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  1. How to be a good wife 1950's style

    I got a big kick out of this in that I was born in 1947 and grew up with the world revolving around dad's needs. I just finished a neat book called "Keeping the House" by Ellen Baker. It jumps back and forth between the 1950's, 1890's, and 1940's. Each chapter begins with a snippet from a popular women's magazine on how a housewife should properly keep a home. It also centers on a big old victorian mansion where much of the story takes place. A little addendum here. When I was in the 8th grade at Our Lady of the Rosary elementary school, we received a rather terse note to take home to our mothers. The general idea was that mothers picking up their children should not enter the school grounds wearing pants. (!)
  2. Does anyone know any natural remedies for fleas.

    Be careful with mothballs. It can be toxic. I put some out once and nearly did in our parrot! :lol:
  3. Sold a dollhouse NOT

    That totally reeks. I used to do porcelain dolls and sell them occasionally, but really didn't like parting with them for one, and two the lack of respect from the buyer put me off completely.
  4. What is Trigger Thumb?

    Hi Wolfie, I get the same stabbing pain in my joint just below the thumb. One day I was afraid I wouldn't be able to hold onto my baby granddaughter. Exedrin helps sometimes. Also heat gives me some relief. When I use my dremel I rest my upper wrist on the warm part and it feels really good. My mother used to run very hot water on her hands. Doc says arthritis.
  5. One Thing You Won't Spend Your Money on. 7/9/08

    This is a good question that merits some thought. Some things that aren't of interest to me anyway don't need mentioning like smoking, alcohol, gambling/casinos etc. Other people's lists were very interesting too. If I want a book badly enough, I find the money or an affordable copy. I have trouble spending over $100 for a dollhouse, (so far). When I look at miniature pieces, I do a lot of comparing on ebay and online shops, then look for a bargain. Expensive restaurants are a waste of money for me because I have a small appetite.
  6. Five generations

    Funny thing, I had been meaning to catch us all in the same room at the same time, but someone always seemed to be buzzing off somewhere. As it was,when I got out the camera there was much whining about bad hair. You might note that the only one in the picture with good hair is my mother! Thanks for all the nice comments.
  7. Name something You Can Not Live Without 7/10/08

    Guacamole tacos
  8. Five generations

    Due to varying economic situations several members of my family moved back home. This puts five generations of womenfolk under the same roof! There are ten of us altogether now, and somehow we all seem to get along. My mother, who is 91, suffers from dementia. All the kids pitch in to help and let her know she is loved and cherished. It gets very hectic at times, but I feel very blessed. In the picture from left to right: My granddaughter, Amber (19), her baby Jadyn (4mos), my daughter Cathy, my mother Ada, and me - Cheryl. Oh, and I am the only one really into miniatures, but everyone else is very interested and supportive. The females of the clan even hide parcels for me before DH gets home
  9. Fireworks for regular folks

    We are in a pretty rural area here in Southern CA, thus no legal private fireworks. Our house is located right across the street from the high school football field where the fireworks display is set off. They explode right over your head with an enormous sound. Every year our place is the gathering spot for family and extended family, friends and extended friends. The guys start barbequing early in the day; ribs, chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs. We make up gigantic fruit bowls of watermelon, strawberries, kiwi, peaches, grapes and whatever else we can find. Potato salad (as only this grandma knows how to make it ) Salsa, chips, sodas, beer, and every dessert known to man. In the early evening we set up all our chairs in front of the house and blankets for the little ones. We also synchronize a couple of car or truck radios with the fireworks display and the show begins. Of course I secure all the animals in the bedrooms so they don't run amuck. They do stress a bit, but are okay when we sit with them after it's all over. This year our two youngest members, 3 month old Jayden- great granddaughter and 2 year old Emily - granddaughter were overwhelmed by the noise. I walked Jayden around, and daddy held Emily (she hid her eyes through the whole thing). I think we had about 40 people this year. Some of the young marrieds told me this was more fun than Christmas. Of course my husband an ex military man always hangs up flags and strikes colors at the end of the day. It's become such a tradition here, I don't think anyone misses shooting off their own firecrackers.

    I had never heard of fatwallet, but checked it out and they also posted a link to snopes. It turns out that the Nordstrom idea is a hoax. They said that the regular price of their items is just $1.00. Some people did speak very highly of their products, however.
  11. Has anyone tried the MINERAL Powder make-up???

    Outside of lipstick i rarely use makeup. But when I feel like 'puttin on the dog' I do use the Bare Esentials and really like it. I had a lower face and neck lift after I shed 150 lbs and was kind of saggy. I've also had micro derm abrasion. I think the makeup helps.
  12. Does anyone know any natural remedies for fleas.

    My dad rigged up a light flea thingamagig for his bulldog. He didn't believe in chemicals either. He put a light bulb in a small lamp next to the bed Maggie slept in during the day. Underneath the light he put fly paper. I know it sounds kind of crude, but it did seem to work. Incidentally I would think the smell of vinegar would be more offensive to a cat than the itch of the fleas.
  13. Prob at work

    Under the Americans with disabilities act you have a good case if you want to stick it out in a hostile working environment. I think I would start looking around for something that doesn't jeopardize your health.
  14. I need to vent

    Love and prayers from out our way. Always remember, you are not alone.
  15. Christine, you have earned a special place in heaven for teaching middle school. I did that for 20 years and am an adjunct now at a local community college. It is so different. You can turn your back and write on the board without worrying about what is happening behind you. One evening I was in the restroom and the thought suddenly flashed "Oh, I better hurry, the bell is going to ring!" Then it occurred to me. "No it's not! Yay"