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  1. What's everyone working on?

    Not much to show for today, it was kind of a fiddly day. Spent a bit of time doing paint touch ups, and putting a second coat of paint on the stairs. Got the living room wallpaper up except for the part to go around the stairs. My first attempt was a fail, so I'll try that again tomorrow. Started trying to cut a template for the bay window floor, but decided to just paint the floor for a base color underneath the floor strips. Two of the porch posts needed little spheres on top to match the others, but I found some "furniture buttons" which are flatter than a sphere, that I actually liked a little better. So those got painted and installed.
  2. Favorite power tools?

    Karin, calipers are very good at measuring things very precisely. And I guess the digital ones are even more precise. I've never used digital, only the plain. I've got some on my want list... I love calipers, any ki d of rulers really. Speaking of, I found a 18" metal ruler at Hobby Lobby yesterday!! I need one of those.
  3. What's everyone working on?

    I'm calling the inside half done. That could be argued slightly, but I'm still going with that. 4 rooms (out of 8) have floor and at least some wallpaper on the walls. And the two rooms that have caused so much drama are done except a border along the top in one room. Up next is cutting more wood strips.
  4. What's everyone working on?

    So I finally made some progress on wallpapering, yay. Got 2 rooms papered tonight. Made a couple changes on floor choices, so that means cutting more wood strips, but that's pretty easy with my big paper cutter. I got them all measured and marked today. So hoping this will be a very productive weekend!
  5. What's everyone working on?

    Have fun Nutti!! So, omg... This house. If it has one more "challenge", it is going to end up with nice pretty floors and all plain white walls! ARGHHH!!! Not to go into detail on the latest comical line of events, but here's the short version. Two rooms have been giving me fits finding wallpaper that will fit. I finally found a combination and solution that I am very happy with. One involves striped wallpaper. Was dry fitting for final measuring, and realized one the dividing walls was put in crooked (I bought this pre-built). To the tune of 1/8". That's noticeable with stripes. Ugh. So now to rethink this again, I think I am on Plan D for this area now. :(
  6. What's everyone working on?

    Today I took the bedroom carpet to work and measured it out according to the drawing I made  last night. As I was adding things, I realized that I was off by 1/8" on one side. So I didn't draw out the bump out. Which is good, because I figured out just as I was placing the scissors to cut, that I had drawn on the back, and if I had cut, it would have been upside down! But now I have a nice manageable square that I can work with tonight and finish cutting to size. Right side up.
  7. Beacon Hill Staircase (with mod)

    I cut the tabs off the stairs and was able to slide the staircase in and out. That made decorating so much easier. Slide in to measure, then slide out to install trim and such. When everything behind the staircase was installed, I put it in permanently. It was tight enough I didn't have to glue. Then I put on the rest of the staircase trim.
  8. What's everyone working on?

    Kelly, your project is sounding a lot like mine. Anything that can go wrong... It's almost comical the list of things that have been harder than it should have been. Thank goodness this weekend is over! And we'll just leave it at that. But , I did get some mini time in today. The outside is now done, except possibly some sanding and touch up paint to the porch rails I painted and glued in this evening. And if I never have to assemble another porch railing ever, my feelings won't be hurt! Now it's back to the inside and having to make a new wallpaper plan since my last plan didn't work out.  
  9. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    Oh that is awesome. So cute and unique!
  10. Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List Links

    The Columbian and Brookfield are the same house, I think the only difference is the door. I have one... Unfortunately it's missing the door!! So I'm not sure which one it is.
  11. What's everyone working on?

    Yeah, I am very thankful for my mom and everything she does for is. But sometimes I do get on my bad attitude and just want to do things myself, without my mom being in charge of everything. When you get to be a grandma, you should get to be the old one in charge, but yet I'm still under her. That's why I'd rather just drive there, of course that takes time too, and did I mention I'm just below terrified of interstate driving?? And i make the trip by myself. Okay, I'm done, don't mean to whine. But I had stuff to do and it's just kinda disappointing. But I'll be okay. He'll have a good time at the egg hunt, and then we'll spend the rest of the night saying "No, no more candy!". But now on top of cleaning, i also have to decorate the house, bake bread and cakes, and cook something. Oh and Saturday night after I've spent the day chasing a 2 year old, i still have to go home and color eggs with my kids (who are older, so not a lot of supervision required. And the egg coloring is for me, not them, they could care less!) I'm sorry to whine, especially when you don't have a good relationship with your mom, and I know others no longer have her with them. My attitude will get better. Doesn't help work is annoying the mess out of me right now too!! Oh, and when I say she's old, she's really not that old, just a lot older and less energy than a 2 year old!
  12. What's everyone working on?

    Yeah...  Guess that does sound bad with no background info! Because my mom is old, and grandson is 2. And she's sweet to offer to keep him for my daughter for several days, but she can't handle him by herself!  So I go after work and on the weekends to help and bathe him and put him to bed.  Personally, I'd rather drive the 3 hours and spend the night to visit with him, but she likes doing this, and plus she wants to take him to the church Easter egg hunt.  Which is another whole stress point there!  Also when he's up here visiting, the other great-grandparents can come over and visit.  It is hard for them to make the trip very often.  I am his only grandparent, but he has lots of greats!  We usually get to see him about every 4-6 weeks. Also, me and my sister and our families go to my mom's every single Sunday afternoon for dinner, and mama cooks for us all.  She also does all the "Monday holidays", and Thanksgiving, New Years, and Easter.  I only host Christmas, and we don't go to my sister's house (many reasons for that).  And mama cooks all the food and brings it over, and I do desserts.  Since they will be driving for several hours Sunday to take him home she asked if everyone could come to my house since she wont have much time to cook.  But, she will still bring the ham, and probably still cook.  Because that's what she does!  And not having Easter dinner is not an option.  I'm surprised she's okay with missing church, but her church streams the service online, so she'll just watch it that way. I will just have to stay focused and put on my super-woman hat!!     
  13. What's everyone working on?

    After this weekend's wallpaper failure challenge, I decided to turn the house around and work on the outside some more while I come up with a new plan. Last night a painted the porches.  I was hoping not to have to repaint that, as it was still in good shape, but there was just too much dirty up under the porch railings that I couldn't get clean.  Plus, now it matches the foundation that did have to be repainted, so it's for the best I guess. Mama told me last night that she will be keeping my grandson all weekend, which means that I will have to be over at her house all weekend, and that since she will be taking him home Sunday (he lives 3 ours away), I will also be hosting Easter dinner at my house Sunday afternoon.  So no dollhouse work Thursday-Sunday.    Boo.  Not sure I will make my deadline now.
  14. What's everyone working on?

    Very pretty! I love the copper!
  15. French Country Manor Update

    Can you cut out the grape pattern, and frame them? Then hang those in a grouping. Then you can have your red and gold. :)