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  1. Happy Birthday pastalinda!

  2. Christmas House 004.JPG

    From the album Christmas House

  3. Christmas House 003.JPG

    From the album Christmas House

  4. Christmas House 002.JPG

    From the album Christmas House

  5. Christmas House 001.JPG

    From the album Christmas House

  6. Christmas Greetings

    Hi, Even though I have been lurking from both groups I belong to -- MSAT and Greenleaf -- I have been working on my Santa House. Lots more to do. House needs to be completed. I did the floor and one wall. Needs completion inside and our. The tree needs decorating, as does the entire house. The little girl is Clara, made by Morena Ciambra and the inspiration for the rest. The Santa Doll is from Sandra Calderon, but I dressed and wigged him. I am thinking of curling his hair and beard ???? Anyway, I am going to continue working on this -- my project for early 2011. Wanted to have it all done for FF and for the holidays as a greeting card. So -- picture to my album if I can figure out how -- and a Very Blessed Holiday Season -- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends on the list and at greenleaf.
  7. I'm Baaaaacccckkk...

    Welcome back.
  8. Our new family member

    Abbie is adorable. She has found a good home I am sure. Best wishes for your family of people, dogs, and cat. Blessings, Linda
  9. The Halloween Hutch

    From the album A new project

  10. My witch's Cauldron

    From the album A new project

  11. My Skellie

    From the album A new project

  12. My Scarecrow

    From the album A new project

  13. Happy Halloween

    From the album A new project