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  1. Hello from New Brunswick Canada!

    Hi Karen,  it's been quite some time since I've been on here but I had to write and ask whereabouts in New Brunswick?   I was born in Fredericton and go back every so often.  Still have most of my cousins and a few uncles and aunts left living there.  I grew up in Marysville, just outside of Fredericton.  Good luck on your Garfield, that one I never did build. wenlaine
  2. Starting smaller first?

    Robin, I started with the Beacon Hill.  I don't think it matters which one you start with, as long as you enjoy the process.
  3. Boxes5a

    From the album Printies of Greenleaf's dollhouse boxes

    © wenlaine

  4. Boxes4a

    From the album Printies of Greenleaf's dollhouse boxes

    © wenlaine

  5. Boxes3a

    From the album Printies of Greenleaf's dollhouse boxes

    © wenlaine

  6. Boxes 2a

    From the album Printies of Greenleaf's dollhouse boxes

    These are ready to cut out and use for your dollhouses.

    © wenlaine

  7. New to the forum

    Welcome to the forum, Amanda, I love the idea of a gym for the McKinley. Holly is right, it would be the perfect dollhouse!
  8. Hi Honey I'm home :)

    I've been going through the galleries too, Linda and am truly amazed at all the creative work going on in there and I like each and every one's beautiful pics. Glad to see that both of my favorite Linda's are back too!
  9. Family Reunion of Old Missing Members

    Ohhhh my goodness, this is just too fabulous!! I've got goosebumps reading all these posts. I'm so glad to be back and I can't tell you how much I've missed being here. I'm going to get back to building and Deb, thanks so much for getting us all together again. It's great to see you Holly, Selkie and Peggi again and all the new members. Hi Monica, it's been so long!!!
  10. Joining in the fun, Again!

    Hi Sharon, I've done that. When my oldest moved out, one bedroom became my office (I was working back then). But the room has remained my office. Then when the second one moved out, that bedroom became my wool and cross stitching room. I either have to give up some hobbies or accept the fact that the diningroom will always be my dollhouse building room. It's the acceptance I'm rebelling against. Will we get to see pictures when your craft room is all finished? I love seeing how others organize their rooms. Holly, I would say so!
  11. Joining in the fun, Again!

    Hi Chris and Sharon, it's great to be back and to see you both are still here too. Sharon, I'm also having a hard time trying to keep at it. I get so far and then want to quit it altogether. Sure wish I had a craft room away from everyday living, maybe then I wouldn't mind the mess.
  12. Joining in the fun, Again!

    I wish I had your energy, Heidi. Sounds like you're making progress and I'm sure DH is going to be pleased to have "his space". Keep up the good work and don't forget to give us your etsy name so we can check out the sales.
  13. Joining in the fun, Again!

    Hi Gayle, Ohhh how I love your BH. I totally understand about the landscaping, the Madison and I finally worked out a deal. I'm never to do landscaping again besides the fact that I don't like it in RL and now I know I dislike it even more in miniature. Shingling, you and me both, and it tells me we're CRAZY! Thanks for the welcome and I'll talk to you soon. Great to be back!
  14. Joining in the fun, Again!

    Hi Jeremy, thanks!
  15. 07

    From the album Magnolia

    © wenlaine