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  1. dollhouses as Fanfiction

    So, yesterday I saw the MLA Call for paper for a 2019 conference, and I had an idea.  .  .but I haven’t written a critical paper since grad school. The overall topic is FanFiction, and one of the possible topics on the flyer is "Fanfiction as a reason for adults to enjoy "childish" things".  .  .so I started thinking about my dollhouses and how I base them on stories like Beauty and the Beast or Harry Potter.  .  .but how they are my own version of fanfic.  .  .like, I don't write my fanfiction, I create it in a more tangible way.  .  .   For example, I made a Harry Potter bookstore. But I've actually had to explain to people that it's just a store I imagine would be located in Hogsmeade- there's no bookstore named the Odd Shoppe in the books by JK Rowling, and there is no witch named Bartina Bogtrotter in the books either. I made them up, as an addition to the stories I love.   Anyways, I was wondering if you had any thoughts or insight on something like this.  .  . I was thinking about maybe trying to work up a proposal but I'm not sure what type of thesis I'd set out to prove.  .  .   Have any of you used your dollhouses as works of fanfiction? There's obviously no academic journals on this specific topic I could consult, but I do think it's a valid expression of fandom.   I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  2. Shopkins at McD's

    Anyone else peeked at the newest McDonald's Happy Meal toys? They are Shopkins mini furniture.  My nieces love shopkins and I thought they were cute, but never thought they were the right style for any of my dollhouses. But now that there is furniture in the same theme.  .  .might be fun to do a little roombox or something. Anyone else used Shopkins in dh's before?
  3. Mice are Nice!

        I am thinking it would be cute to have a large bottle, like a wine bottle, with the mouse inside it. She could be sitting in a cozy chair, with a pile of books to read and a plate of cheese?
  4. Mice are Nice!

    It's just the shape of their faces- one looks a little more realistic I guess, while the other one looks 'cartoonish' by comparison.  I've mixed scales before, but I don't think I've ever mixed artistic styles in a single dh/scene, and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.
  5. Mice are Nice!

    So I've had this little red and white mouse for a couple years, and I thought he was cute. Then yesterday I bought the mouse with the glasses on clearance. They were both ornaments, but I think they are too cute to spend 11 months packed away in the basement, so I'm thinking of making a little house for them. They are a similar size, but their faces are different 'styles'.  . .and I'm not sure if I like it yet.  .  .would it look strange to have 2 mice with such different faces next to each other in the same space? The little mouse with the glasses is holding a wine cork (it's glued pretty good, otherwise I'd remove it) so maybe it should a be wine theme- with the mice sharing a bottle? Should the bottle be a real-life sized one, to match the cork she has in her hands? Like, should it be mice with a house/furniture their own size, or should it be mice that exist in a regular human-size space? I can't decide. Right now I'm still brainstorming so I thought I'd ask you all for your input and ideas.
  6. mouse3.jpg

    From the album Mice are Nice!

    the mice are around the same size and both are made of a felted wool type of material
  7. mouse2.jpg

    From the album Mice are Nice!

    A Christmas ornament I just bought
  8. mouse1.jpg

    From the album Mice are Nice!

    the mice are around the same size and both are made of a felted wool type of material
  9. cookies

    From the album Santa's House

    The dough rolled out was from Michael's a couple years ago- the baked cookies are actually just real-life sprinkles that I bought on clearance last year. I just glued them to a little platter I had in my stash.
  10. sign

    From the album Jud's Junk Shop

    "This ain't no museum- this junk is for sale!"
  11. favorite uses for Styfofoam?

    I know I have a few pieces around my house, and I figured with all the holiday packages (and packaging) others might find they have an abundance of this stuff too. Looking for some inspiration, so please give me your ideas and shares your project photos!
  12. Proud Moments

    Well, I am pretty proud of myself for attempting the siding on my Beetlejuice house, but that's still in progress. I think one of my proudest moments is when I accomplished Ariel's Grotto:   It was built completely from scratch with a method I had never attempted before. I almost gave up on it because it didn't seem to be going well, but I persevered. I also used a little sound mechanism in a treasure chest, so that when the chest opens you can hear Ariel 'singing' her song: "Look at this stuff- isn't it neat?".  . .
  13. Christmas house

    I made Santa's house a few years back: Even though it's mostly done, I still find little things to add to it every year
  14. it's getting there

    From the album Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

    once I got into a good groove with doing the siding, it wasn't too bad. The siding is nearly done now.