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  1. flamingo lights

    From the album Stitch's Surf Shack

    I found at Dollar Tree
  2. Little Women

    I've been working on Orchard House a little at a time- I would love to find a doll to put in there and inspire me more. I've been looking around online alot but I cannot seem to find one that makes me think "Oh, that's Jo!" or "She'd be a perfect Marmee!" etc.   Can any of you literature-loving dollhouse gurus point me towards some dolls that make you think of Little Women?
  3. Hagrid

    From the album Harry Potter House

    was very happy to be greeted by Fluffy
  4. Box of Bertie Botts Beans

    From the album Harry Potter House

    There was a Ron Weasley figurine in the clearance aisle at Walmart the other day. I didn't especially want the figurine, but he came with this tiny box of Bertie Botts beans! It's perfect for my HP dollhouse. So I kept the bean box, and put the figurine in the prize box at my library (and a kid already snagged it!)
  5. reflection

    From the album Geisha's Home

  6. new chest of drawers

    From the album Geisha's Home

    an Ebay purchase
  7. I recently found a Fluffy (the 3 headed dog) figurine in a boutique in Albany, NY. I wasn't looking for mini's, but I found him, and he was only $8 so I bought him for my Harry Potter bookstore.  .  . Then the house started talking to me again. Before I knew it, I was purchasing a Hagrid doll on Ebay. Now, since I have Hagrid, Fluffy and a griffon (although it doesn't quite look like Buckbeak), the house is telling me that hagrid and his pets need a little area outside the shoppe, like a pumpkin patch with a firepit, where Hagrid can relax with some butterbeer and spend time with his pets.  .  . And last night I was watching Memoirs of a Geisha, and my little Japanese tea house started talking, saying it needs a proper roof (which I'm working on) but it also needed a new piece of furniture, so once again I cruised Ebay and found a beautiful black, lacquered chest of drawers with a mirror (so the geishas can check their outfits before they venture out for a night).  .  . I love when they speak to me, but it usually means I end up spending money!
  8. Fluffy

    From the album Harry Potter House

    figurine found at a boutique in Albany, NY- wasn't even looking for mini's, but happened across him, and he was only $8
  9. new bed

    From the album Rosehill Cottage

    bought it at the big sale at Earth and Tree Miniatures in NH
  10. Meg & Amy's room

    From the album Large Handmade Dollhouse

    rose wallpaper is a Tim Holtz product
  11. dining room

    From the album Large Handmade Dollhouse

    painted over the faded wallpaper
  12. 1:24 scale furniture

    I'm having a hard time finding some good 1:24 scale furniture.  It seems like everything I look at online is either expensive or super-chintzy, cheap looking. Recommendations for finding decent (price and quality) half scale stuff?
  13. new paint job

    From the album Lucky 13

    on the exterior
  14. signs

    From the album Miscellaneous

    just printed out and glued onto thick cardboard
  15. thrift store music box

    Do you have any info on it? Someone who saw it at the store suggested it might be a Hallmark product, but I don't see any markings on it.