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  1. Rebuilding

    Jeremy, I am so sorry to hear about the damage on both of your houses. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. I'm glad they weren't completely lost, as they are certainly worth repairing.
  2. the last exterior wall

    The balcony is an AWESOME addition to your house! You do incredible work. I like your color choice too.
  3. Long time between posts me thinks :D

    Wow, I love the look of your roof!
  4. Little Bit

    From the album Portraits

    Pencil drawing of my 1 year old at the beach.
  5. Kitchens & Attics

    I haven't been on here in a while and wanted to see your progress. Your house is really coming along. Hope you get your funding and sell a house or two in Chicago. Your work ought to be published in one of the miniature magazines! It's some of the best I've ever seen.
  6. been a while, but much progress

    Great choices on your windows and siding! All your details are really adding to the style of this house.
  7. Paper Party favors

    From the album Mini Bliss

    I made a bunch of these for a party our girls had. It was made out of one sheet of paper that was folded and glued. These are holding memory verses that the girls in their club are memorizing. I'll make more to use another time and fill them with candy.
  8. bliss paper house 009a.jpg

    From the album Mini Bliss

    Here's the paper house with a mini version I made.
  9. Bliss keyhole house

    From the album Mini Bliss

    This is the smallest one I made, just over an inch high. It is to scale and I needed a small house.
  10. working my way down the tower

    Looks FABULOUS!!! Your craftsmanship is superior.
  11. Utility Building

    What a great idea to leave some of the framing exposed! It will add to the realism of your house and besides it seems a shame to cover up all of it.
  12. paint on the outside and started a room :)

    I love the little details on the exterior, charming!
  13. some siding on the full scale with dental

    Your details are AWESOME!
  14. starting to add detail to the turret

    Nice touch!
  15. the test window and door are here :D

    Those are GORGEOUS! The detail is so realistic. Great choice Linda.