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  1. living room

    From the album Lucky 13

    is designed to look like Pee Wee's Playhouse
  2. cowboy wallpaper

    From the album Lucky 13

    a pretty good match to the wallpaper in PW's bedroom in the Big Adventure movie
  3. in store

    From the album Lucky 13

  4. new character upstairs

    Thank you! I did not make the chAracter myself, but she fits in perfectly
  5. new character upstairs

    From the album Harry Potter House

  6. Hermione & Crookshanks

    From the album Harry Potter House

  7. Lucky $13

    Found this at Goodwill last wknd for $13! It has the really nice, life-like shingles on it, but is mostly unfinished.    A while back I had an idea for doing Pee Wee's house from Pee Wee's Big Adventure. He has so much weird stuff in his house that it'd be fun to find furniture and accessories, and if something is slightly out of scale, it would just match the style. I like the movie better than the TV show, but I also plan to put some nods to that in the house. First things first, gotta repaint it red.
  8. dollhouse company?

    This pic came up on my Instagram feed yesterday. The house looks adorable, but I didn't see any info about the company that makes it.    There seem tob e similar ones on Amazon, and it looks like they come from China.   Has anyone had experience with these houses before?
  9. purple lights

    From the album Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

    from Dollar Tree, just for fun
  10. Beetlejuice Living Dead doll box

    From the album Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

    an Ebay buy, b/c I can never resist putting a little meta-fiction in my dh's
  11. front door

    Thanks so much! It's been a long process, but I do love the way it's coming along
  12. Tennyson door tip

    Since I bought my Tennyson dollhouse at Goodwill for a buck, it was basically just a structure. It didn't have any of the building components like window frames or doors. I was able to make the windows by using upcycled clear plastic from containers (like take-out ones that I kept and washed) and some popsicle sticks.Finding doors the right size for the openings was a challenge because I didn't have the ones that were meant to be with the dollhouse kit, and the nice quality ones that are stocked at places like Hobby Lobby were not the right size. (I really don't have the tools or expertise to resize the opening in a kit that's already assembled and on it's way to being completed.) The upstairs door to the porch was attached to the exterior rather than sitting flush in the opening. It's not ideal, but it doesn't look awful.Trying to get a front door has been more difficult. The dollhouse is meant to have double doors, but I couldn't find any double doors the right size. I had some cardboard ones installed for a bit, but they looked terrible.Then yesterday, the Goddess of Free Stuff smiled on me again!I picked up a huge stash of Barbie stuff from the side of the road, including a nice Barbie house and a whole bag of dolls, accessories and other assorted plastic do-dads.In the bag, was this random pink and white plastic door;  apparently, it's supposed to be part of a fairy door kit: It's the perfect height for the house! I just need to add some trim around the sides to hide the gap. There's a pic of it in my gallery:   So if there's anyone out there in need of a door for their Tennyson dollhouse, you can look into buying one of those fairy doors and just add a little trim on the sides (I used wide craft sticks cut to size)
  13. help w/ replacement door

    Thank you! I did not realize such a saw would be so affordable. I would like to try this method.
  14. help w/ replacement door

    I bought my Tennyson at a Goodwill a few years ago. It was a bargain (one dollar!) but it was missing alot of pieces, including the doors. Now that I am almost done with the siding, I bought a replacement door at Hobby Lobby. It's a good quality door and it looks nice.  But the door frame is bigger than the opening in the house! I don't really have the tools required to cut into the house to widen the opening. Has anyone else used these replacement doors in Greenleaf houses before? Looking for advice/suggestions on this issue.