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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

      I had lots of lemons for lemonade, but I could seldom afford the sugar. Holly, if I had a cute trainer like that, I'd have to tie him up with a chain. Otherwise he'd take one look at me and run for his life! Jeannine, I was just born ornery. My mom would tell me not to touch the TV and I'd turn around and slap it in front of her. I'm so contrary, I'll probably die arguing with someone. Although I wouldn't mind being related to Holly, I doubt she'd want to claim any relation to me. LMAO
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    My smoke alarm is in the kitchen and it shrieked whenever I opened the oven door and took out something even a little bit crisped. I whacked it with a dishtowel and now it makes a beep beep sound that would still wake me, but not the whole county. Today, though...I have those metal covers over my burners (electric) because I want my kitchen to look nice (and hide the fact that I haven't cleaned the pans yet). So one of my gallon water bottles in the fridge is leaking and in putting it up on the small counter to see where, it slips out of my hands and hits a burner, turning it on. I have a crock pot taking up the whole 2 feet of counter space I have and I'm trying to push that out of the way while throwing the water bottle back on the counter. The next thing I know is I have smoke billowing up to the ceiling because the burner is on high and burning the h311 out of the metal cover and the smoke alarm is not beeping but shrieking. I turn off the burner, grab the cover and toss it in the sink (where it promptly melted a plastic storage container), left the water bottle on the counter, and wet a hand towel to whack the alarm again (who said I couldn't multi-task?). When I got it quieted down, I turn around and the water bottle is up against the hot crock pot and the plastic is somewhat melted and a gallon of water is leaking all over my floor. I've had better days. To all this I would like to add that the one time I caught a paper napkin on fire (blew on it, shook it, shook it some more, threw it to the ground and stamped on it), the smoke alarm stayed as quiet as a mouse. Apparently it really is just a smoke alarm and will shriek when there's smoke, but let me get burned up if there are only flames.  
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    Blood sugar is fine. Blood pressure is fine. MRI and MRA came out fine. EKG is fine. I'm the healthiest sick person around. My doctor sort of blew off my concerns on Monday, so I'm looking for another doctor to harass now. At the very least I'll get a fourth opinion. Dr. Google scared the crap out of me. I didn't really read about TIAs until last Wednesday and then I read that 50% of people who have a TIA have a real stroke in the next 48 hours (glad I didn't know that on Monday) and 1 out of 4 will have a stroke in the next year. I really didn't need to know that either. Thank you for saying that about my attitude (life has ups? LOL). I'm actually depressed and on medication (that sort of works), so I am someone who sees life's dark side all the time, I laugh at myself and the rest of the world a lot, and both of those combined with my warped sense of humor get me though a lot. Although I did have one boss who told me she could never understand my humor. But then, she was 60 going on 100 and I was 50 going on 12. She couldn't understand dollhouses and pet mice either and I couldn't understand how someone could be such a goody-goody PITA all the time. We didn't get along very well.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    These aren't houses, but the cabinet looked like it would go well in a kitchen setting (I can see bowls and pottery and cookbooks on those shelves and a broom in the narrow cabinet) and the cupboards are very cheap for the price, although no guarantee they'll stay cheap.!98057!US!-1
  5. Stand/table for Lawbre Glen Cove Villa

    You can look on Craig;s List for a cheap sofa table. They come in all widths and lengths and are usually high enough to put large dollhouse on top. You can also get some wood (I recommend a half inch thick) and have it cut to the size of your house. If the sofa table is too narrow, the board can go on the table and the house can go on the board. A lot of sofa tables also have shelves and drawers underneath as well. Good for storing mini stuff.
  6. Lawbre Glen Cove

    Congratulations! That is a wonderful house!
  7. Bridgitte

    She does fit right into that cottage and I love her stance! She's beautiful! I don't normally like dolls in a dollhouse, but I truly make an exception here.
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    I don't think I ever referred to what I had as an eye migraine. What I had was a vitreous separation of the macula. There's something that separates off the macula on the inside of the eyeball and when it does, it releases a ton of floaters, which I still have, You can actually see the separation when they take a snapshot of the inside of the eye. And you can see the floaters, too. What I'm going through now is literal double vision. Have you guys ever had the eye doctor separate your vision and then asked you to tell him when the little boxes or lines match up? They do it both horizontally and vertically. Well, that's how my vision goes and it goes vertically. On one side I'm seeing things higher than on the other side. Each eye by itself sees fine (I've covered each eye at a time while experiencing this), but together they just don't match up. It's a little weird when it happens.  
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    Good Heavens, Holly! That would have finished me. And Jeannine, I am pulling for you! But I'm not doing so hot myself right now. I had another incident this morning at about 4am and this time I called an ambulance. A different doctor saw me in the ER and he doesn't think it's a TIA - says it would last longer and I'd have more symptoms. I guess that's the good news. The bad news is no one seems to know what's going on or when it will happen again. But of course, there's always humor in everything. As you guys know, I'm watching the show jumping competitions. So I'm at the ER until 1am on Friday morning, I can't sleep till 8am, then I wake up at 11 and watch the show, grab about 4 more hours and then I couldn't sleep again so was on the computer until 4 this morning when Double Vision Part 2 started playing. I didn't get home from the ER until 9am this morning. So I'm trying to give the doctor a rundown of my sleeping habits (doesn't help that I'm a natural night owl anyway) and he says, "Well, you need to try to regulate your sleeping." I say, "I would, but it's a little difficult doing that when I'm in the ER all night every night, ya think?" He cracked up. But I got about 7 hours of sleep today, saw another show, did some grocery shopping, forgot the aspirin (the only reason I went shopping), went back out and got aspirin, and now I'm thinking of trying to catch a few more hours because I'm watching another show tomorrow morning at 5am. You guys didn't think I'd let little things like double vision stand in the way of my horse shows, did you? But I have an appointment to see my regular doctor on Monday. I suppose that means I have to shave my legs again. I thought the rule was in winter I didn't have to do that until I could make braids. And for crying out loud, how many stickies do they have to put on a person for an EKG? I was pulling them off before I left this morning, I found three more when I got home, and I just found another one about an hour ago. And of course, they used the other arm for a pincushion this morning and now I look like a junkie again with needle marks all over the insides of both arms. I got funny looks when buying the aspirin tonight.
  10. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thank you, guys. It does make me wonder, though...if I hadn't been awake and reading, I never would have known it happened. So that makes me wonder how many of these things people have at night when they sleep. Ah, well, I told my mom it was like when people are driving down the road and a tree falls on their car and kills them. When it's your time, it's your time,  and there's not much a body can do about it. So I'm not going to make myself crazy worrying about it. I was watching Live PD this evening on YouTube and the cops stopped some guy who said he ordered some fake money by mistake. He said he'd ordered his wife's dollhouse things and that's when he "accidentally" ordered the money. With miniatures costing as much as they do, I'm wondering why I didn't think to order any funny money when I ordered my dollhouse things. Hey Susie, what Arrow Dream house are you looking for?
  11. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    You're welcome, but Emily was the one who came up with the IDs first. Well, now I have a few houses that are from Craig's List. Enjoy!
  12. Kireyna, you're welcome! Sable, it's just that I have the catalogs to look these houses up in (boy, that sentence came out awkward). Fov (Emily) is also very knowledgeable about the dollhouses, too.
  13. What are you up to today? This week?

    Well, I sold Lynn the Willowcrest that Jenn sold to me. I only asked what I paid for it. I guess I knew I was never going to put it together. Meantime I'm thinking maybe all of us in the Northwest here should get together with all the kits we own and have a trade day and shift them around some more. LMAO I got home from the ER a couple hours ago. I guess I had what they call a TIA - a transient ischemic attack. I guess it's technically a mini-stroke. So I had an EKG, an MRI, and an MRA. I was found to be in perfect healthy working order (except I still need to lose a million pounds), but I hadn't been taking my daily aspirin lately because I ran out. Needless to say, a bottle will be in my possession ASAP tomorrow as soon as I get up and go shopping. For anyone wondering what the symptoms were, I had double vision come on very rapidly. I was actually reading this thread and all of a sudden I couldn't read a word. I thought I knocked my glasses sideways and then realized it was my eyes. It only lasted a couple minutes, but it was enough time for me close one eye and then the other to see if it was my eyes or my head. And of course, as soon as I called 911, it cleared up. I thought about it for a while and then decided to drive to the ER. Yeah, some people never learn, do they? And wouldn't you know, the passenger side window was wide open the whole time I was in the hospital and it started to rain. Some days you're the pigeon and some days you're the statue.
  14. What are you up to today? This week?

    Not sure if I've posted this story before either. This happened personally to me and was what got me interested in the paranormal. When I was about 14, I was visiting my grandmother for the summer. One of her friends was taking her teen daughter and visiting relatives in Poland and Russia, so I was to housesit while they were gone. Remember, this was in the old days when it was "safer" and the house was right around the corner from my grandmother's apartment. Anyway, this was a narrow old house with two bedrooms on the first floor and a finished attic where the older boys (now in college) had slept after the daughter was born. To get to the attic, you had to open a door on the first floor to go up the stairs. On either side of the attic were kneewalls with small square doors in them to access the storage behind them. When you came up the stairs, you were facing the back of the attic, so you had to go around and pass between the stairwell and the kneewalls to get to the boys' room in front. The mother had told me I could go up there and read the books that were still there, so after a couple of days that's what I did. Now the first time I went up there, one of the doors in the kneewall was hanging open and I had to pass it as I went to the front. I thought I should close it and I thought I did on my way downstairs with some books, but I'm not sure I did. A couple days later I finished the books and went upstairs to get a few more. The kneewall door was hanging open again and I was annoyed that I'd forgotten to close it. So I got a few more books and on my way downstairs, this time I know I closed that door and also dropped the hook into the eye that latched it. Couple days later I go back upstairs to bring back the books and look at others. As I came around the stairwell, you guessed it, the door in the kneewall was open again. I threw those books across the room onto the beds and then tore back down the steps and slammed the door downstairs. I felt pretty safe at that point and a couple days later the mother and daughter came home. I was helping them unpack and I just casually asked the mother if the house was haunted, sort of making it a joke. The mother never asked why I asked, but she told me this: "When my husband was alive before (daughter) was born, the boys slept downstairs and the attic wasn't finished at the time. At night I'd hear footsteps walking across the attic and I'd wake my husband up to go see what it was because I was afraid someone had broken in. He would say it was just squirrels, but I know I heard footsteps." I'll let you guys decide if that house was haunted or not.
  15. Kireyna, I think what you have is the Yorktown Manor made by Walmer, catalog #121. It should be 32" H x 48" W x 19" D. Made of 1/4" mahogany plywood with a 1/2" base. Knockdown construction. Glue or patented peg assembly. It looks like the house came as a fully assembled house (painted or unpainted) or as a kit in 3/8" wood. That's all from my 1983 Miniatures Catalog. The house could have been produced a couple of years before or after this date. That front door and stairs look to be unique to the house. Walmer was also the only company to my knowledge to make doors for the 30° mansard roof. There's one on eBay at this moment. The only difference between your house and the one in my catalog is the bottom two windows look to be separated, where yours has two double windows. My guess is the original opening was cut for double windows but the plastic that goes into the opening from the original kit made it look like there are two windows there. The picture I'm looking at in my catalog is an older version of the house and I'd bet that later on it was sold with windows and the front door or at least the front door with the window openings cut to fit standard windows. By the way, mansard roofs originated in France. Houses there were taxed on the number of floors they had. In order to get more living space but not have to pay taxes on it, French builders began bumping out the roof into what we now know as a mansard roof. Your trivia for today.