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  1. I'm Back

    Hi all, I've been away for a bit. Had surgery, moved, daughter got married, now I'm going to be a grandmother. But I am also digging out the house and going to finally set it up. I have all the furniture, etc but never put it together. Pictures soon. Basically, it is taking off from where my album ended!
  2. Happy Birthday Rhonda, hope you have a great day!



  3. class reunion

    I went to my 30th in 2007 and will be there for the 35th. I am from a small town in VT, we had under 200 in our class and a lot of us still keep in touch. My home town makes a big thing of Alumni weekend. There is a big parade where they shut down Main St. and each 5 year anniversary class has a float that we walk with. (That is the younger classes, the older ones graduate to a flat bed truck with lawn chairs. That will be our class in a few years, LOL) Very few of my classmates live in my home town, but we all come home for Alumni during our special anniversary years. In fact, I'm going to FL in 2 weeks to visit a friend from high school. What is sad is, we've already lost about 10 of our class mates to death. We just lost another one this past week. Edited to mention, the town also brings the oldest living graduates out of the nursing homes and puts them in convertables to wave to the parade audience. (no, they do no let them drive, LOL)
  4. I majored in Commercial Art in college, then went on to be an admin. assistant for the next 25 years. I am currently an Emergency Dispatcher at an Airport which also means I deal with the passengers and their problems too. Only 11 more years and I can retire! I'm counting down!
  5. bathroom

    From the album The Arthur

  6. SDC10059.JPG

    From the album The Arthur

  7. Another view of the bed from scratch

    From the album The Arthur

  8. This is my from scratch bed for the Arthur

    From the album The Arthur

    I wove the bed, knitted the cover, and made the sheets and pillow cases from hankies that were my grandmothers.
  9. Might have to put our cat down tomorrow

    My sympathy to you. I have a friend with a diabetic cat, she gives it shots daily. Are you able to do that or is he past that stage? Sometimes they are stronger than you think. I have one with a heart defect that was not supposed to live past 6 months. She is now 9 and still going strong.
  10. I'm gonna do it!

    Everyones encouragement will keep me going. I may have to rant during the next few weeks but I hope not! ;) In the mean time, I'll be churning out those little blankets! Can't smoke when knitting with needles the size of toothpicks. :o
  11. Quit Smoking

    You have me motivated! We can be "non-smoking" buddies ;)
  12. I'm gonna do it!

    Today will be day 2 on Chantix. I have smoked for 30 years and now am going to quit. My quit date is June 17th. Last week, my Doctor told me my red blood cell count was up, meaning I am not taking in enough oxygen. I don't want to end up dragging around a tank, so I will quit! My life is very happy right now, so that should help with the frustrations of quitting. Supposedly the most common side effect from the Chantix is lucid dreams. Some people quite enjoy them. Hopefully, I will too! I'll just keep my hands busy with my mini's!
  13. Snowing like crazy here

    I would like some snow now too! Here in New Hampshire, it is 100 for the 3rd day in a row. Thank god AC although I may not say that when the electric bill comes!
  14. First Date

    Thank you all for the support. You are like family, so if this works out, I will take a picture! I do plan on taking my time as I am enjoying my single life with my minis and daughters. I haven't been looking for another person in my life, but I guess, when you aren't looking, thats when they show up.
  15. First Date

    LOL Wolfie!