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  1. Fairfield Tower Roof Sub-Assembly

    My brother & sister assembled my mom's Fairfield, and then much later, I helped her complete it.  He soaked the four pieces in water for a few hours to get it pliable.  Then he assembled it to the support base and kept pushing on it with this fingers to make the curvature,so they matched on the corners as best as they could, while my sister wrapped it snug with string.  The first loop, at the bottom, they tied the string to itself, then wrapped it up several times to keep the position of the wood until it dried. I think it dried for days before he took the string off.  Anyway, it has kept the shape with no problems.  
  2. Pierce #3 complete.jpg

    Looks very inviting!!!
  3. 100_0820.jpg

  4. La Petite Chalet de Jardin 1/2 scale Buttercup

    This roof is awesome!
  5. Fairfield front

    Second floor balcony was a great idea! Love the french doors out to it!
  6. Toby

    LOL! Too Funny!
  7. Fun IKEA inspired light

    Really cute!
  8. Side view

    Yep! Sure is.
  9. reattaching wires To plug

    Glad to see someone else hard-wiring with round wire! I gotta get back to mine soon!
  10. Liviing room.

    Thanks! It is brick wallpaper mom got from a hobby store ages and eons ago.
  11. Outhouse

    From the album Mom's Fairfield

    This was actually a night-light cover. Gone is the bulb and switch. My brother attached a back using leftover dollhouse wood.
  12. Upstairs, left bedroom

    From the album Mom's Fairfield

    A closeup of the night stand with the lovely pix of a gal. Bed covers were made by mom. Leftover material went to pillows in living room.
  13. Living room again.

    From the album Mom's Fairfield

    A better pix of mom's paperweight she made specifically for this corner shelf.
  14. Upstairs bedroom

    From the album Mom's Fairfield

    There is no fireplace to warm up the place up here, so the wood stove , piped into the chimney, (a pencil sharpener, really) will do just fine.