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  1. Riley first born picture

    From the album Riley James

  2. What are you up to today? This week?

    I dont rember when I posted last at all it has been that long. Things are going great. I had my last baby on Feburary 2 ,2010 and his name is Riley James he is wonderful. The older kids are great as well and life couldnt be better. I couldnt put Riley in daycare and quit my job to be home with the kids. The girls and I are going to be working on houses this summer since it has been awhile and lately I have been getting the houses out and getting back into the groove of mining. Iam sure I will be asking a million questions. Here is a picture of Riley.
  3. H1N1 Flu

    My kids are gonna get the shot seeing they are offering it free through the school and Riley will be here at the end of January begining of Feburay. My dr doesnt recommend me getting it seeing there not sure of the effect of it on the baby. My dr already pulled me out of work due to the baby's postion he is sitting on my citac(sp) nerve and causes alot of pain.
  4. News

    I havent been on in a long while but I just wanted to share some news with all of you. First we are haveing a baby BOY his name is Riley James and we also are gonna be closeing on the house on Wednesday. Life has just gotten in the way of me not getting on here as much as I would like too anymore between work and the other 4 kids things have been very busy. I have been trying to work on the Glencroft but havent had much luck on that lately. I wish you all the best and will try to stop in more often.
  5. Big News

    Thanks Everyone for all the wonderful comments so far this baby is doing great no problems except for being hungry all them time I go back to the drs next week.
  6. Summer 2009

    We are going CAMPING we already have the camper cleaned out and ready to go. Our first trip we go to a local park for July 4 weekend. Then we are going to the Adriondack mountains,1000 islands Boldt Castle and then in August to Knoebles and another camping trip not sure where the last one will be though. The kids are excited to go camping like always.
  7. What are you up to today? This week?

    Today I was suppose to go to work but I had to call in because I have a huge screw or something stuck in my back tire on the van atleast I made it to get the girls off to school and then back home. Iam a bit upset over this because it is the same tire I got a screw in on Saturday and then had that fixed now again. I guess I will be getting new tires today for the van. I decided seeing the kids only have 1 more day of school left and there are some toys that dont get played with anymore will be bagged up and ready for my boyfirends mothers yard sale this weekend. I might even start working on the glencroft today we will see though.
  8. Big News

    I have some HUGE news that I wanted to share with you all. Most of you know that I went through a real rough time 3 years agao left my kids father and got divorced and then I met a real wonderful man at daycare and I have been with him for over a year now along with my 3 kids and his daughter so my family grew to 6/ NOW we are gonna have a BABY at the end of January and Iam very excited even though we both are starting all over again. I went to yard sales yesterday and found the most beautiful stroller for 5.00 couldnt go wrong. I wanted to share with you all my Happy Fairy Tale ending!! The kids are very excited to be haveing a new brother or sister. B)
  9. Facebook?

    Iam on facebook and am hooked on the farmtown game even though I dont get online as much as I used to. I try to check my facebook atleast every 2 weeks I found all my childhood friends.