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  1. interior2.JPG

    Your little house is incredible Alexander! You are very talented. Looks like you need to build an addition or a little basement floor for it so you can keep adding and displaying new things. I have this problem too!
  2. P1000702.JPG

    What a great idea for floors! Especially for the two oddly shaped rooms on the first and second floors. I was just asking around if anyone knew if there are templates for the Harrison floors and walls available anywhere because it is SO hard to do the floors and walls for these two rooms. This would definitely ensure an accurate fit!
  3. P1000718.JPG

    You are inspiring me to do MY shingles.
  4. P1000703.JPG

    It is awesome to see someone else enjoying their Harrison. You've done a great job with it! Don't you love it's size and the multidimensional possibilities that come with the nice deep rooms! I absolutely love your bannisters. I don't think I can add bannisters at this point without tearing my entire house up, lol! I also love the little ladder you placed on the third floor of the house. It makes it look like the little people that will be moving in have been working hard to get the house painted and ready for their family! : )
  5. sleeping child.JPG

    Your miniature collection is incredible! Do you have all of them displayed in your BH?
  6. I love looking at your work, there is so much detail and you could spend years just checking everything out! The fountain is my favorite!!! Wonderful work!!

  7. Different Word Game 1/7/08

  8. Different Word Game 1/7/08

  9. Word Game 10/14/08

  10. Peanut Butter Nirvana

    Wow! The power of suggestion! I just had to make myself a PB&J just reading this! LOL! My favorite is Peanut Butter and Banana on toasted wheat or toasted 10 grain--served open faced and drizzled with a little honey on top!
  11. Opal Office

    Kathie--I just asked Bill (my husband who is a software engineer) @ this and he said that he recommends It will actually give you a full office suite and has EVERYTHING for Free.
  12. Word Game 10/14/08

  13. Different Word Game 1/7/08

    laid :lol:
  14. Word Game 10/14/08

  15. Living room

    Deb, your bachelor pad is great! It reminds me of my husbands house that he owned before we got married--right down to the web design award! You've done a great job and I've enjoyed seeing your work! Thanks!