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  1. Those surprise package subscriptions are so popular now! StitchFix, Le Tote, ones about wine, beer, even bacon.  .  .I started thinking that if I could find one that delivered me a dollhouse mini every month, I might splurge on it. So I did a bit of Googling, and apparently there is one: but it's for the gaming people who play Hordes and Warmachine. I wish there was one for dollhouse mini's- anyone know of one? Wouldn't it be exciting to receive a new, exclusive miniature every month?! Even if it didn't go along with any of your current dollhouses or projects, it could be a great source of inspiration, and items could always be traded if you really couldn't find a use for it.
  2. delicious food

    From the album The Professor's Humble Abode

    looks like the Professor is getting ready for a wine and cheese soiree
  3. Four Houses Banner

    From the album Harry Potter House

    made a banner that show all four Hogwarts houses. The little cardboard flags were snipped from some packaging for human-size banners
  4. Dollhouse Dental Cabinet

    I struggled with severe dental phobia for a long time (thankfully I have a good dentist now)- maybe if more of them had 'friendlier' offices with dollhouses, I wouldn't have dreaded going all the time. :-p
  5. Dollhouse Dental Cabinet

    I recently visited the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland. There was a cabinet for dental tools that is meant to look like a dollhouse! They were produced in the 1930's as a way to make dental offices more welcoming to children. This one was in use from the early 1930's until the early 1950's. I had never heard of these before!
  6. House of Miniatures kits

    I was recently gifted a box of House of Miniatures furniture kits. I know I am not going to have any time in the foreseeable future to build these, though. And I have a number of other items that I am trying to find/buy for the dollhouses I am currently working on. If anyone is interested in buying these, or possibly trading for them, please message me. I wanted to offer them to forum members before Ebay.
  7. Erin

    Hi Erin! You have the best name ever!   (also my first name)
  8. making dolls

    I've been searching like mad for a grandfather/old man doll that I like. I recently got Jud's Junk Shop set up again, but I don't have a Jud! His name is a reference to Pet Semetary, and the character that Fred Gwynne plays. You know, a real old-timer Mainer, with the thickest accent you've ever heard, who still drinks Moxie and practically lives on his porch, waiting for a confused tourist to stop and ask for directions so he can say: "Can't get there from here." It seems the grandpa dolls in my price range don't have any character in their faces, and their hair is always very unnatural looking, and they're dressed in the most bizarre fashions.  .  .   Anyways, I might have to try and find a kit and the find someone to help put him together and dress him
  9. bike

    From the album Jud's Junk Shop

    $3.47 on clearance at Hobby Lobby
  10. quote

    From the album Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

    in Lydia's bedroom
  11. newspaper

  12. newspaper