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  1. Mirror of Erised

    Thank you!
  2. Mirror of Erised

    From the album Harry Potter House

    is now hidden in the attic of the bookstore
  3. mirror finish

    I used this product yesterday, and I was pleasantly surprised how mirror-like it was. It's  still not as good as a glass mirror obviously, but it does reflect images rather than just appear silver and shiny
  4. modern bedroom scene

    From the album Mini Creations

    just because I wanted to try something different
  5. stein

    From the album Santa's House

    is a mini ornament from Hallmark. It's a little larger than 1:12 scale, but I still like it
  6. for Game of Thrones fans

    Was just browsing around online and spotted this
  7. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    I think I'm going to end up buying it too
  8. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    I love the Hallmark ornaments because they are high quality items at a much more reasonable price that hand-crafted mini's. Of course I understand why artisan items cost more $, but sometimes you're just looking for little items to 'fill in the gaps', or you have a special themed scene. They're not always perfectly to scale, but I'm not super picky and sometimes scales can be mixed if your scene/story already plays with sizes (like my Harry Potter dh), and you can also force a perspective if you put certain items in the background or foreground.
  9. Has anyone tried these miniature kits??

    I received the bookshop one as a gift and built it over the summer:   I was pleasantly surprised to see the nice quality of the materials, and I'd say it was about 1:24 scale. I've been tempted to do another.  .  .maybe next summer
  10. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    There's also a really cute Fisher-Price schoolhouse toy!
  11. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    whoops! I put the wrong link for the Mickey mouse nutcracker. here it is:   The beer stein that I saw in the store was pretty tiny, so I think it could work
  12. Hallmark Mini Ornaments for 2019

    I stopped at my local Hallmark store today to scope out the ornaments for this year. There are a couple mini ornaments I have my eye on: a little beer stein, for my Santa house: a tiny margarita, for the Lilo and Stitch Surf shop: a Mickey Mouse nutcracker. I don't know what house I'd put it in, but it's adorable: and the vintage arcade game would be perfect for Pee Wee Herman's house:  
  13. light up sandworm

  14. Hagrid in his pumpkin patch

    From the album Harry Potter House

    with all his creatures and beasts