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  1. Greenleaf Customer Service is the BEST EVER!!!

    I never had a problem and this has to be one of my fave companies!! Love the products..the site..the people..can't go wrong!!
  2. The Help

    Oh,I saw both "Help" and "The Secret Life of Bees" and bought both books! I liked the "farm-housey" type dwellings in both movies. I adore Arts +Crafts when I'm not dreaming of Tudor style. There's much in this world that is wrong and unfair...that's why I like to create my own small worlds. All my little people get along just fine.
  3. Family Reunion of Old Missing Members

    Yes, I'm very glad to be back. And ashamed that I was absent for so long...so long in fact I just spent about 1/2 hour trying to sign in. Forgot everything! I have user names,screen names,passwords everywhere.Am in the midst of collecting them in one place...but I finally found what I was looking for..written in tiny writing of course..but here I am.Again.Have no projects going am still waiting for news of Spring Fling 2014.To change the subject..I think Deb's move was Very beneficial to her.She sounds great!! Well, just checking in..getting late. Will be back with the correct names and password.....sheesh!!
  4. Family Reunion of Old Missing Members

    So nice to see so many returning to GL...still waiting for others.Very exciting for reunions, Spring Fling, hopefully better weather for most, that tingly feeling your fingers get to hold tiny tools and bits of wood, the dream of the next build..to create that tiny world just for you/me.I guess it's a Spring thing. Time of renewals!! Makes me smile!
  5. 533917179964209

    Two "furbies" playing in the yard.
  6. 487599964595931

    Ha! She's full grown..9 yrs. old. Iggies..(Italian Greyhounds) are tiny.But pretty strong.She wrestles pretty well with Zack.
  7. 577914752231118

    From the album LLyn's Cats and Dogs..

    Emma our 16lb. Cutie!!
  8. 533917179964209

    From the album LLyn's Cats and Dogs..

    Zack in the back yard surrounded with toys he snuck out. Emma is just off screen.
  9. 487599964595931

    From the album LLyn's Cats and Dogs..

    This is Emma.Our 9yr. old Italian Greyhound. Another rescue...best friends with Zachary.
  10. Family Reunion of Old Missing Members

    (3rd attempt) ..I wanted to give a Shout-out to Caseymini and to her adorable, naughty witch! Have thought about you many times and many of the cool ideas I got from your blog. And now I would also like to see April here too.
  11. 2013 Spring Fling Contest Results

    I didn't participate in Fling '13...and it's kinda haunted me. I have the kit (I bought two ) and everything. But to read the word IF concerning this year makes my blood run cold. I'm sure there will be one.
  12. Family Reunion of Old Missing Members

    So many people from the past!!And so good to see -hear you. I hope I wasn't forgotten...I have not been on this site for quite a while.I am on FB and note that my core friends are 'll Greenleaf people. Greenleaf still the best site ever! I early retired last year and life kinda got in the way so I missed Spring Fling '13...but I'm up for it this year. So,so so good seeing so many of you...I knew where to look 'cuz Heidi mentioned Chat Room on FB. Later, Friends!!!!
  13. Spring Fling 2014

    I'm all for "Flinging" this year...and I love Selkies idea of an arts and crafts bungalow. I will wait for Dean's announcement.
  14. 2013 Spring Fling Contest Results

    Ooooo, now I feel badly that I didn't enter the Fling last summer. Life got in the way and I was feeling poorly...but I would love to see another Fling for this year!! Will keep fighting get a and toes crossed!!
  15. 2013 Spring Fling Contest Results

    I'm just viewing the 2013 winners...each one was precious, well thought out and done to perfection!! Congrats!!