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  1. Kitchen Sideboard

    From the album Mini Creations

    I made this kitchen sideboard because I wanted a work surface for the kitchen but all the ready made ones were too deep. This is just made from regular bass wood.
  2. Plant

    From the album Mini Creations

    I made this plant using floral tape and wire. Very very easy to do!
  3. Umbrella Stand

    From the album Mini Creations

    For Christmas my Mother-in-Law bought me 2 wonderful Reutters sets - a lady's set and a men's set. Each had a beautiful umbrella in. Up until now they were just hung on the stair handrail, but I wanted something for them to go in. So I made this umbrella stand from bass wood. My next project will be to make some walking sticks to go with them.
  4. IMG_5322.JPG

    From the album Annie's McKinley

  5. IMG_5337.JPG

    From the album Annie's McKinley

  6. IMG_5328.JPG

    From the album Annie's McKinley

  7. IMG_5329.JPG

    From the album Annie's McKinley

  8. McKinley

    From the album Annie's McKinley

    As you can see I've finished the decorating in all but the attics now. The attic is going to be a nursery, and I'm having trouble deciding on a wallpaper. So it might be a while!!!
  9. Hi From South Florida

    Hi Pam and Welcome. Where in south Florida are you? I'm in SW Florida, in Cape Coral, near Ft Myers. To make your albums public. Go to your 'My Albums' page (there's a link at the top of the page). Scroll down and at the bottom on the left hand side there is a menu option for 'Edit Albums' (under 'Controls'). Click that. You should then see a list of your albums. they have little drop-down menus next to them, select 'Edit'. This brings up a new screen. About half way down is a tick-box, tick it to make your albums Public.
  10. Me too. I really want to enter, but funds and time are in short supply for me! I've got a few ideas, but I just can't see how I could do them justice on my budget and with the time I have! So to add to some of the ideas already: The roof shape reminds me of a dutch gable. So I had been thinking along Dutch lines - maybe bash 2 together to make one of those tall narrow canal houses from Amsterdam? I had also thought of a mill... water or wind - it could work for either. As I said I'm not entering, so feel free to use these ideas for your brainstorming!
  11. Spring Fling 2009

  12. Spring Fling 2009

    I was just sorting my bookmarks and I found a folder that I created months and months ago called 'Spring Fling Ideas'. I can't even remember doing it, but I guess I wanted a place to put ideas - and guess what all the websites are pictures of?? Gypsy Wagons and Treehouses!!!!! Spooky!!!! I guess they aren't the 'original' ideas that I thought they were at the time!
  13. Spring Fling 2009

    Oh, I have no idea. But it sounds like something that isn't too confining. So I'm not sure about a Gypsy Wagon or Tree House, would they be too limiting? (Or am I just too new to this!!!!??!!). I'm think it will be some unusual room box - maybe an odd shape? Am I right in thinking that last year it was discounted when they announced it too? I really want to enter, but funds are tight! Anyone from GL - can you give us a rough price range (say $10-$20 or $20-$50)? That way I can start saving/put aside money!!!
  14. IMG_5199.JPG

    From the album Annie's McKinley

  15. IMG_5192.JPG

    From the album Annie's McKinley