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  1. Shingles

    From the album Templates

  2. The Aster

    If I were a stray I'd be on your doorstep too :lol:
  3. Anyboy hear from Nathaniel

    Then he'll be back after he's gone through withdrawl treatment
  4. Cambridge

    You're one lucky guy to get such a gift John, I hope you share the contruction progress with all your fellow miniaturists here on the GLF. L.J.
  5. HELLO to all newbies!

    The good folks here are knowledable and friendly and can answer all you need to know about miniature building so do be shy about 'picking their brains' :yes:
  6. L.J. 'signs in'

    Thanks for the welcome and no I wasn't worried about my 'intro' being a bit late, miniaturists don't stand on formalities and it really is only a hobby for me. For tatting to look true to 1:12th scale you have to do it with Mettler sewing thread and a beading needle :yes:
  7. Welcome to the crazy little world of miniatures John.

  8. L.J. 'signs in'

    Thanks for the welcome jdeer, which one will you finish raising first, Jacob or the Orchid? Seems some people raise kids faster than I can finish a dollhouse
  9. L.J. 'signs in'

    Do you tat with shuttles or tatting needles? I learned to tat on tatting needles so I find tatting shuttles impossible especially clumbersome in my big hands. When you crochet do you use a .5mm hook and quilting thread?
  10. L.J. 'signs in'

    Thanks to all who've recently welcomed me I have pieced the template for the entire 2nd floor of the house I'm presently working on. I pieced the first and third floors a few days ago. I sanded all three and varnished them so they can dry overnight. If I weren't working in miniature I'd truly have to be Wonder Woman to accomplish that :o
  11. L.J. 'signs in'

    Thank you for the welcome :wub:
  12. L.J. 'signs in'

    Since I can only access 'the world of miniatures' through my computer I won't be 'fitting right in', I thank you for the welcome nonetheless. Miniaturists tend to view things in ways those without imagination can't even imitate
  13. L.J. 'signs in'

    I'm not working on a Beacon Hill I don't even have a Beacon Hill kit.
  14. L.J. 'signs in'

    Thanks Wolfie
  15. L.J. 'signs in'

    I've been at home for a long while girl