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  1. ranch 18

    Oooh,loving this!!
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    Oh,wow,that is awesome,Tracy! Can't wait for you to start a Grandma's Bragging Rights album! http://hgfa6.qgo2e.servertrust.com/Grandma-Bragging-Rights-Picture-Frame-p/gg-3022.htm I'm sooo jealous! LOL
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    My son took me over the Missisippi line for brunch at a fairly new IHOP restaurant. Oh,my word,it was so good! Then we made a couple of other stops and when we got home I was exhausted! I felt bad all day yesterday,but it was warm today and the sun was shining so pretty that before we left home I made my son wait on me a minute while I went over and stood in a spot of sun peeking through the oaks in the front yard and I stood there just turning in circles and basking in it for a minute! Holly,you have me wondering about my mother's pacemaker now! She's not at all athletic like you,but she never stops going until her knees just kill her and she rests a day and then is back at it again. At 80,she could run circles around most women half her age-slower circles,but still... Nobody better call her granny!LOL But I sure hope you do get an answer from your physician about this-I agree with all y'all,it just doesn't make sense to wait... Heidi,I love the bed-that frame is awesome! All this talk of painting is giving me ideas-when I'm back to 'normal' I'm gonna ask my landlord if I can paint my blah bathroom a pretty color. I know he won't mind,but I better ask to be sure-I'd love a lemon yellow or something like that to 'warm' it up....
  4. ranch 10

    Love this back splash!
  5. Lighted display cabinet under the stairs

    I love this idea-is it pin-hinged?
  6. Still needs some work, but it works!

    Oh,my word! It's fantastic!
  7. Dresser in Use

    It's beautiful,Rackey!
  8. Modge Podge Tissue Paper Candle Holder

    Very nice!
  9. It's Anna's Special Day!

    Wishing You A Happy Birthday,Anna,And Maaannnyyy More! :yay:
  10. We have to try to laugh,don't we,to survive some things? The first thing my older son said after my diagnosis in July was "Aw,you're gonna get through this and one day 20 years from now we'll look back and say 'Remember that summer you had cancer?' and gave me a big grin and squeezed my shoulder reassuringly.
  11. Oh,Tracy,I've told you before how much I love Mr.Cain! Lucky kids to have him speak to them!
  12. Finished laying the hardwood floor today!

    This is beautiful! I love your window pulls,too!
  13. room Box side view

    No,not shabby in the least-I love this! And you gave me incentive to use fabric on the exterior next time I do a Christmas roombox.
  14. 20150117 145344 resized

    Such a sweet thing to do and it's all lovely!
  15. 1/2 Scale First Lady by RGT

    Oh,wow! Love your choices!