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  1. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    OK, if you live in the LA area, you can have a Lace House! Unfortunately, it's a little expensive.   But also a cheap Canterbury:   And this house is still up for sale. It occurred to me that the windows at this point are probably worth more than the house.  
  2. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I thought the ad said local pick up only.
  3. Winchester

    I think those staircases are the fancy Lawbre ones specially made for that house.
  4. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    That is a bargain. Go for it!   Meantime, I'm actually thinking of getting htis house:
  5. Hofco kits question

    LOL Yes, definitely. I like to put mine together with duct tape or something that will hold the wood together (without gluing or nailing) and then just sit and stare at it or play with stairs and furniture. Some houses talk a lot when you do that and some just give you the cold shoulder. But it's still fun.
  6. Hofco kits question

    Probably because they'd have had to retool their machines to make the stairwell opening further toward the front of the house if the staircase is facing the back. Now me, I want my first floor staircase to be going front to back and then I want to move the second floor staircase over to the other side of the center hall and have it go back to front. It's easy to buy a jigsaw and change the openings to accommodate what you want in your stairs. Tim, another option is to get a staircase from another company and use it in the center hall going to the second floor. One of the things I'm thinking of is using in the Americana is the Hofco staircase on the first floor, but then getting a smaller (and steeper) staircase that goes to the third floor, maybe even putting it behind a door. I think I have a Carlson's staircase (I'd have to look) and those were only 2 1/2" wide as opposed to most regular staircases of 3". In most old houses, the first floor staircase was the one people saw when they came through the front door so it was built to make a statement, but the other staircases were meant to be private so they were smaller and plainer, like staircases going to servants' quarters or third floor bedrooms.
  7. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    So I had to go thumbing through catalogs again because I just knew I'd seen this house before. What would I do without you guys? LOL Anyway, the house is called the Bannockburn and was put out in a plan book by Sterling Designs by Joe Goddard. Finished size was 54"W x 18"D x 17"H. I'm surprised it's only 17" H - it looks a lot higher than that in the pictures.
  8. What are you up to today? This week?

    Thank you, Holly. I started feeling a little better last night and I feel 100% better this morning, although the arm still hurts. I feel for you with the root canal and the crown. I was supposed to go in for a root canal once and my job asked me to stay overnight, since the night shift person wasn't coming in. I was so relaxed the next morning at the dentist - I was falling asleep in the chair! Last year an old filling fell out along with a section of tooth. I was a little worried, because the tooth section showed all sorts of fractures. Worse, it happened when I was flossing, so now I'm afraid to floss. I love how you describe going in to meet your new ectrocardiologist . He's got a treat in store, doesn't he? But better to break him in early. And here's hoping the biopsy doesn't show anything.  
  9. What are you up to today? This week?

    So did anyone find out what happened to Jeannine? Today is one of those days for me. I had two new vaccines yesterday, one for shingles and one for pneumonia. My whole freaking body is now one big ramped up super germ fighting entity. I got up this morning and every muscle ached and I shivered until I took a hot bath this afternoon. That was a totally stupid thing to do, because it's hotter than Hades here again, so then I was too hot. I should have stuck to just being cold. Feeling better now, but feeling better doesn't mean I am feeling good. I think I want some knock out pills or something. You know, wake up feeling awful, take a pill, sleep for 24 hours and then wake up feeling better. Well, one more day of the heat. Then we can get back to being cold and miserable here again. I can hardly wait.
  10. Hofco kits question

    Really! I have the Americana and I always thought the staircase wasn't steep enough. LOL The Americana has a protruding front in the middle which is where the front door is and leads to the center hall. I always wanted to get rid of that jut and make a completely even front to the house, but I'm afraid the staircases won't fit into the hall if I take that extra 2" off. Did you find a certificate with your dollhouse? They're also supposed to come with an owner's deed or something like that.
  11. selling some more miniatures on ebay

    I wondered about that. When I was young and foolish (about 6 months ago), I was drooling to buy one of a limited run of Peter Stone model horses. The seller had it listed for $240 and there was a Make an Offer button beside the amount. So naturally, I offered $200 and I don't think the seller was very happy with me. She told me the horse was full price and I wondered at the time why she would put a Make an Offer button next to the price if she wanted full price for it. After reading your post, Grazhine, I think I know how that happened now. And no, I didn't buy the horse. There's nothing like having no money to teach you willpower. And even that doesn't stop me sometimes, but for just this one time, it did. *sigh*
  12. Timberbrook products coming back

    I think minirabbits on eBay is the only person bringing Timberbrook back and I have no idea what has happened in the last 4 years. I do know that Alessio now makes folding attic stairs and louvered closet doors, but I'm not a big fan of their products. The only thing I guess you could do would be to search for minirabbits on eBay and then send her a message. Or just do a search fro Timberbrook on eBay. I still do that and that's how I found my closet doors and my $5 Victorian door from Timberbrook.
  13. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    I believe that's a house built from plans in a book. Hold on a minute - I think I have a pic of the book. Are all the windows like that? Because if so, the windows would be worth more than the house. I'd get the house for the windows alone. OK, here is a couple pics of the book:   So, no, not an ACP house, but a nice house just the same. Thank you for posting the pictures! That's the first time I've ever seen the inside.
  14. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    What's RCT?
  15. Hofco kits question

    Yes, you can. Aside from Duracraft and Greeenleaf dollhouses, most dollhouses made after the late 70s that come with 3/8" wood have standardized window and door openings that you can use with another company's door and windows. Houseworks is the most common one, but there are others, too. Standard window sizes are 2 1/2" x 5" for singles and 5" x 5" for double windows, and 3" x 7" for doors. Now there are exceptions. The Houseworks French door, for example, is 3" x 7 1/2", so if you have your heart set on putting a French door into a doorway that isn't that tall, you may have to cut an extra 1/2" out of the top. Carlson's windows and doors are still around and one of their single windows run 3" wide instead of 2 1/2". And Houseworks also makes a slim door as well. Always check the dimensions on any windows or doors you buy on eBay or Craig's List. I've seen some listed as 1" scale and when the sellers give the actual measurements, it's obvious the windows or doors are only 1/2" scale. What Hofco kit did you buy?