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  1. CanalHouse Interior

    From the album New projects

  2. CanalHouse Exterior

    From the album New projects

  3. WillowCottage 2

    From the album New projects

  4. Willow Cottage 1

    From the album New projects

  5. Update on Me...

    Pat, maybe this can help you a bit. On the right side of the starting page there are three sections: "Recent Status Updates", "Recent Topics Added" and "Watched Content". For example: if you study the title "Recent Status Updates" you will notice a grey-ish circle and an 'x'. The grey-ish circle has a minus sign in it. If you click the minus sign all its content will collapse. You can do that with all three sections. I do that, because I find it easier on the eye when the page has less distractions. When you want to read the content of the section all you have to do is click the plus sign in the grey-ish circle. Yes, the minus sign in that circle changes automatically into a plus sign, indicating that if you click it its content will expand. I haven't really used the gallery yet, so nothing comes to mind about uploading photos.
  6. The new wallpapers

    From the album Lundby House

    Well the new wallpapers are in. And it's painfully obvious that I never wallpapered before, lol. I will definitely have to redo the small room upstairs in the middle. Love the colors though.
  7. Asking for your prayers . . .

    Oh Rhonda, I'm so sorry to hear this. You've been through so much already last year. I'll be praying for you and your loved ones.
  8. Is It My End?

    Lately the site has been noticeably slower on my end too. Particularly the gallery section. Nowadays I visit other sites, while the page is loading.
  9. Happy Birthday Mike!!

    Happy birthday, Mike, and many happy returns!
  10. We have snow!

    No snow here yet. Thank God, I may add. Snow would mean that I can't visit my Mom. She's 91 yrs, lives 50 miles from me, and we spend one day a week together. Those days mean the world to her. Believe me, I've tried, but I just can't drive on slippery roads. And no, I can't afford a driving lesson for that. So here's hoping for a 'no snow' season.
  11. Missing in Action,

    You're in my prayers, Rhonda. It must be heartbreaking to grieve and see your other cats grieve as well. Loved ones always pass away too soon. And I also pray you'll find the time somehow to grieve properly. Last year I was hit with so many hardships that some of them are still 'unfinished'. Bless you for giving Aggie a good life. In the years with you he felt cherished, well loved and sheltered. That's the memory he had of his life when he crossed the Rainbow bridge. I hope and pray that things will be all right for Liam somehow. Life's hard in the sense, that we often feel so powerless to protect our loved ones from ordeals. Ultimately all we can ever do, is 'being there'. Offering our love, empathy, company and comfort. It's not your doing what's happening to him, and he knows that. He knows his human is with him and loves him. That is all that matters. hugs, Marianne
  12. Wahoo Zahoo!!!

    Yay for Lyssa! :lol: What a thrill!
  13. Which doll

    I chose Dreads. I used to swoon over guys with dreadlocks. KathieB, I couldn't agree more. These are the best dressed men I've come across. Very realistic.
  14. Important-help us check on Rhonda!

    Well said, Claudia.
  15. walls all cut

    It's beautiful, Dave, a feast for the eye. Nothing gives me more pleasure than admiring true craftsmanship. Your remarks about the bevels drew my attention immediately. My house plan involves some bevels too. I may try to use a chisel and a plane for mine. When I return from my holiday, I'm going to buy those beautiful micro chisels from Ramelson. A hand fretsaw is of little use, I expect, because I wouldn't know how to clamp the piece properly. You're probably wondering why I don't mention power tools, but the reason is simple: I work in my living room and I own two curious cats. And call me silly, but I'm partial to hand tools, albeit that I struggle to master them. I almost go in Zen mode when I use a hand tool.