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  1. What are you up to today? This week?

    Dearest Wolfie,you are not wimping out on anybody.Those who know you will be patient.Your health is more important than a few dolls.Take it easy beautiful and you'' be our dollmaster again.If we could ,Liza and I would be there in an instant to do what ever needed doing.Take care my sister/friend. Margaret
  2. furniture

    Gorgeous furniture-not enough cash(what's a credit card ?)
  3. Hello

    Welcome to the forum
  4. Hello from Norway

    Welcome as well to the forum
  5. Slightly Irked

    A friend of mine(at least I thought he was a friend) knew I was building a dollhouse and offered to pick up some stuff for me.He told me it wouldn't cost me anything.Yesterday I get an email stating that he needs a baseball cap from some football team and a t-shirt and some other cap and he has to have it by July 28.I am feeling used right now.I politely and succinctly informed him that I can not buy the items as I am financially strapped.I am so ticked off by his actions.
  6. Word Game 10/14/08

  7. Different Word Game 1/7/08

  8. Free Paint

    Hope you enjoy your paint-offer not valid for Canadians
  9. The Surgeon Raises the Knife

    Pat -I'm wishing you a very speedy recovery.Remember to do your exercises before and after and the recovery will be oh so much faster.Mom had a hip replacement in November of last year and walks like she never needed one.If you are scared ,check out a website entitled .There is a virtual hip replacement and a virtual knee replacement.Take it easy-do plenty of minis and I hope you'll be back soon with us again Margaret
  10. U.S. Census

    I wouldn't answer any of the personal questions either.I prefer not to give any personal info unless absolutely necessary
  11. Happy Birthday shannonc60 and New Day (Traci)

    :hug: Hope your day is one spent with oodles of mini fun.That's what I hope to do as it's my birthday too
  12. Different Word Game 1/7/08

  13. Word Game 10/14/08

  14. Life Happens

    Sending healing and positive thoughts your way
  15. Will be off line for a few days

    I'm back-did you miss me?