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  1. IMG 7125

    This all looks so great and this photo makes the kitchen look life size! Great job!
  2. The Paradise-BBC show on Netflix

    Does the book have the creepy guy Jonas? Or is that all BBC too?--Glad the book has a happy ending... Tappy
  3. The Paradise-BBC show on Netflix

    Thanks for the info Kathie! That is really interesting that Katherine & her father aren't in the book--as you mentioned they are so important to the tv plot lines! Tappy
  4. The Paradise-BBC show on Netflix

    Yes that is interesting Paris vs London, but maybe it is just easier to have English speaking people in England than try to pretend it is France?...Does it seem like the book will only cover season one? They have obviously left the tv show open for season two--with the scorned fiance plotting her revenge and all... I will definitely read the book if they don't resolve the plot lines on the tv show, unless the book ends the same as season one! Is it a good read? Is the translation ok? Tappy
  5. The Paradise-BBC show on Netflix

    Our local PBS station has been airing a lot of great costume or 'time period' dramas--both The Paradise & Mr. Selfridge mentioned above, along with The Bletchly Circle, Father Brown, and Call the Midwife--all great 1950's stuff, both urban & rural...and the new Upstairs Downstairs which has been a bit of a whirl-wind from, I think early to late 1930's--(I also have gotten the 3 seasons of Land Girls from my local library, set in WWII, which also has great late 30's style). And of course Downton Abbey... Sorry to hear The Paradise was only two seasons--hopefully it will have the plots resolved and not leave us hanging like so many American TV series that get cancelled... Tappy
  6. Magnolia- porch closeup

    How adorable and what a great idea!
  7. Spring Fling 2014

    I didn't realize there was drama over the Anything Goes...just remember the cool items people submitted... Thanks for posting the link on the HBS Buttercup contest...I too have issues browsing their site... So, still no word or hint yet?!...Isn't there usually some sort of hint or chatter?... Tappy
  8. Spring Fling 2014

    I hear ya Selkie! My track record for completion is still zero on the four or five I have purchased, but I always enjoy the anticipation and excitement of a new Fling project/contest! I like your suggested time frame too, though it doesn't look like the kick off will be today...It is always a win for me to just get to marvel at the fabulous creations of the folks who actually finish the projects and enter them in the contest! There are already so many cool affordable items in the GL/Corona line (like the Travel Trailer and small houses used for the past HBS contests), and I really like the furniture idea--this is something I have actually completed! And do you remember the Fall Fling Anything Goes contest? That one was neat too--it was any GL/Corona item, which really helped show case a lot of the items that you forget are even in the line (arbors, etc.)... Tappy
  9. exterior

    What a great shot! The house looks life-size! The whole house & landscaping is beautifully done! Thanks for sharing!
  10. You are so right Kat! You got me thinking I need to get busy as well...I would hate for my family to have to clear out my stuff if anything happened. And, I guess it isn't fair to expect my folks to clear out their's when mine isn't that much better (just a much smaller house, so slightly less volume!!)...I am thinking about marking all new incoming craft items with an 'expiration' date--if I don't use it within one year of purchase, it has to be given away or tossed...might be a motivator to finish things and a reality check before purchasing if I have to stop and think if I will get it done within the next year! Tappy
  11. That is too funny about the bonfire/haunting!! Regarding downsizing before someone else has to do it for you is very thoughtful...I keep asking my folks to do the same with their place--just get rid of the stuff that doesn't have any meaning or use anymore--that is probably more than half of what they own--and maybe they could actually use a spare bedroom for guests instead of just as junk storage... Tappy
  12. Thanks Selkie & Turtlemoon for the time-finding suggestions... Selkie, your hubby's description "only in miniature" makes your project sound very intriguing! Hope it is coming together well for you! Tappy
  13. Time...that is my biggest issue! Not that I lead an exciting life, I just work full time and have other committments (family, house & yard, etc.)... My fling and flingling accessories have been so patiently and quietly waiting, nestled snug in their cat-safe shipping box...but it just seems like there are not enough hours in the day! So, Fellow Flingers, what is your best advice for making time to work on your Fling projects? I really want to finish mine this year! Tappy
  14. Mine is on the truck headed hopefully to my house today! I hope they find it! I can relate to those stories of UPS not finding the house--I got a box that was stamped that my address didn't exist one time too, but since I got it, they obviously found it! I just ordered mine last Thursday the 16th--I just ordered some Fling things and some shingles for my half-finished Pierce I got at an auction. One time I ordered a laser cut house along with a die-cut and it took a little longer since I had to wait on the laser cut one to be lasered. Hope you don't have to wait much longer Morgan & Natalia. GL customer service is super nice--I had called when my order seemed stuck (waiting on the laser item)--and they were really helpful explaining the delay and when it would go out. Tappy
  15. I spent the weekend deciding what I should build, then came in to work (no computer at home) and took another look at the kit and those ideas went out the window! I hopefully came up with something better! I love all of the new options and pieces parts. I just ordered today, so really I have no excuse not to finish it this time--since we have until Halloween?!? That just might be too much time for even me to procrastinate! I just can't let the past 4 unfinished SFs see this one coming in the door! There could be trouble!! Happy Flinging to All!! Tappy