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  1. tons of good summer mini's at Michael's

    the regular selection of mini's at Michael's isn't impressive, but this was one of the season sections that was all set up for spring/summer fairy gardens
  2. today I went into Michael's to check out the Christmas clearance and I spotted 1/2 an aisle of mini's! Usually there's just a little endcap w/ a few things on it for fairy gardens, but there was a ton of stuff! I spotted carnival games, a fortune teller thingy like in the movie BIG, cotton candy on sticks, and a tiny sign that says "Life is better at the beach" and looks like those reclaimed pallet wood signs that are sold everywhere. I bought some tiny flip flops for my Lilo and Stitch surf shop, but when I go back I am going to raid that aisle!
  3. easiest way to hinge doors

    I'm thinking I'm going to try the flexible/cloth hinges first. My kits are now houses, and I used to be content w/ keeping the doors 'closed all the time, but I've decided I should learn how to make a working door.
  4. easiest way to hinge doors

    One of my many shames (at least dh related ones) is that I don't know how to hinge my doors on my houses. Especially when the doors don't seem to fit in the frame well (as is the case w/ some of my kits).   Can any of you give me a tip on the easiest way to get a working door, that doesn't look too bad?
  5. Sad week for my family

    I'm sorry. Losing a loved one is always difficult, but the holidays can make it even harder. Thoughts are with you and your family.
  6. jukebox in shop

    From the album Stitch's Surf Shack

    this project is one that's been slow-going, but it's alot of fun finding accessories for it
  7. new jukebox

    From the album Stitch's Surf Shack

    it's a Hallmark ornament, and it plays "Stuck on You" which is featured in the movie Lilo and Stitch
  8. garden instead of roof

    Yeah, I probably wouldn't purchase one though- I'm sure I could find a way to make one. Maybe a small simple photo frame with a little sand in the middle? Obviously it's wouldn't come with the little bamboo tools but maybe I could find one intended for a fairy garden or something.
  9. garden instead of roof

    Yeah, I was thinking about those too. A long time ago I had a little desktop zen garden that came w/ a miniature rake- wish I knew what happened to it. It would have fit perfectly.
  10. garden instead of roof

    My poor little geisha doesn't have a roof over her head! I mean, she has a ceiling, but the exterior of it isn't finished at all because my attempt at re-creating Japanese style roof was laughable. Today inspiration struck when I thought maybe rather than a plain old roof, maybe she should have a little garden on her roof. I'm having a hard time finding some inspirational photos of Japanese rooftop gardens that aren't ultra-modern trendy ones. I'm thinking just a little garden with simple flowers, some walkways- maybe a little sitting area?   Anyways if anyone has any ideas or inspiration for me please don't be shy.  
  11. Instagram

    A good miniaturist to follow on Instagram is sweetminidollhouse-   She's from Ukraine and the stuff she posts is amazing. I love her photos.
  12. Isn't it nice when people remember your hobby?

    Yeah, I've always been friendly enough w/ him but we're not close, so I thought it was especially nice that he remembered and sent them up to me.
  13. The other day I came into work and there was a note written to me by a 6th grader- apparently his teacher had sent him up to the library with 2 miniature chairs that had been in his mother's collection. When he was cleaning some stuff out, he found them and thought I might like them for my dollhouses.  It was so thoughtful of him- and it made my day. I rarely have anyone remember that I have this hobby, let alone surprise me with miniatures. Luckily I had recently made some Oreo truffles, so when I went to thank him for the chairs, I delivered one to him and he enjoyed it with his coffee.  
  14. Instagram

    Just started following you! (YMSlibrary)
  15. Instagram

    It's not my personal account, but I made on for my school library, and I do post pics of the dollhouses I display there. Our user name is: ymslibrary