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  1. Finally got around to posting my progress on the dollhouse. :) Okay now to get off the internet and actually be productive!

    1. shaseltine

      Looks great!

  2. 6/21/08 Which are you?

    I'm an introvert in the real world (social anxiety ) but pretty extroverted online. That's the lovely thing about the internet!
  3. A few ppl mentioned that alternative instructions exist for most the dollhouses. I've only been able to find the ones I already got w/ the kit for the Willow (Corona Concepts). Anyone know where these alt instructions for Willow are?

  4. Grandma's nightgown

  5. P1090054 2

    Love the dollhouse within the dollhouse. I'll have to get one of those little ones after I've made mine!
  6. That's awesome! I'll check it out. And thank you.
  7. Thank you everyone for the replies! I'm glad to see this is such an active community, especially since there's such great tips and resources to find on here. Thanks all for the suggestions! I will definitely be posting images and updates once I've begun work. I'm going to be getting supplies on Sunday hopefully so should be able to get started soon.
  8. Oh awesome! I live about an hour from Richmond, near Charlottesville. We actually just moved here in Aug '12 for my boyfriend to attend UVA. It's a beautiful state, we really are loving it. We're from Texas, so the weather and seasons and trees are all a very nice change for us.
  9. I'm going to get supplies on Sunday to start work on The Willow. Until then I guess I'll be studying the assembly guide, as it's kind of intense, haha.

    1. Chris P.

      I agree with Morgan.

  10. Just joined. Set up my profile and made an introduction on the newbie forum. Looking forward to using this site some more and working on my new dollhouse! :)

  11. Haunted Heritage - latest dry fit

    Absolutely love your work on this house! And I love the description you wrote about the way you envisoned it "not completely dilapidated but in a state that might make you pause to enter...but with a warm albeit old and perhaps historically creepy interior." That's definitely the feeling I want to go for in my dollhouse. I'll come back to your album for inspiration!
  12. Hi, my name is Brittanie. I just joined this group today, the same day I received my Willow Dollhouse Kit in the mail (this model in case you're not familiar). I haven't begun working on it yet, I intend to take my time and do things as well as I can because I've never worked on a dollhouse before. I had one that my dad built when I was little but that was long ago and it wasn't from a kit (plus I didn't help build it!)... But I'm an artist so I have a vision for it. I hope this will be a good project for me to relax and have fun with in my down time. I'm hoping to achieve an old somewhat abandoned house look, although I have no idea if that will be possible or not. I work in mixed media with my art so I do a lot of distressing and staining with paper, I'm hoping I can apply similar techniques to wood and wallpapers and such. Wish me luck! :surrender: I've always really loved dollhouses. Something about the creepy but calming image of the miniature house in a child's room has always appealed to me. I really love antique dollhouses but they're too expensive for me right now. My fascination with them has been apart of much of my art and writing! A little about myself: I'm in my 20s, living in central Virginia US (I'm originally from TX) with my boyfriend and our 3 pets (1 blue heeler, and 2 kitties). I'm a freelance artist and I'm also currently working on my first novel. I spend a lot of time online, making art, and hanging out with my bf and pets. I'm a pretty big homebody but I also love nature and going exploring. I have an aesthetic love for Victorian era, Georgian era (which is the era my dollhouse is from, architecture wise), abandoned buildings, shabby chic style, girly style, natural earthy tones, dark and gloomy things, and lots more... An example of a style I love for dollhouses, this is an antique that sold for thousands! I'll be recording my experience with my dollhouse on my blog which you can see here. :type: I admit I'll be posting there more often than here but I'm going to try to use this site to get help, inspiration, and to make friends! :yes: