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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Karin I'm so happy for how excited you are with your new doll adventure.   Last night I finished up the basic decorating for the 2 dollhouse shaped roomboxes I got last weekend. I had fun going through my stash and finding places for all the neat things I've bought over the years. I wasn't able to locate the painting I got from Lyssa a few years ago, so I need to do a little more digging. A couple things are just "stand ins" until I can find the right thing. I need a night stand for sure. And then there's one room im still kinda struggling with. I have an amazing Bespaq bathroom set that needs to go in there. The box itself is Bespaq, and it just goes so well. But first, it seems kinda silly having a 2 story house shaped box that houses a dining room and bathroom only. But also, the bathroom set doesn't quite fill the room. Right now a bed and night table are in there as well. If I found a nice room divider screen that might work. I also considered looking for a matching vanity, maybe dresser too, then it is a more substantial room than just a bathroom with 3 fixtures. Opinions, ideas? Miniature Designs has their annual mini garage sale in 4 weeks, so I'll keep my eyes open there.  
  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    Can't wait to see the progress Kathie! Today I spent about 15 minutes outside clearing out weeds and old leaves from my plant bed. That's about all I care to do, I am so not an outdoor gardening person. I had not done that before the new plants started coming up, so it was a little challenging. I planted an Easter lily 5 or 6 years ago, and it comes back up and blooms every year. This year it has 5 little "babies" around it. Some of them are too close together and probably won't make it, but maybe one or two might. Next weekend we'll go get mulch at Home Depot and put that out the following week. We are on spring break that week, and have a few productive projects planned. But I really hope to get some good mini time in too!
  3. What are you up to today? This week?

    Jackie that makes me cold!
  4. Flower Garden View

    So tiny and cute! You did a great job! :)
  5. Kitchen

    Cute rugs! Did you make them?
  6. Parlor

    Love this wallpaper! 
  7. Tootsietoy Furnishings (1940s)

    What a wonderful cozy kitchen!
  8. Atlanta folks

    Yep Kathie! Spring will have to wait a couple more days!!
  9. Atlanta folks

    Another blustery day here in Atlanta, we are under a wind advisory all day. Lots of howling wind at my house last night too. And the tempd will barely make it out of the 40s. Brrrr.
  10. Atlanta folks

     Thanks Carmen! I haven't heard any reports of injuries, so that's good.  It really was the craziest storm I've seen though, at least in a long while.
  11. Atlanta folks

    I am good. Kathie is a little further west than I am, and I think they got it a little harder. If we don't hear from her soon I can text her. We had about the craziest storm I've ever seen last night. The wind was clocked in my town at 110mph at one point. I have never see a lightning storm like that in my life. And the rain... Lots of hail too.
  12. The Country DollHouse kits are Almost Gone Again!

    This was in the email about the house. Not the reset email.
  13. The Country DollHouse kits are Almost Gone Again!

    Roxy, I think in my email at the very bottom it said the site had been redone, and you have to create a new store account. I've deleted the email already, but maybe try that.
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Yes Kathie!! I really shouldn't have gotten them... But they've been hollering at me for 2 years. I remember when they showed some preview pictures as they were setting up for a sale, I spotted them then, and couldn't wait to get in the store to see them.  I couldn't decide which one I wanted. And besides, it would have been shame to break up the set.  Holly, what a lot of work! But I'm sure you are so glad to have that done. The only miniature magazine I have is the issue that has Jeremy's tudor in it.
  15. What's everyone working on?

    I just got back from Miniature Designs, where I finally gave in and bought 2 Bespaq 2 story roomboxes/vitrines that I have been eyeing for 2 years. They are Second Empire style, with solid walls on two sides and glass on the other two. So I'm about to go and play. I have a lot of nice furniture I've bought on a good deal that is just hanging out in drawers. Finally time to use it! I'm so excited.