motivate myself to head to the store. I'm out of toilet paper. Just as an aside, WWII started 80 years ago today when Germany invaded Poland. I just finished a book two days ago called While Still We Live by Helen MacInnes, about the first 3 months of WWII in Poland. It really makes me think about how lucky we are in the US, despite so many bad things going on.  
  13. Coventry Cottage/Spanish Ranch

    Oh, I love that house in that book. I can't wait till you finish yours!
  14. Dollhouse Identification

    Now that I've seen there's more than one of those dollhouses, I'm sure it's made by a company. I don't think it's Walmer, though. The tops of the windows look like a Crafco house, but as far as I know, that company only made two variations of a house (Cape Cod and Southern Mansion type)  and those were made out of 1/8" plywood. Unfortunately, all my catalogs are put away and I won't be unpacking them anytime soon (there's another full treatment coming up again next Tuesday). Kells is right, though, if it has silk screened windows, it's not homemade. What I know about dollhouses is what I've seen in person and in my catalogs. It's perfectly possible that many companies may have made dollhouses specifically for a toy store or children and never listed it in the Miniatures Catalogs because they were considered children's toys, not collectibles. There's a lot I may have missed. There's a couple of these kinds of dollhouses where we see different ones all over and none of them seem to have a manufacturer. I'll keep my eye peeled, though.Those two side windows are very distinctive.
  15. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    What house was it?