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  1. interior walls

    From the album Mice are Nice!

    are cardboard with 'wood' contact paper on them
  2. 'antique' radio for roombox

    Another find from Goodwill Buy the Pound- an 'antique' radio, that already had a opening in the back! It will make a perfect mouse house. There are some photos in my Mice are Nice album: Has anyone done a roombox in an antique radio before? I don't think I would have thought to do one if I hadn't found this yesterday, all ready to go.
  3. radio back

    From the album Mice are Nice!

    with nice open space inside- perfect for a mouse house!
  4. radio front

    From the album Mice are Nice!

    meant to look like an antique
  5. thrift store music box

    Any pictures  to share?
  6. thrift store music box

    Found this Christmas music box decoration at Goodwill Buy the Pound today. It's plastic, but it looks nice. It's begging to be transformed into a half scale dollhouse! The outside already looks great. I started by ripping out the cheap, resin figurines. You can see the plastic, knobby portions left behind sticking up. I will be re-doing the floors ASAP. The music box mechanism still works, but the battery-operated lights do not work anymore. It was too cute to just let it languish there.

    I've never bought one before- what kind of goodies are in there?
  8. Instagram

    me too! you can find me @tiedyelibraryn I post dollhouse and mini pics, but I also post pics of my cats, my bunnies, my kid and book recommendations (I'm a librarian)
  9. For Beauty & Beast fans!

    Yes, I have used Barbie stuff before in my 1:12 dollhouses, so sometimes I wonder how many of her accessories are truly 1:6 scale.  .  .it's nice to have so many options- Barbie usually has some pretty good stuff!
  10. For Beauty & Beast fans!

    Today at Marshall's, I picked up a set of 1:6 scale miniatures based on the live action Beauty and the Beast! They were only $3.99! Target has them as well: They are meant to go with the Belle Barbie doll (which is supposed to look like Emma Watson), but I wanted to put them in La Libraire de Belle. Even though they are not 1:12 scale, they look OK. Here's a pic of how they look in my dollhouse:
  11. 1:6 scale mini's

    From the album La librairie de la Belle

    accessories for the Belle Barbie doll
  12. 1:6 mini's

    From the album La librairie de la Belle

    accessories for the Belle Barbie doll
  13. kitchen upgrades

    From the album Rosehill Cottage

    table and chairs, new cabinet with dishes
  14. kitchen

    From the album Lucky 13

    has same color scheme as Pee Wee's Big Adventure
  15. decorating for Christmas

    Since I already have a Santa house, a Christmas Story house and a Christmase Mouse House, I never decorate my other houses.  .  .but lately I've been thinking about how cute it would be to decorate Rosehill Cottage, with all pink/shabby chic decorations