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  1. Hi Annie

    I know it's from a very old thread but if you still have the file for the Grandville I would welcome it!




  2. Annie, if you still have those instructions for the Dura-Craft San Franciscan SF-555 will you please email them to me? Thanks Merry Christmas

  3. Weird things people would find...

    Your Grandma must have been hilarious! Too funny, and yes....ewwww!
  4. I met Blanche

    Or Blanche in this case!!! sorry :groucho:
  5. Beginner

    Welcome fellow Kansan! You'll have a blast here! Where in Kansas are you from? There are two of us on this forum that live in Hutchinson, and one in Topeka, and I know I'm missing some......
  6. My mom gave me a pillow that says "Creative minds are rarely tidy..." Think moms is trying to tell me something?
  7. Celebrities without makeup

    Why yes, I do believe I shall get out of bed tomorrow morning. It does make you feel a bit better, eh?
  8. Isn't genealogy interesting!!

    ok, you guys got me "re-hooked". Mom and I went for dinner and put down what we know.....then I went to and did the trial. Hard if you don't know a great grandparents names and so on...........start digging through ancestry. com's records where you THINK they are or from? Whew! I sure didn't get too far!
  9. 1940's magazines

    Oh, Grazhina...........I could spend hours looking at your pics. Hope you know how much all your info is appreciated!!
  10. newbie from KS

    Yes, yes........what town? I too am from "the land of Ahs"! Yea........another "mini neighbor"!
  11. I Wanna Be A......When I Grow Up 2/7/10

    Mine was WAY off.math or accounting? Nooooo way!
  12. Gazette

  13. Auntie in Double Trouble!

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh, babies..............yum!!!!
  14. Lullabyes and Children's Songs

    I always sang the Beatles......"Golden Slumbers", "Long and Winding Road", etc. Any of them....just slower!