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  1. Computer Experts...this ones for you!

    I'm not a computer expert, but experienced a similar problem. Be persistant about contacting a supervisor at your DSL provider, they record every time you call. I eventually got someone to change my line to a data line and redo the line. You shouldn't have to pay for the service your not getting.
  2. Name something You Can Not Live Without 7/10/08

    Fur babies, mini everything, and
  3. Talking to dh

    My fairfield poked at me , somehow I didn't mind . I convinced her that her floor needed to be covered.
  4. Four years to build

    http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/...S&ATTR=News I would be horrified if I spent that long building, then burned it?
  5. Daily Exercise Journal

    :groucho: Did anyone check inches lost; sometimes weight doesn't show but lost inches do. Maybe those pants fit a little looser, etc.
  6. Cats and New Carpets!!!

    My cat comes with a ack-hck alarm, she meows loudly while walking thru the house right before the event
  7. Real House Cleaning

    Did you read the story in yahoo odd news about the german women who divorced her husband because he cleaned too much.. he knocked down a wall cause it was dirty and rebuilt it, after 15 years she couldn't deal with it.
  8. Where would you rather live?

    ;) Iwant to live in my mini house and get in my mini car and go visit all you other mini people in your mini cars and houses.
  9. Spring Fling 2009

    Yeah, early... "The early bird gets the worm" What would spring fling be without that??????? :yes:
  10. Spring Fling 2009

    Tick tock... :thumb: :lol: . Spring fever :o !
  11. One of my furkids is sick...

    Cats are really amazing tho, there must be someting to the "nine lives", I've had many cats with varying degrees of illnesss from time to time and they bounce back so quick. Wishing all of you the best!
  12. It is really right there, don't give up, come back later and act like your don't care
  13. ;) I must be "link" blind......gotta go out in the working world.
  14. Animal Companion Stories

    Anson was 5 years old and had dialated cardiomyopathy and was on 5 different medicines. He used to roam the house but for two weeks he would sleep on top of the hamper in the bathroom downstairs. One night I awoke to the cat who had come upstairs for the first time, the house was full of carbon monoxide from a hole in the furnace. He saved my life and subsuqently did not come upstairs again, he passed only a month later.