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  1. Welcome. You'll have fun here.

  2. Welcome to the forum!

  3. Welcome to the forum!

  4. 100_1353.JPG

    From the album Edna's Pet Shop

  5. 100_1352.JPG

    From the album Edna's Pet Shop

  6. 3/24/08 What other hobbies?

    Maybe I will. First I'll finish my big one. All the "girls" are pushing me.
  7. Welcome to the community! Check the gallery for pictures and post your question in the forum rooms.

  8. alba: my newest doll

    She is absolutely beautiful! I'm also curious...what is her size?
  9. The Post Office

    From the album Post Office

    To represent Herbert Theurer, the personal mailman to President Roosevelt and my husband, Mason, classified documents specialist.
  10. 100_1335.JPG

    From the album Post Office

    Amelia Earhart because I couldn't find Charles Lindburg. See the airplane through the back window. The cheese tray is for bulk mailer's only!
  11. 100_1334.JPG

    From the album Post Office

  12. 100_1333.JPG

    From the album Post Office

    Picture of Herbert Theurer from a newspaper article. The mini post-office on the counter opens up to show the furnishings.
  13. 100_1332.JPG

    From the album Post Office

    Eleanor Roosevelt visiting the post office to pick up the President's mail.
  14. 100_1331.JPG

    From the album Post Office

  15. 3/24/08 What other hobbies?

    I guess I'll join the "serial crafters". I have built dollhouses and dollhouse furniture for as long as I remember, but I have continually searched for my "talent." I have tried knitting and crocheting - ended up making things for my dolls. I tried ceramics, made a vase, a rose and then made a dollhouse, and dollhouse furniture. Took up woodcarving. I did do OK with that - carved some birds and dogs and then started carving miniature stuff. Took lessons on drawing and painting. Painted a portrait of my niece and then got frustrated when I couldn't paint in miniature. It seems everything I do, I return to my first love - miniatures. I may not be talented, but I have fun. Oh, I am currently learning quilting from a local quilting group of wonderful women. I am working on a full size quilt, but I bet I end up with a lot of mini ones!