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  1. Does anyone know when HL will run another half off miniatures??

    1. Blondie

      Prob only the big 40% off one next April 1st, but I'm not certain.

    2. Debora59

      Almost every week you can use their 40% coupon in one item and then a few times per year they have the Dollhouse miniatures at 50% off, but I have not figured out their pattern so I just watch the add online each week

  2. OMG - last thing I want to do is go back to March!! April - Keli and I are meeting up. Too bad you are unable to go!!
  3. Anyone planning on going? 3-10-13 and 3-11-13
  4. Mini Kindle with Box

  5. Outside Access to Our GL Blogs?

    I have seen in my personal email that someone had replied multiple times on a mini show post i made a few months ago. When I checked it at the forum a moderator must have removed them all.
  6. Great Big Mystery Box

    Good for you Pam! If you are not able, I am game! alpangle @ comcast dot net
  7. New to forums, old to minis

    Welcome! I just found your blog last week by (happy) accident!
  8. Toldedo Miniature Show

    You didnt miss much. Half of the tables there were displays. Saving my $$ for the Ann Arbor show!! See you there!
  9. Anyone plan on going?
  10. Crystal Cove a 1/2 Scale Lighthouse

    I love it! I was just trying to decide what half scale to get next - and I think this might be it. Did you paperclay?
  11. IMG 2038

    Wonderful! I might have to try to make a bench seat under my half scale victorianna's stairs!
  12. Thanks guys! Kelly - your blog is coming along great! If you need help with setting it up, just let me know! I had to have help with various things on mine too.
  13. Fireplace wall

  14. sideview addition

    From the album Half Scale Victorianna

    Will cut the excess material off once it dries.